Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Almost-Hermes Scarf Returns

I worked late tonight, until 8:20pm when I finally finished 95% of the company newsletter. So. Much. Work. And I'm sure no one actually reads it. *sigh*

So I'm tired, and my house is full of rowdy men doing an NFL football draft (I'm not playing this year, but I'll watch the games), and I have no chair as they are all occupied. I am sitting on one of Vizzini's short scratching posts and the cat is attacking me. Because obviously I have usurped his property.
Classic autumn, isn't it? I had this suede skirt in my spring/summer wardrobe but I haven't really worn it very much (last time here in May with more olive green). I'm probably not going to pack it away at the end of September, as I think it is an all-season item.
You can't really see it, but I'm wearing a neutral taupe-y coloured sweater tank under all that scarf business. I last wore it here in April as a layering piece under my long stripey sweater (3rd outfit).

The scarf actually got in my way quite a bit - I had to tie it up a bit shorter as I was catching it on things. It was better after that.
One of my coworkers (hi, Kara!) admired my blazer today and was stunned that it was Ricki's. Well, my bad, Kara, it's actually RW & Co. I mixed up my "R" Canadian mall chain stores. Still, the jacket is a darned good fit (it really locks & loads the girls). I last wore it here with this same scarf in May.

The stuff:
Such a misleading "H".
I had planned to wear my rocker boots today (these ones), but when I put them on, they felt really tight and uncomfortable. Into the swap pile you go, boots. See, I am ruthless! My feet were much happier in these kitten heels, which I last wore a few weeks ago, here, also with suede. How about that?

Big bling:
Shiny coppery goodness!

I'm going to go hide in the bedroom with Vizzini - I'm sure he will be happy to get his scratching post back.

Jacket (RW & Co., consignment), tank (Ellen Tracy, swap from Caro), skirt (Co & Eddy, thrifted), shoes (Hale Bob), scarf (faux Hermes, thrifted, vintage 60s), cuff/earrings (Judith Hirczy).


  1. I love all the orangey tones in your outfit Sheila :)

  2. Nice colors.
    I had to click through to figure out the jacket is olive, it does a good job of pretending to be brown or gray. I do my best not to put orangy colors with black, so it's always good to see other mixes.

  3. you are a blogging trouper, Sheila, and you look fab in your Fall colors. Vizzini just wants to be close to you : >

  4. So how did you tie that scarf? I almost thought it was an abstract collared shirt!

  5. I love this outfit, so much orange which I adore - but I'm totally giggling picturing you sitting on Vizzini's scratching post and his reaction. I can only imagine!!

  6. You are a delicious autumnal vision--i love this outfit--the scarf is fabulous!!
    Poor Vizzini having to share his territory!

  7. It's funny how our pets mark their territory... seems like i no longer have pillows to place my head on.
    Lovely scarf, i like how simply you tied it and the copper accessories. I can only wonder why i do not have any copper accessories.

  8. I love those autumnal shades, and the suede skirt is a great fit as well as the jacket. Excellent scarf too. Now make one of those boys give you a seat! xxxx

  9. Gorgeous autumnal colours! Please do not pack that skirt, it is a beauty. I will try that scarf tying... Xx


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