Monday, September 9, 2013

Monochromania! Three Olives, Please, Waiter

It's monochromania (I made that word up)! I first tried a monochrome outfit (all yellow) back here in August, and I enjoyed it so much, I sort of did a an all-red (aside from the shiny! shiny! jacket over it all) the next day. Then I asked you readers for ideas, and I said I would do an all-monochromatic week once I had a full five-day work week. Well, here we are! 

Monochromania! Let the insanity begin!
One of the suggested colours was green but I did a bright green monochromatic look for St. Patrick's Day last year (here), so I didn't want to repeat that. However, I did like the idea of doing an all-olive outfit.

Olive the first: my handmade vintage sparkly rhinestone top, last seen here in May. I've gotten good wear out of it this year so far: 4 wears for $12.99. Not bad.
Olive the second: this suede high-waisted skirt, last seen here in August with some creams.
Such a good skirt. One can never have too many leather or suede skirts. I am on the lookout for some brighter ones - turquoise would be fabulous!

I didn't actually wear this jacket except for walking too and from work, but of course, it is olive too.
I last wore it here last week with orange and faux Hermes.

Olive the third:
My Fluevog Wonders Ayers. Lordy, these are so comfortable. They beat nearly every other pair of shoes I own for comfort, even my flats. I last wore them in early August (here, 2nd outfit). All items in today's outfit are "all year" clothes. They don't get packed away.

The stuff:
Even my bling was mostly olive! Although I do tend to think of the rhinestone pin and earrings as lemon-lime.

Blogger challenge! Try a monochrome outfit this week! Any colour you want! Send me a picture (my email is in my profile) or drop me a link in the comments and I'll do a round-up of all the monochromaniacs on the weekend! Are you in??

Top (handmade, vintage, thrifted), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), shoes (Wonders Ayers, Fluevog), pin/earrings (Grandma J's, vintage 60s), key ring (local), green/gold ring (consignment).


  1. Haha! It's funny because I started my forays into personal style to get *away* from monochrome! I wore blue head to toe for many years. (:

  2. Monochromania? I love that word. It even looks good in print. I'll see what I can do...
    Your olives are awesome.

  3. so excited about monochromania! you're off to a great start with the olive!! yippe!

  4. Love this all-olive green outfit on you! I would really like to participate in the challenge, but I can't think of a monochromatic look I can put together..... I shall have to think harder! :)

  5. Wow I did not know olive could successfully be used in a monochromatic look. Brilliant job Sheila!

  6. GORGEOUS! I especially love the suede skirt and the fabulous sparkle-arkle jewels!

    Sarah xxx

  7. You look great, Sheila, all those olives work beautifully together, and the different fabrics/textures add interest, very clever! xxx

  8. great word, and fab idea! and you look wonderful all olive-y, love that skirt.

  9. This outfit is beyooootiful! I love olive, and it looks great on you with your red hair. That top is so pretty, especially with the addition of just the perfect bling. You have the olives, I'll have the martini!

  10. I like the idea of a monochromanic week! This is a great start - I really like the pin with the top! So pretty!!

  11. Monochromania for the win! Love this outfit.

  12. You're the olive in the martini of cool!! Love this outfit--and that top definitely was a great buy!!

    Getting together a monochromatic outfit to play along!!

  13. Yes, i'll have the 3 olives - beautifully done Sheila ;)

  14. Ohwow! This is certainly a gorgeous way to do monochrome. That top is so unique, I love it.

    (PS thanks for the honest advice on the belt! ;) I decided to redonate it. Not really my style~)

  15. This outfit and this post make me smile! Love those shoes! Now, off to see if I have any vodka for that martini.

  16. How did I miss this post?! I saw the outfit in your later retrospective and am stunned by the top. It's gorgeous. And presenting it with a suede skirt is ideal. Great outfit.


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