Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Monochromania! If It's Blue, I'll Take Two

Hey, monochromaniacs! Have you tried this yet? Give it a shot! Send me a picture this week of you doing a monochrome outfit and I'll include you in a round-up this weekend (my email's in my profile). You can also drop me a comment with a link and I'll grab your picture that way and link back to you. 

Today: blue!
Lorena (who inspired this whole thing) asked me in the comments, "Is this [purple] your favourite colour?" Well, yes and no. I really love most colours, especially really saturated, rich colours. Although I've grown to love neutrals, there will always be a big place in my closet for lots of colour. I really can't pick a favourite, although purple (and blue, and yellow, and green, and red) is up there.

So, yes, today: blue! I am getting lots of wear out of this vintage silk top - I last wore it here at the end of July. I only paid $8.50 for it, and this is my fourth wear of it, so I'm down to just over $2 per wear. Not bad!
The skirt is a gorgeous thick wool and cashmere - it is high-end designer from the 80s (Andre Courreges, seriously, look him up). Isn't is a lovely cobalt blue? This is my 5th wear of it - I last wore it here with bits of orange in March. Considering I thrifted it for $5.00 (yes, you read that right), and I am down to $1 per wear, I am very happy with this skirt. It is a classic and it's not leaving my wardrobe.
We are experiencing a crazy heatwave out here on Canada's west coast - it was nearly 30 degrees today! (that's over 90s for you folks on the other scale). I need to get out of these clothes!

The stuff:
Hint: it's all blue
I love these blue suede shoes. They are magnificent. I last wore them back here in May (!) - I guess I have been passing over them in favour of my new blue Fluevogs!

The blue bling:
I like wearing coloured jewelry as a "set" - I have worn this necklace and earring before together (here). And whenever I wear a bit of blue, I have to do my blue rings. 

Top (I. Magnin, vintage 80s, thrifted), skirt (Andre Courreges, vintage 80s, thrifted), shoes (Feet First), belt (Danier Leather), pendant (gift from L), earrings (local), leaf ring (locally made in Scotland), lapis lazuli ring (Wendy Brandes).

I have a WW staff meeting tonight, and I don't want to weigh in wearing that 5 lb skirt! I'm just too hot and tired to wear all that and be in a non-air-conditioned environment, so I've changed into this simple blue dress.
Easy-peasy, plus lighter on the scale. I last wore it here in July for my trip to the Ulty field.
Eek! I attempting not to look tired, I ended up with this weird neck thing. I need dinner.

Dress (Simply...Taylor, consignment).


  1. You look fabulous and these monochrome looks are so cool. You always look so polished and amazing. :-)

  2. Love, love, love both outfits. Isn't it interesting how your vintage items look up-to-the-minute in terms of colour trends? Just goes to show how quality pieces can stay current year after year. You inspire my thrift shopping, although we do not have the choice in Edmonton that you obviously have. Thanks for sharing your taste and style :)

  3. Love both of your blue outfits! I admire how much colour you have in your wardrobe so that you can make up 2 blue outfits! :) I think I need to concentrate more on good quality basics in colours and less on the pretty but not always practical prints. Plain colours add interest but are much more easily remixable.

  4. Love the all-blues! You look fab and the blue suede shoes are killah. xox

  5. Ooh ohh, I will join your weekend round up! I will try to make tomorrow's outfit all one colour :-)

    This colour is lovely on you, both the top and the skirt are so versatile as well as being bargains. Intersting to hear that you don't have one favourite colour. I think mine is dark green, although it might be teal...

  6. Ah--My Blue Heaven!! You look smashing in that rich blue!!

    I almost brought a "polyester" top exactly like that one this weekend--it was just too big.!!

    Got my monochromatic outfit all planned out for tomorrow--when it THANKFULLY will be only 70 degrees instead of almost 100!!

  7. Blue is a wonderful color on you as well! I like the dress, especially the fancy neckline! I realized my outfit today is more or less monochromatic, so I will send you an email shortly!

  8. So pretty. You matched the color to every detail.

  9. What a sleek and elegant look - well, both of them actually! Visions of you in shades of blue, so lovely, fabulous shoes and great jewellery, as always. xxxx

  10. Funny thing, now i kind of feel "responsible" for these outfits!
    i think this blue one might just be my favorite of all the monochromatic looks you have done. You are rocking it.

  11. That large pendant is just so omg gorgeous!! I love blues on you, Sheila!


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