Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Time-Travel Tuesday

Let's get in the "way back" machine and go to...the 80s! 
I was informed I looked like a pumpkin today
The 80s seem to be having a major resurgence over the last oh...decade. It was a great time to be a teenager, that's for sure! It was all about experimenting with colour and style and having fun.

So, for the first Tuesday back after the last summer long weekend, I went vibrant! Also, I'm planning on stowing away these culottes with my spring/summer clothes, so one more kick at the can for them. Considering that I didn't think I would wear them much when I thrifted them back in early April for $4.00, I have now worn them in 5 outfits. That's pretty good cost-per-wear right there.
I last wore them here in July with navy and oodles of bling.

The orange sweater was chosen because it goes well with the scarf. I'm kind of doing a scarf theme this week - I need to weed out some of the ones that don't work for me. Forget spring cleaning - I'm doing fall cleaning!
I'm really surprised that I haven't worn this sweater since the July 2012 capsule (recap here)! Hmmm...I sense a trip to the donation bag for you, orange sweater. I must have been convinced that I needed an orange sweater at some point, but it's obviously not a staple in my wardrobe.

The stuff:
However, these Kraft Dinner yellow slingback shoes are! I love these, and have had a few years of good wear out of them. I don't like slingbacks with tights, so they are strictly a spring/summer shoe. I last wore them here in July with brocade and a steampunk skirt.

Ba-da-blurry! My lovely vintage 80s silk scarf, and my constant yellow cuff and Bakelite vintage earrings.

What era are you drawn to these days? I'm also vibing on the 70s big-time.

Sweater (Liz Claiborne, consignment), culottes (Jac Dale, vintage 70s, thrifted), shoes (Tsubos), scarf (Adrienne Vittadini, vintage 80s, consignment), cuff (thrifted), earrings (vintage, thrifted).


  1. This is a perfect example of using a scarf to build an outfit around!!! I love it--those culottes have proven to pretty awesome!!

  2. Oh, '80s all the way, me too! Your culottes are too fabulous. :D

  3. I love those culottes~!!!

    The color is so so awesome. I'm heading back towards my punk-days I feel like. Whether that's an era or not, I'm lovin' the black and red with punky accents. I have the occasional light and floaty day.

    I adore those shoes too! I almost bought them a few times, but the open toe kept me from it.

  4. Love all of the bright colours in this outfit! Shame about the orange top going, but you're right if you're not wearing it much, better to make room for something you will wear :)

  5. Love this look, Sheila - and I share your love of the 70's style.

  6. I love this resurgence of 80's stuff since I was a little too young to enjoy it the first time around! I really love your fun scarf. And I do fall cleaning too, sometimes I'm even more productive at it than I am at spring cleaning!

  7. Love the bold colours, those culottes are spectacular, every time!
    Oh, and I am totally envious of your Hawaiian maxi dress, btw! xxxx

  8. Oh man, I owned that very scarf back in the 1980s. It was a big splurge for me at the time. I wore it a lot, and somewhere along the way, what with the big move across the ocean and all, I lost track of it. I have this vague and totally unrealistic hope that my mom donated it, and it somehow made its way to you.

  9. I'm not "organized" enough to think about the decade I might be channeling. Hope is is NOT my teen years, before women wore jeans... Love all the brights, the scarf in particular. And those culottes are GREAT!

  10. Vibrant colors! whwner you wear those shoes i cannot tell you how much i like them and i'm so happy i copied you and bought them. They are comfortable and even though i wear them a lot, they seem to be new. Total quality.


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