Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Postively Dotty

I'm practically neutral after yesterday's whackadoo dress.
Dots, here, get your dots here!

I realized today that I'm over this dress.
I love the shape, but I'm just tired of it. I've layered it lots of ways, and I still like it, but it's time for it to go to a new home. I've had it since 2012, and I've worn it four times since then, the last time a full year ago here in July 2013 with these same shoes.
I have a blue camisole and a sheer blue underskirt (you can see a bit peeking out at the hem) as my layers underneath. A definite must with a wraparound dress!

I feel a bit of a shift in my style over the past few months - many of my summer clothes will be purged at the end of September ("Woo hoo!" say all my friends and coworkers). Of course, that means more shopping for new-to-me things!

The stuff:
Beautiful classic pumps. I see that snakeskin pattern and texture are big for fall. Look at me, surfing the trend wave out in front, ha ha. I last wore these here in June with punk-y blue.

Sparkly bling:
I am a fan of mixed metals.

Dress (Banana Republic, thrifted), shoes (Ralph Lauren, thrifted), rhinestone cuff (vintage 60s, Mom's), brooch (vintage 60s), earrings (Renoir, vintage 60s), Fulvia Ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. Sheila? Is that you? It looks like an alien came down, stole your body and clothed it with stuff you'd never wear. Are you still here?!

  2. This is so lovely, AND I'm excited to hear more about the shift you're feeling!

  3. Big dots, hello! I love big dots but when you're over them, there's no faking it, nuh, which is not to say that you don't look great in this dress. (I'm trying to figure out with all those negatives whether they cancel out so the comment comes out positive - I think it does.) I have polka-dot blouses left over from the Princess Diana days. I don't think I commented on your whackadoo dress, which I adore. You look awesome in it!

  4. I like this dotty dress, but you're right - it's not really expressing "Sheila". It does look more like "Patti" . . . : > Gorgeous gems today. xo

  5. That is such a gorgeous dress! It's good that you can admit when you're bored with something and let it go to make room for something new :) I tend to hold onto things "just in case", clean outs are rare for me! I'm working on it though.

  6. I like your dress, but I can reIate as I have been feeling that too - like I need a change and that I need to let go of stuff. But I am such a hoarder! However I just paid for a space at a flea market in 2 weeks where I will be taking all the stuff I want to get rid of, mostly clothes. Lets see how that goes.


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