Thursday, September 19, 2013

Snakeskin and Leather

Today was One of Those Days. I forgot to run the dishwasher at work last night, so no mugs for coffee (disaster!). I realized at 11:45am that, although I had done up the catering order, printed and filed it, that I had not actually sent it to the caterer. Yikes! Thank goodness my caterers are awesome - they saved my bacon today! 

At least I looked competent, even if I was a scatterbrained mess! 
I'm kickin' butt and takin' names. Leather tip to toe! I actually got the jacket, top and skirt all in the same store (My Sister's Closet) last weekend here.

I wore the jacket as a blazer - that's likely how I'm going to wear it going forward as it's not really thick enough for outerwear. I wore it unzipped all day like this.
The skirt doesn't have a slit, but it's got a slight A-line to it so it was fine for walking. It was the perfect length (no having to cover up when I sat down!).
The top on its own - it's hard to imagine sometimes what a drapey piece like this will look like on the body when you see it like this (picture of just the top) on a hanger. I love the neckline (no camisole needed), and the ruching on the sides. I have to be careful with some tops, as they can exaggerate my boobular region.
The jacket zipped up - it's very sleek. No sweaters under there! It was warm enough today that I didn't have to wear anything but this on my walk to/from work.

The stuff:
I filled in again after work at a WW meeting - this is it, back to just my regular Tues nighters now - and the folks at the meeting loved my shoes. They are pretty spectacular, I admit. I last wore them here in August for L's 25th high school reunion (here, 2nd outfit) and danced the night away in them.

I think I will keep them out for the fall/winter season and not pack them away, even though they are an open toe. I love them too much to not have them available if I feel like wearing them. Are the cool kids still wearing tights with open-toed shoes? Would you wear them like that for winter?

Big blue bling:
The usual suspects.

And now, dinner and the wine is calling me! Have a great evening!

Jacket (Danier Couture, consignment), top (Anne Klein, consignment), skirt (INC, consignment), shoes (Garden of Enjoyment Rita, Fluevog), lapis lazuli and Fulvia rings (Wendy Brandes), earrings (local).


  1. Hey,nice jewelry ;-)

    Also, since reading your first paragraph, I keep thinking, "mmmm....bacon."

  2. Love everything about this look! I wouldn't hide the blue shoes away! I definitely still see people wearing tights with open shoes.

    Gah! That jacket just *looks* like gorgeous soft leather.

  3. Gorgeous combinations with the blue -- love, love, love the shoes!

  4. You are hot, although scatter-brained! Is the skirt real snakeskin? Because that's the only thing snakes are good for.

    1. Oh, gosh, no - it's just a print on leather. I like snakes!

  5. That is such a great outfit! I love the blue with the snakeprint and all of the leather :) I'm glad you looked classy and professional even if you had forgotten a few things here and there. It's good the caterers could help you fix it :)

    One time we had an event at work - a catered lunch was part of it - and the caterer denied ever getting the order an hour later when we called to chase them for it! Someone had to run out and arrange other food which didn't arrive until later in the afternoon. Not the best!

  6. Love that new jacket/blazer- hot times! I do wear open toes with my tights, but don't go by me, I make no rules : > Those shoes are killah.

  7. I think we all have days like that at work - I can definitely relate! Your outfit is fantastic, though!

  8. You do look very competent and put together in this outfit! I love the print on the skirt!! Sorry to hear it was one of those days though! I know how that goes!

  9. Oh I have those sorts of days ALL the time...
    Looking luscious in leather, Sheila, especially that fabulously fitted jacket.
    I reckon the shoes would look great with contrasting tights, give it a try! xxx

  10. Sheila, Great leather jacket and skirt, but those shoes are FAB-U-LOUS!

  11. Great finds! Glad you're keeping those shoes out. Sorry for the crazy day, there's been all sorts of those going on lately...something's up with the planets! Hope you're having a great, if drizzly, weekend. xx

  12. Rawr! Lovely leather look! (and alliteration).

    Keep the shoes out for winter, I think they would be great with jazzy wool tights...

  13. Yikes, sorry you had one of THOSE days.... i like your blue and snake print look, very very nice-


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