Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: Shopping Spree and Kitty Pictures

Hola, my friends! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I have had a lovely time.

Let's get started. No Ulty on Saturday so I slept in, followed by L and I going for lunch.
Again, wanting to get "just one more!" wear out of some of my summery things. Much as I adore this dress, it's really not a fall/winter item, so it will be packed up at the end of the month. I last wore it here in June.
I finally got around to wearing my new-to-me gold metal stretchy belt - I loved how it looked with the dress. I did all gold accessories, including my giant (real) gold hoops and a vintage bracelet nicked from Mom's jewelry box in 1984-5.
I love these woven gold kitten heels - they are great to walk in and who doesn't love shiny shoes? Not this girl! I haven't worn them since here in June (3rd outfit) with my "holy ship!" dress, but they've been a wardrobe stalwart for several years. They will also get packed up for the season.
It's been goofy weather lately, but it settled down to lovely and hot by the afternoon. I didn't need this gorgeous orange leather coat except when I was in a chilly air-conditioned store. I last wore it as a topper back here in April (3rd outfit).

The stuff:
That gorgeous belt!

I bought myself this lovely locally-made key ring from Oscar & Libby's for $22.00 (on sale) and wore it right away.
I didn't get the name of the designer, but isn't it neat? It's nice and heavy.

Dress (Coldwater Creek, thrifted), shoes (Aldo, consignment), leather jacket (Danier Leather, consignment), purse (Danier Leather), belt (thrifted), cuff (vintage 60s, Mom's), ring (local).

After lunch, I meandered through my favourite thrift stores. I hadn't planned on going into the St. Vincent de Paul, but I'm so glad I did! I spent a whopping $24.00 total. Check it out.
I am a sucker for Chinoiserie/Oriental designs, and I see a lot of them in the thrift shops, from traditional cheongsams to kimonos to soft jackets. This one caught my eye because of the lovely deep burgundy satin and the cool blue/pink embroidery on the hems and cuffs.

Also: pink satin lining! Woo!
I'd never heard of the brand before, but the designer, Dr. Flora Cheong-Leen, is certainly a woman of many accomplishments! (linking for info only). This is a beautifully cut and made jacket, and I can't wait to wear it! There are two big slits to the waist up either side to flash the hot pink lining. And yes, $8.00! Score! I am pretty sure this would have been a lot more expensive when it was new.

A few weeks ago, the last time I was at SVdP, I tried on this top and PUT IT BACK. What, was I insane? I kicked myself almost instantly and knew there was no chance it would still be there when I went back.
But there it was! I grabbed it and looked around furtively, like someone was going to try to yank it away from me.

It is hand beaded with glass beads on a fine wool sweater.
I can wear it with the V in the front as well. It weighs a ton (I would say at least 5-6 pounds) due to all the beading.

And it's vintage - of course it is! We never see hand-done beading nowadays; it's all cheap construction.
Adrienne Vittadini - a classic 80s designer name! This was made in Hong Kong, and look how gorgeous that beading is! I am sure that this was made in the 80s and that it cost more than...
Yep. $8.00. Score!

It was a great day for vintage:
This is a wonderful fit and is a more vivid emerald in real life.

Although I don't think this is actual vintage, it does have a really strong 80s vibe. The reason I don't think it's vintage? It doesn't have room for shoulder pads! It's also polyester (real 80s would have been silk) and the sizing is modern.
That's also a modern label, and it was made in China. However, it is well constructed and I love the cut of it.
And my luck holds: $7.00!

I also spotted this awesome 70s vintage tie for L.
It was only $1.00.

I headed up the street to the Hospice Thrift Store next, but they're in the middle of turning over their summer stock, so there wasn't much left. The ladies recognized my taffeta plaid dress right away, though! I did get it there!

I found this amazing necklace in the jewelry case:
It reminds me of the gorgeous gold necklaces worn with Indian saris.

Although pricey at $20.00 for thrift, it's a good cause.
 The little metal tag says "D'Orlan" which is a Canadian manufacturer from the 1960s to present.

I briefly popped into The Velvet Crease and found this lovely indigo Dex cableknit sweater for $26.00.
I am looking forward to wearing this with some of my winter skirts.

Last night, L and I and some friends converged on Clive's Bar to have cocktails with Elaine for her birthday. I couldn't resist wearing two of my new purchases!
The vintage tunic demanded to be worn, and I loved how the gold necklace, cuff and earrings (from the previous outfit) popped against the black and pewter. I even did my toenails gold! This is my entry for Patti's "Visible Monday" at Not Dead Yet Style! Are you there? Go!

Like the red jacket of the other day, this pewter leather skirt hasn't been worn since I face-planted off the bus back in April (here, 3rd outfit).
I wore my Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals for easy walking downtown. I last wore them here in June with my chambray dress. They'll be going in the bin with my other sandals.

I had to do some repairs to the front of the skirt where the metallic finish was scraped off (saving my knees from being destroyed). You can see the repairs if you look really hard in the picture above (below my knees). I used modeling paints rubbed on with my finger: chainmail and a black wash to darken it up slightly and blend with the rest of the skirt's colouring. Aside from my painting touch-up skills, my only other option would be to have the skirt cut off and shortened, but how often do you find a floor-length pewter leather skirt with a train? It would have been a crying shame to alter it. Someone at the bar suggested that I glue flowers over the scrapes, but frankly I think that would be an abomination. Tsk.

I think I did a pretty good job on it - you wouldn't know the repairs were there unless I pointed them out.
Isn't that a gorgeous top? I love it. I carried my silver sequined/beaded clutch.

L also dressed up, all lovely in his new blue suit.
It is the new "modern" slim fit with flat-front pants. It's important for our guys to keep an eye on changing fashion too! L is also wearing the Dolce & Gabanna shirt I bought for him on consignment for $30.00, and yes, those fabulous green shoes are Fluevogs.

What a dashing couple we make!
As we were walking to town, a few people commented on our outfits. I walked very carefully and slowly, and when we bussed home (I know! I totally risked it!), I held both the bus door handle and L with death grips. I made it! No wipe out!

Top (Adrienne Vittadini, vintage 80s, thrifted), skirt (BCBG Max Azria, consignment), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), necklace (D'Orlan, thrifted), cuff (vintage 60s, Mom's). 

And now here we are at Sunday. Vizzini has been cute this weekend.
"Woman, must you always be in my face?"
Snoozing on the couch cushions like a little pasha.

He is down to white eyebrows on one side only.
"I'm rakish like a pirate."
He's been enjoying the sunshine. Not much longer, little bun! The deck gets closed once the weather cools off. I hope we'll have a few more weeks before we have to do that.


  1. Great shopping, Sheila! And you look gorgeous in your new black and beaded sweater. L. looks might fine too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. Sheila, you did a great job on the pewter skirt. I would never had known! And you are right, it would be a shame to alter it. The sweater with the beading is classy. You scored some great items. And L looks great.


  3. Oh my goodness!!!!! That grey leather skirt, it is heaven!!!!!!!!!!!! So many treasures in this post. And the green Fluevogs are to live for. Love that suit ensemble!

  4. You guys make a beautiful couple!! That skirt is fabulous...I hope you will come over and register to win the necklace I am giving would look amazing on you, Shelia! Have a great week!

  5. Sheila, the Asian jacket (pink lining!) is outstanding and the necklace to die for. I am always in awe of your clothes and your style. I bow to your trained eye and incredible talent.

  6. Oh wow!! Congrats on your amazing finds, that sweater in particular is amazing. At first I thought it was little skulls all over it. Your Mister is so fancy, Sheila! You two are a matched set of stylish people.

  7. I just adore that first dress. Shame it has to go away for the winter - sigh.

    You did great on your thrifting trip! And the outfit you put together with that new top is so elegant. Good thing you had a suitably attired escort to accompany you.

  8. I am totally green with envy over that leather skirt. Oh well, I'm sure it wouldn't fit me and plus, it looks amazing on you. :-) All your finds are fabulous and you and your sweetheart look adorable together. XXOO

  9. Great dress, cute shoes. And I'll take that necktie if your guy doesn't wear it!

  10. Hope this isn't a repeat...totally love the pewter leather and canNOT see the repairs you made at all. Can't wait to see you in the Asian jacket. Very impressed that thrift store personnel can remember their former merchandise.

  11. You guys look great! I love that pewter skirt and that gold belt is GORGEOUS!!! Need to find one like that!

  12. OMG I LOVE that plaid frock!!! Especially with the gold touches, I'm all over metallics lately! The necklace is totally divoon, and will make every outfit super amazing!

  13. What a sensational evening look you put together with that beaded top and the pewter skirt! The skirt is amazing! No wonder people commented on your oufits too - you and your man look fabulous. Great shopping haul too. The Oscar shirt was a find!

  14. Wow! I absolutely want to come shopping with you :-). Love the glass beaded top - how did you leave it behind the first time, and how comes no one else saw it's beauty in between times?! Obviously meant to be yours :-)

    L is such a stylish man! Love his green shoes :-)

  15. I love your dress, it looks so elegant! The new purchases are also fab, especially the oriental coat :)

  16. Love the metallic outfits with the gold in the first one and pewter in the second! That beaded top is so nice with the skirt. It's great that you managed to repair your skirt too! :)

  17. The new top is amazing! It looks great with the long shimmery skirt! And you and L certainly are a stylish couple! Mr. Vizzini looks so cute with his one sided eyebrows. Such a sweet face!!

  18. The plaid dress is fantastic as always!!! And WOW did you score--the burgundy jacket is just stunning--I can't wait to see how you style it!!
    The beaded tunic is amazing--love it with the pewter skirt!!
    L is looking mighty fine!!!
    And of course--VIZZINI cuteness!!

  19. At first I was just admiring your new gorgeous key ring... then i scrolled down and saw your outfit wearing some of your new items and you look dashing- spectacular and red carpet ready.
    I cannot tell you how fab you look, well you probably know.

  20. Love your dress. You can always find good deals.

  21. That gold necklace is inspired with that particular top! Who but you would have the genius to wear them together. Makes a great outfit with that terrific looking fella ... best accessory a girl can have.
    Of course, love the striped taffeta. Good-by until next summer, little dress.
    I'd love to find any Asian/Orientalia in thrifts here. I'd love to find anything in thrifts here. A mini-passion of mine too.
    Handsome and elegant Vizzini. Mommy must rub off on him!

  22. WOW! The thrifting gods are definitely in your corner right now. I wiped out recently. You know how much I love heels... Well, I fell with my flats. Doh! Injured pride is all I remember of it now. Good job on your repair and climbing back on the horse (bus).
    You and L look stellar.
    And your talk of packing away season-specific clothing makes me think of doing the same, except I never managed to clear out winter from my summer stuff this year anyway. Lame, so lame.

  23. I absolutely love that dress, and with the gold accents in the belt and the shoes, it brings out a little shimmer in the weave. And Vizzini! Too cute! He always looks a little surprised.

  24. You are a shopping genius! Even after seeing it in person I still don't know how you do it...

  25. That beaded top is amazing, and I can’t help but picture it with your LA Malibu Fluevogs…if anyone could carry that off, you could…

  26. Gosh, I am behind looking at posts! What a weekend round up. There are such good bargains in your local charity shops, glad that beaded top was still there on your return. You and L are a stylish couple x


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