Thursday, September 26, 2013

Monochromania Revisted: Heavy Metal

When I did a week of Monochromania (i.e. wearing the same colour or tones of the same colour top-to-bottom) earlier this month, I had another outfit planned that I had to nix due to hot weather. And here it is.
I really enjoyed this outfit, especially the comments. Most people really liked it, although I got some teasing about being an extra in "Rollerball" (totally, check out the guy's shoulders).

Actually, this outfit was a real mental boost because I had a dentist appointment tonight after work, and I was hugely dreading it. I felt like I was fortified with external armour. I don't do well with dentists. I knocked out my front teeth when I was 17 and went through a solid year of surgeries and root canals; I also grow tartar like a boss, so I've gone through a few years of agonizing scaling. Pleasant stuff it is not. Anyway, I put on a tough face.
Yeah, so scary.
This is my studded shoulder sweatshirt/sweater getting its second wearing. I last wore it here in August while channeling the 80s.

It was much warmer with this striped button-down French cuff shirt, which was last seen - oh dear - over a year ago (!) when it was in the July 2012 capsule (recap here). I did wear it three times that month, and it was packed away for the 6-month autumn/winter season. Still, only one wear...
The skirt is dark grey, and it's one of the plainest items of clothing I own, but I love it - it's the perfect pencil shape, it's stretchy and it's a great length. It's also washable. But the best thing is that it works as a solid grounding piece for all the crazy, unique pieces (aka wardrobe orphans) that I have, and lets them shine. I last wore it here in August with my lace peplum top.

The stuff:
And there are my amazing grey wooly boots. I walked home from the dentist in them (about 20 minutes) and they were wonderfully comfy. I last wore them back in April (here, 2nd outfit). They are good early spring/early autumn boots - excellent transition boots. I'm still going bare-legged, although it's getting pretty chilly in the mornings.

I had to do my "teeth" necklace and my spider and snake ring for extra scariness!

Sweatshirt (Silence + Noise, consignment), shirt (Club Monaco, consignment), skirt (Plum), boots (Prepare Volunteers), necklace (the Bay), cuff (thrifted), spider ring (homegrown vintage 80s, gift from Mom and Dad), spider ring (homegrown vintage 80s).


  1. I think you look seriously ferocious, and I may add that while I am in my current incarnation a mild manner academic and author I was once (wait for it, drum roll) a dentist!

    Keep up the good work I always look forward to reading what you've been up to and are wearing...

  2. scary! Not really, just fabulous accessories for a fab sweater. Good luck at the dentist - I have major teeth stuff next week and want to fast-forward though it. xo

  3. LOVE this!! It's "colorless" for you--yet all the shades and textures make it interesting.
    I have a grey striped shirt and pale grey spikeless sweater--I'm going to copy this look !!

  4. Hope the dentist went well! You looked suitably equipped for the trip with your tough accessories! :)

    I've been terrified of the dentist ever since having a horrible wisdom tooth removal. Never had a problem with them before then, such a horrible experience that stresses me out just thinking about it!

  5. I absolutely love everything about this outfit - the monochromatic grays are totally awesome - but I also am totally in love with the sweatshirt on it's own. It's so bad ass!

  6. Oh there is my favorite sweater... and i don't know how i missed those boots earlier they are f-a-b!!
    and if they are comfortable like you mention, it's a total win.

  7. Oh my, you even rock monochromatic grey!!! Awesome boots. I have TMD and hated dentist visits so much that I skipped two years. Big mistake -- just meant more work and pain in the long run. Now I keep my appointments every 3 months.

  8. You really know how to rock monochrome. I keep meaning to focus on that, but lately my closet has exploded (in the process of reorganizing) and it's all I can do to find anything that matches!! I have been picking outfits out of laundry baskets lately! For shame!!

    Lynn Dylan

  9. That looks like a great sweater to keep those horrid dental types at a safe Seriously, you look both super-edgy and super-comfy.

    Love ya,

  10. Hope you are feeling o.k. I have missed seeing your posts.

  11. Did your dentist like your outfit?? I hear you on not liking the dentist - you have very good reason to, as well. I remember my brother and I used to get stickers for good behaviour - I think I should still get them! It takes everything I have to drag myself there.

    You looked badass and just right for the appointment - I am glad we got to see it, even though the outfit was nixed for monochromania week...


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