Monday, September 23, 2013

Three Months Early - Green Oscar

Some clothes just belong to certain seasons. This blouse = Christmas. I don't think there's any way around it.
It's very green - when I stood next to someone in red today at work, we looked like we should be doing our Christmas card portrait. It's also ruffliscious. It has a rather formal look about it.

Anyway, green is what it is. This is its first outing, having thrifted it a couple of weeks back here for a whopping $7.00. Not bad for Oscar de la Renta.
The skirt is my old tried-and-true houndstooth. It's an excellent quality skirt - always fits, doesn't pill, and doesn't look cheap. I last wore it here in March with orange, red and lacy black legs.
"Bored with your pictures. Feed me."
The stuff:
Darjeeling? Why yes, thank you, I'd love a spot of tea. I last wore my Teapots here in August with floofy and flies.

Big blingy bling:
I probably should have forwent the glittery jewelry to keep the Christmas vibe on the down-low, but I can't resist the opportunity to wear Grandma J's jet necklace.

Blouse (Oscar de la Renta, thrifted), skirt (Nygard, consignment), shoes (Darjeeling Teapots, Fluevog, second-hand), leather obi (consignment), necklace (vintage 60s, Grandma J's), brooch (The Bay), earrings (don't remember, cheap).


  1. That's a wonderful blouse! You look great in ruffles. And those shoes are too fab. xoxo

  2. Green with black and white - especially houndstooth, isn't a combo I've tried before, but I'm really liking it on you! I may have to try it sometime. I can see how the blouse gives a Christmas-y vibe, I think it's the rich emerald color, but I think you did a good job of playing that down a bit. That said, I'm anxious to see what you might do with it around the holidays!

  3. The green Oscar de la Renta is a true gift from the thrifting goddess. The word ruffliscious describes it perfectly! Love how it frames your face and plays with your hair!

  4. I adore the emerald with blacj & white--very chic and not a bit christmasy!!
    The blouse is stunning!!

  5. It IS a Christmassy blouse, but you paired it so well with houndstooth and black. You can see the quality of the blouse from the pics. It reminded me of your year-round Christmas job :-) I am already looking forward to Christmas xx

  6. I'm always careful with that shade of green. I think with our red hair there's just no getting around it looking christmasy! beautiful blouse though...

  7. That is a very "festive" blouse with all the ruffles, but I don't think it's too Christmassy with the houndstooth skirt :)

    I think a bright top and printed skirt is a lovely combo :)

  8. Funny, I don't get a Christmas sense from it at all! Actually with the gorgeous green color and the ruffles, I was thinking St. Patrick's Day. Imagine adding a dinner coat with tails and a top hat and one of those metal knob topped canes. :D

  9. Love those shoes! I really like the way you've styled this fabulous blouse. The houndstooth skirt and gorgeous belt and shoes take away any thought of Christmas!

  10. I know what you mean about that green--I have a sweater that same color that I wear a couple of times around Christmas and then on St. Patrick's Day! Yet when I look at your photos, I don't think you look Christmas-y...go figure!

  11. haha, i have a shirt that is orange and looks very fall/Halloween like because of the tone.


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