Friday, July 4, 2014

Fast Friday, and Presto Change-O!

Happy 4th of July to my US friends! I've had my short week and now it's over. Phew.
Everything in my outfit today is secondhand. Go, me!

This is the first wear of my vintage 80s blouse (purchased here last weekend for $10). Now, having worn it, I think someone removed the shoulder pads.
But it was very comfy to wear, I'll give it that.

The skirt is my "bark" (as in tree bark, like cedar trees) skirt, last seen here in June with cream, pink and pearls.
I also have a pale peach vintage slip underneath the whole ensemble.

The stuff:
Oooh, pretty shoes!

A close-up:
Much fabulousness. I like that you can kind of see my den reflected in the plastic hearts - yes, the shoes are plastic. I last wore them here in February for a Valentine's Sweetheart party (beware, scary pink vintage dress!).

Big gold bling:
Love that stretchy belt! That's my Grandma J's necklace.

Blouse (Yeou-Tung Hungniang Best Ladies, vintage 80s), skirt (Gunex, thrifted), shoes (Melissa + Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, consignment), belt (thrifted), necklace (Anne Klein, Grandma J's, vintage 80s), earrings (thrifted).

We're headed out to see a movie ("Under the Skin" with Scarlett Johansson), then drinks after. This calls for a quick change!

Linking up to "Share-in-Style Denim with Mis Papelicos" as hosted by Judith at Style Crone! Denim never goes out of style.
Kitty loves me
Swapped out to my Smoking Lily moose shirt (worn backwards). I wear this around the house now, so it's no longer "blog-worthy". I also swapped to my lovely floral Doc Martens (last seen here in March). Added a different belt, and my jean jacket (it's gloomy and raining, blah), and off I go!

Have a great weekend! Don't forget to check out Shoe Shine - show us your shoes!


  1. Love that skirt - it looks great in both outfits! With the denim jacket is my favourite though :) Hope you enjoyed the movie!

  2. I'll never get over the fact that '80s clothes are VINTAGE!!! So that would make me...what?!!!
    Love your switcheroonie with the shirt jacket shoes.
    Glad L is going to VOG along! More !!!! just to be safe.

  3. Sooooooooooooo fabulous in every attire.
    Thank you so much for joinig the growing family of Share-in-Style.

  4. It's fun to see you dressed down a bit in your gorgeous docs. But you also rock the melissas! Very glamorous in the first outfit, was my first thought. Gotta love a denim jacket :-) XO JJ

  5. Mmm . . . I love the dark denim jacket, very chic :-)



  6. I keep on admiring those oriental like earrings you bought recently and for some reason that shirt just reminds me of my vintage Escada shirt, they're probably from the same era.


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