Monday, June 30, 2014

Long Weekend Wrap-Up: Vintage Fair, Shopping

Woo! Welcome to the weekend, my friends! I still have a day and a half to go - tomorrow is Canada's birthday (147) and that means a day off. I have been enjoying myself and getting a nice mix of "me" time with L time and friends time. 
And I have been very visible! This is my entry for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Get over there!

I skipped Ulty for this week so that I could go to the big Vintage Fair in the Fairfield area of town on Saturday with Elaine and Cat. Unfortunately, Cat wasn't able to make it, so it ended up being me and Elaine.
Despite the obvious whackitude of this outfit, it was very practical for trying things on. I love this gorgeous turquoise "origami" dress by Bodybag by Jude, a Canadian company. I last wore it here a year ago in June 2013, in two different outfits in one day.

I remembered that I'd liked the blue underskirt with it, so I tried my tiered layer white one for a switch-up. I last wore it here in May under gingham.
This was the second wearing of this fabric stomacher - it worked much better than in the previous outfit (here, in April). It helped being over a more structured, reinforced garment like this dress.
It was a little grey and rainy for the day, so I layered this white cardi over it (last seen here in May).

The stuff:
These cowboy boots are quickly becoming favourites! I knew I wanted to wear them with a really girly dress - I love that contrast. I last wore them just last weekend here (3rd outfit). They are crazy-comfy.

The stuff:
The lovely stomacher that doesn't stay put.

Dress (Bodybag by Jude), underskirt (no label, consignment), cardi (Bellissima, thrifted), boots (1883 Lucchese, consignment), stomacher (Devil May Wear), earrings (local).

I love the big vintage fairs - this one was spread out over 4 locations, so it was fun to go from building to building, seeing favourite vendors, and having a bit more room. It made for a very pleasant morning. Elaine and I both exercised a huge amount of restraint - there is so much good stuff! Here's what I found.

My copper obsession continues! I am always on the look for quality pieces at a good price.
This is a gorgeous cuff with a floating blue enameled field that reminds me of Van Gogh's "Starry Night".

The little enameled plate moves around.
This was only $12.00 due to "condition issues" - it is well-loved, and has some scratches on it. I don't mind that - I like a piece that's seen some wear.

I also like a nice clear stamp.
I have several Renoir pieces of copper, including an enameled pair of earrings that are stamped both Renoir and Matisse. This piece is probably from the late 50s or early 60s.

This bracelet was only $6.00.
It's a bit beat-up, but it fit my small wrist nicely.

The pieces of it have been bent a little bit.
However, overall, it's still a good quality piece.

This brooch was $5.00.
I love the delicate shades of mint and pastel green in the Lucite.

It's by Coro.
Probably from the 60s, based on the shape.

I like the round shape of this brooch.
Another $5.00 steal. I have a pair of earrings that are a close match for this pin.

Hard to see, but it's stamped "Lisner".
Same brand as my earrings!

I also spotted these green leaf earrings - they were also $5.00.
They are a good match for this necklace I found at another vintage fair.

I fell in love with these rigid metal puff-ball earrings:
The booth had them in silver as well (slightly tarnished). I was hoarding them both - they were only $2.00 a pair! - but gave the silver ones to Elaine. I can't keep all the good stuff to myself, hee hee!

I was thrilled to see this gorgeous blue wool flower pot hat.
Under $20? A steal!

And it's by Miss Frith of Victoria (a store that I remember from when I was in my early teens). My mom bought her wedding dress there, which I wore. So I have ties with Miss Frith, even though it is long gone.
It's in lovely shape and looks awesome on.
Made from the fine felt produced by the Hubbard Felt Co. of Canada!

This blouse's unusual shape and colours caught my eye.
It's a yellowy-sandy colour, with grey, brown and white. I'm not sure what era it is.
Waist detail. It has a peplum shape that drapes beautifully from the wrapover neckline. Belt loops but no belt.

The cuffs have little mustard buttons; the same buttons are on the inside of the wrap to secure it.
When I tried to do it up, a button fell off - extra sewing! I got it for $10.00 instead.

I love the hilarious label:
No idea what size 13 corresponds to, and the Yeou-Tung Hungniang Best Ladies line of clothing doesn't appear online anywhere. Based on the big-haired sexy lady on the label, I'm going to say 1980s.
This is the button that fell off.

I found this sweet little polka dot blouse in a $5.00 bin.
It fit perfectly!
It buttons up the back...erm...rather crookedly, I would say.
I like the sheer stripe in the fabric. I think this blouse was handmade, probably in the 80s again.

This dress is way better on the body than on the hanger.
Big black dress! This was $35.00 - a huge steal. It's a beautiful item.

High slit neckline with corded design down the front. The shoulders are cut in slightly.
The fabric is polyester, but it looks like silk shantung.

The back has a giant cut-out!
And as you can see, the back is lower and fuller than the front. The thing you can't see is that when the dress is on, the front skirt part actually fits snug like a pencil skirt, with the rest of the dress poufing out around it. It is the neatest thing and you can't tell at all from the hanger that it does that. I was totally surprised when I tried it on, as were the ladies running the booth.
I guessed at the time that it was from the 80s, and after doing a bit of research, yup, Lorraine Beauchamp was a Canadian designer from 1983 onward. I think this is probably early to mid-80s - by the size you can see that it was made before the Great Size Change of the later 80s. This is equivalent to a modern size 8. Hurray for me! I can't wait to wear this!

I nearly forgot, on my way home after work on Friday, I stopped in at the WIN Warehouse store and found a couple of things for L, including this sweet cotton shirt.
I love the Hawaiian vibe with the contrasts of the black buttons.

I know what Haight & Ashbury is, but this is a modern Canadian brand.
Apparently mens' clothing is now subject to crazy sizing - this shirt is a size 5, whatever that means.

I'm certain that this shirt has not been worn - it still had the plastic hangtag in the label at the neck.
Only $15.50! I'm sure that's a good deal.

I am 100% positive that I got a good deal on this tie.
I like the pretty blue floral design - it has nice texture for a monochrome tie.

Ted Baker London! These sell for around $80-100.
Thai silk and only $4.50? Take my money!

On Sunday, L and I were a little hungover after a couple of rousing games of Arkham Horror the night before. We slunk down to another local diner and ate some eggs. Nom, and lots of coffee.
Parted my hair on the other side because why not?

Simple lettuce dress:
I love this dress. Love. It has a boustrophedon ruffle of ruffles around the hem. So adorable.

I last wore it here in July 2013.
I last wore the shoes back here (3rd outfit) in April with a lace dress and a fur hat!

Dress (Taylor, consignment), shoes (Modern Vintage, thrifted). 

After lunch, L and I did some major cleaning up and some furniture rearrangement - the rest of it to be finished tomorrow. Now that we have that cool bookcase in the living room, we want to make sure the rest of the room is balanced out. Lots of trips to the recycling, lots of books and knick-knacks weeded out. On to your new homes!

L worked today, so I've been enjoying myself and getting a little quiet time. Of course, I went shopping!
Clouds, sun and blue skies? That's what it's like now: it's gorgeous and hot! I was happy to get home this afternoon and get out of that hot sun.

My Alison Wonderland jacket worn as my physical sunblock, was last seen here in May.
The little yellow tank sweater was last seen here in April, with chainlink and polka dots.
The wondrous crinkle skirt of awesomeness! I love the colour and the swoosh of it - also that it's called "mushroom." I love mushrooms. I last wore it here in March with my Queen of Faeries blouse.

It's a new "Stuff" location! The little table has been moved to the other side of the room, between two bookcases instead of being out in front of another bookcase. Better light from the window here too.
And no background of our books anymore. Heh.

I love this Aldo purse. I wish it were leather, but it's still really cool. The citrus fruits are just a fun print.

My pale gold metallic on cream sandals are getting pretty beat up, but they did well for my walk down to My Sister's Closet after I got groceries. I last wore them here (3rd outfit) in July with a column of purple. I think it's time for them to go.

Pouffy bling!
I had to wear my new earrings!

Jacket (Alison Wonderland, consignment), top (Cable & Gauge, thrifted), skirt (Club Monaco), purse (Aldo), earrings (vintage).

I did well at My Sister's Closet. I have to be very strict with myself there, as it's really easy to go overboard. I always scope out the sale racks out front.
I found this nice Reebok workout top for only $8.50. I like the colour and the neckline.

I fell hard for this gorgeous baby blue brocade jacket. I cannot resist a brocade. Ever.
I have always been a fan of the ultra-long jacket. I think it just looks cool and powerful.

This one is by Danier.
Awesome quality. And I laugh at their sizing: 2XS. I think this is the first time I have EVER bought a double-extra-small. I usually wear XS in their jackets. This was $42.98 - and it's been put away for cooler weather. It will be a while before I wear this.

I actually tried this on last time I was in the store, but didn't buy it. I kind of kicked myself, so I was happy to spot it on the racks still.
It's an over-top, for wearing over a dress or another blouse or top. It's 100% silk and is by CAbi.
The colours are an awesome mix of greens, olives, brown and yellow, with that bit of turquoise trim. Love it. It was $22.98.

After the amazingness of the last pair of Born shoes I bought, I thought these were at least worth a try on.
Wow, they fit perfectly. Lots of padding inside, all leather, and a silver metallic brushed with a bronzy shade. Perfect neutrals!
They were $38.98 - still a great deal. And so shiny! 

Speaking of shiny...
Shoe Shine starts this Friday at midnight and runs a full week. Show us your shiny shoes!


  1. Be still my heart - that Matisse copper bracelet you found for $12 (!) is so exquisite. As is the black two-level dress -- can't wait to see it on you. Enjoy your Canada's Birthday, and thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, xo.

  2. I am seriously excited to see what that black dress looks like on you. Poufing skirt!!

  3. So many cool clothes, so little time! I am another redhead, and I love the first outfit, the greenish color is pretty and I love the green dress. Looking smashing!
    Please stop by jess

  4. I am overwhelmed by your fabulosity. Green is soooo good on you. Please ,au I raid your closet

  5. You are so fabulous, green is such a great colour for you. Oh please may I raid your closet?

  6. So many great purchases (and outfits!) I don't know where to begin!

    Love your description of what the black dress looks like on - looking forward to seeing you wear it! Also those earrings are beautiful on as well!

  7. Love the origami dress!

    Happy Canada Day(my Trinidad-born dad died a Canadian)- it would also of been Princess Dianas' 53rd birthday today! X

  8. I love how you have tied your hair in the first outfit. Always creative outfit pairing from you.

  9. You have a real eye. Great stuff. The jewelry is exceptional.

  10. Happy Canada Day!! I love that dress in the top pictures! The stomacher looks so cute with it!

  11. Your is one of the blogs I'm getting "addicted" to because of the focus on unusual style and the weaving of commentary and photos. As usual, your finds are fabulous and like others, can't wait to see you in your black dress.

  12. It's been a weekend of shopping then, Sheila! You found some great stuff, the copper jewellery and black dress are stunning. Love the green lettuce dress, what a great colour on you! xxx

  13. Happy Canada Day! So many gorgeous things, as always. I am particularly taken with your green dress, with the copper bracelets and that kimono! Oh and you look really cute with your hair parted on the other side. :-)

  14. Your origami dress looks gorgeous with your body art and cowboy boots. I love all the cool jewelry you found - you always find the best stuff!

  15. Oh oh oh, so much awesomeness! Stand out for me are the hat, black dress, L's gear and the lettuce dress! But I also loved the cowboy boots, jewellery, and pleated skirt:-) Wish I could play in your wardrobe ! Happy belated Canada Day. XO JJ

  16. I'm completely in love with your sand-yellow peplum blouse! I think it's 80's but the style is perfectly 40's, which I love too. Very nice find.

  17. If you ever tire of the awesome lettuce dress, let me know (although I think you may be smaller than me...). I love a good piece of copper jewellery, and you scored some great ones. Your thrifting outfit is so much fun - I had a couple of pieces of BodyBag by Jude a few years back. I liked the interesting shapes of their clothes.

  18. Oooh I love your whackitude :-) The outfit is fab too, I love those cowboy boots!


  19. There is so much love in one post, I hardly know where to start - so I'll definitely say, I love how your dress shows off all your tattoos! I'm still looking for things that will show all of mine off well, though I hardly get to wear things like that.

    Also your brocade coat! It's a goal of mine to look for more beautiful and unique coats this year. Yours always inspire me.

  20. Since I have been catching up on your posts now I see when you hauled all those goodies !
    The new kimono, the matching brooch, the new pretty polka dot top, the Born flats and of course the spectacular green leaf earrings. I wonder if you wore them with the green dress.
    Oh and he Ted Baker tie was a a true gift :) gorgeous.


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