Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Watercolours with Bark

Whew, another long day - although only 9 hours instead of the 10.5 that I put in yesterday. And I'm wilting in the heat!
I'm shortly off to my WW meeting, and then I can relax.

As I was participating in a presentation today at work, I dressed very "proper" and not too crazy. Heh.
My lovely silk watercolour blouse makes its first appearance; it was just purchased here this past weekend, thrifted for all of $10.00.
"I'm comin' in for a rub on your ankles!"
My bark skirt was last seen here in a presto! change-o! double outfit early this month, with both vintage and girly shoes, and denim and Doc Martens.

My bite is worse than my bark, hee hee.

The stuff:
These shoes were a little on the hot side to wear outside, but fine for an air-conditioned office. I last wore them here in May with cracked ice.

Golden bling:
I love those metal pom-pom earrings!

Blouse (Sandra Angelozzi, thrifted), skirt (Gunex, thrifted), shoes (Pearl Hart Bellevue, Fluevog), bracelet (vintage 60s, Mom's), ring (consignment), earrings (vintage).


  1. Love this combination! The new blouse is really pretty--yellow and grey together make one of my favorite color combinations, especially when silk is involved. I hope your work day is lighter tomorrow!

  2. Definitely a toned-down Sheila today! Very pretty colours in the blouse, you look cool and flowy and lovely! xxx

  3. You have to pun when you're wearing bark! Love your new blouse. xo

  4. Love the pretty blouse! And the pom pom earrings are too fun!

  5. I joined WW today. You have been an influence, as I've been following you for a year or more, and you've kept your fab figure. I felt like I needed some boundaries/guidance, as I'm all over the place with my eating. I'm either virtuous or naughty, I need to just be normal. I'm doing the online now, as I'm not sure I have the time to get across town for mtgs. We'll see. I know the mtgs. are beneficial. Anyway, I do love your blog, it's so enjoyable!

  6. Argh, you're taunting me about wilting in the heat........!!!!
    Gawd, those shoes are divoon! XXX

  7. You look so nice, that shirt is too pretty - I like how you made the entire outfit a dressy but laid back by knotting the shirt- you little genius.


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