Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cognac, Peach and Leather Pants!

I got a lot of, "You're wearing pants!" comments today. Oh come on, it's not that rare.
My "oh, shoot, my new neighbour is watching me" look
However, the leather pants always draw comments, whenever I wear them. They are pretty rockin'. I haven't worn them since back in February (here, with combat boots and a blazer).

They were perfect for this new, thrifted blouse (purchased here on the weekend for $12.50, new with tags on!).
Once again, I kept everything in the same colour family; all warm tones veering into neutrals. When I "had my colours done" back in the early 80s, this salmon/coral colour was recommend for me (I was a Spring, supposedly). The last time I remember this colour having a big moment was back in about '81-'82.
The blouse was awesome all day...until I got a spatter of oil from the catered lasagna on it. Arg. And then I walked home and pitted out the arms. It is drying off right now before I head off to WW.

The stuff:
I like a bit of a heel with these trousers. These are my Ralph Lauren pumps, last seen here in May with orange, olive and yellow. They are an excellent basic shoe, perfectly the right height.

Big brown bling:
I gave away many of my old "long chain" necklaces on the weekend at the swap (just mall store ones), but I hung onto this one that Mom got me for Christmas last year.

Blouse (Mark, thrifted), pants (Gap, thrifted), shoes (Ralph Lauren), belt (Shi Studio), buckle (Shi Studio, thrifted), cuff (SkinZnHydez), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), key ring (local).


  1. Love this look! Those leather pants are gorgeous!

  2. Not just pants - Leather pants!! I think of those as your Rachel Morgan pants. ;) Super badass.

  3. Oh, man, the eternal search for a pair of leather pants that fit my weird legs is ongoing, and I would probably keel over with sheer joy if I found a pair in cognac that look as awesome as yours. (And, oddly, I have no idea which season I am, but that salmon colour works very well on me, as well.)

  4. The silk and leather look great together! :) (And I didn't intend for that to rhyme!!!)

  5. This look knocks me over with its fabulous-ness! Love these leather trousers.

  6. You look amazing in your leather trousers, Sheila - they do rock, and so do you! Love the soft warm palette, I'm surprised how much I like the peachy blouse, I wasn't sure how it would look but you've totally convinced me! xxx

  7. I can see why they said that was your color--you look amazing in it!!
    Love the whole autumny tones of the outfit--those pants are definitely kick-ass!!

  8. Super fun pants! Love them and the color is really nice.

  9. Cool outfit! I love the mix of peach and cognac, even the words sound good together, and these textures also look so luxe. I bet your new neighbor is just thinking how great your clothes are!

  10. Great color combination! The pants are awesome - I'm just not brave enough to try leather pants myself!

  11. I think these two colors are so good together - and those pants fir you so well Sheila :)

  12. The colors are all go well together. Love your shoes.

  13. This is fabulous! I've been on the lookout for leather trousers. I hope I can find some half as good looking as your's! The oversized blouse looks so great on you. And that belt (sigh).

  14. Hee! I wore pants on Tuesday as well, and got all sorts of "you're wearing pants!" comments. And an interrogation about what was so special about Tuesday. :)


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