Thursday, July 17, 2014

Shoes My Husband Hates: Roses and Checkerboards

It's Thursday, and you know what that means? Friday is one day away! 
I love that some of you 'fessed up to not being fans of the yellow shoes of yesterday's "Shoes My Husband Hates" rant. Hey, if we all liked the same thing, wouldn't that be dull?

I was surprised that L picked these shoes - I didn't realize they fell into the "hate" versus the "meh, they're okay" category for him. We'll see what L has to say about them shortly.
First up, this random vintage dress. I say random because it's got checkerboards and roses, all on this Christmas green background. "It's very math," said one of my coworkers. I last wore it here (2nd outfit) in February with punk-y accessories.
I thought I had worn it with these shoes before (roses and roses! of course!), but no, I have not. I'm on my 4th wear of this dress, though, so its cost-per-wear is now just over $2.00.
"I don't want to be in your picture."
I wore a vivid red vintage slip under this for coverage, and because well, look at that sweet ruffled hem!

The stuff:
I bought these shoes a few years ago for $25.00 at a consignment shop downtown on a dash out during work one day. I've gotten good wear out of them, and they're still going strong. I last wore them here in May with plaid and yellow.

And what does L have to say about them?
“Truth is, these aren't too bad (despite the skewed samples necessary for this week’s theme, I actually love most of Sheila’s shoes). I picked this pair because of the solid heel (it may be fashionable of late, but I don’t like it) and for the big flower plunked down on front (also fashionable, also not for me). I like the colour just fine, although the texture and finish reminds me a bit too much those oversized key chains used by boat owners so that their keys will float if they fall overboard. I wouldn't miss these shoes if they went overboard, but sadly I don’t own a boat. Even if I did, I expect they’d float.”
Well, they do have cork in the wedge! I guess I should watch out if I'm ever on a boat with them.

Red and floral bling:
I pinned the orange fabric rose to the waistline, just above where the belt sits, so that it wouldn't wobble around.

Dress (handmade, vintage 70s, thrifted), shoes (Miz Mooz, consignment), belt/earrings (Plum), cuff (Rimanchik), flower (Le Chateau).


  1. Well I think you look gorgeous in this outfit! Green orange and red. Ta da! I love the comparison to key floats :-) XO JJ

  2. Flowers plunked down on front ... don't knock it 'til you've tried it! Float factor is a wonderful thing, and I do adore a mystery dress.

  3. I love the dress!! Your man is so funny with his reviews lololol

  4. I have to agree with L on most of his choices (except the turquoise shoes). I don't like wedges. I think they usually look okay, but I hate walking in shoes that don't bend with my foot.

    Your dress, though, adds up to a pretty sum!

  5. Yes, that's what I thought too, L, crazy mind meld - those shoes are exactly like those floating key chains used by boaters. Ha! ?
    I like the shoes, Sheila, especially with the math dress (what do you put in your water in Victoria anyway?). I'm into those big flowers.

  6. You are, without question, the most adventurous dresser I know. I admire that about you.

  7. I love that dress, and the shoes are great, I can't agree with L this time! xxx

  8. I like these shoes, particularly the colour and the flower. I can see his point about the big wedge, which can look rather clunky, but with the pink leather mixing with the cork, it minimizes the "chunk of cork" look. L does write very entertaining reviews!

    I like the dress, and the fact that it inspired a co-worker to say it was "very math".

  9. This combination is great and although I am like L and don't really go for big flowers on shoes, that is my preference for me, not my preference for Sheila. I like Sheila to look like Sheila, which you do in this great outfit and I LOVE the flower on the belt.

  10. You know, you've got me thinking… what shoes does my husband hate.
    I have homework for him.
    Oh and I adore the vintage dress -


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