Friday, September 6, 2013

Foggy Pink Friday - You Get What You Give.

Oh, what a crazy week! I am so glad it's over. 

Before we zoom through the outfit (because I'm hungry and Sheila needs her wine, stat!), I want to point you guys to a great post by Cara, a Canadian blogger like me (go say hi, she's nice). Cara, this post inspired me to make a little more effort today - I thought about it all day, and I told people about it, and I got what I gave. It works: you get what you give.
Today's outfit brought to you by summer. Dammit, it's not over yet, let's not be so hasty.

I built this outfit around the scarf, so pink, gingham and white were the order of the day. I last wore this simple pink sweater in February 2013 (eep!) here with brown lace. It's a little pilly, but I love the cut of it. Maybe a slightly deeper pink as this tends to blend into my skin-tone.
My uber-swishy skirt is so fun to wear - it billows when I go down stairs. I last wore it here (waaay down at the bottom) back in June, with yellow and purple. I love it, but it doesn't get worn a huge amount. It's a keeper, though.
Lazy Girl's tip for tying long skinny scarves: Tie behind your neck. Let ends drape down your back. Easy-peasy!

The stuff:
Nearly the last wear for these white shoes. Although I don't believe in the silly "no white after Labour Day" rule, I prefer to pack away obviously summery shoes until spring. These are awesome - I walked home in them after a long day of running around. I last wore them here in July with leopard and much badass bling.

Speaking of bling:
My pretty oak leaf bracelet (aka "the pee bracelet" from that time it fell off in the toilet in 2009).

Sweater (Reitman's, consignment), skirt (Smoking Lily, thrifted), shoes (Aerosoles, thrifted), scarf (vintage), bracelet (thrifted), earrings (Plum). 

This was the view this morning from the stairs where I take my picture.
So foggy you can't even see the castle! I love fog - but it burned off by afternoon, and now it's sunny.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thanks so much, Sheila! It's the encouragement I needed after a rough day where it was so easy to not give what I wanted to get, or worse, so easy to give back the bad attitudes people were giving me. It's so important to remember that it all comes around, eventually, so it's best to always give your best!

  2. Hi Sheila! I have missed a few of your posts. I cannot seem to keep up with my life! I have been busy! Anyway, I love this outfit, but pink is a favorite color. The skirt is great. I really like the way it hangs. The outfit in the prior post with the red jacket is gorgeous!! Wowsa.


    PS -- will head over and check out Cara's post. :)

  3. Sweet soft sweater! With the gingham swishy skirt and scarf, the outfit has a wholesome 1950s look. (And a complete contrast to your 1940s-esque vamp in black and red in your last post - sorry, just catching up!)
    Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  4. Love the scarf trailing down your back, Sheila - that's a wonderful scarf-style. Good-bye pretty white shoes! xo

  5. Amazing how much a simple shift in thinking can affect how everything goes. Great shapes today, Sheila!

  6. Thanks for the intro to Cara -she wrote a lovely post. Glad it helped turn your day around.

    I think you had the UK fog from Thursday - I was on a plane that day and couldn't see the runway!

    Another romantic colour pairing here, very nice. Light pink suits you so well xx

  7. Taht post by Cara is lovely - and so true! Funny how when you have a bad moment (specially at work, where the majority of bad moments come from!) everything from there goes even further downhill. Shall try to remember to have a positive attitude next time it all happens! :)

    Lovely outfit too - like that skirt so much on you :)

    Glad I made you giggle with my earlier comment. I officially have "too many" bags, is that better than giving a number? It makes me feel slightly better than trying to count them all....haha.

  8. I needed Cra's post after the week I've had-thanks!!

    OOO-gingham swishy goodness--I love that shirt--and pairing it with the pink and that glorious sac==carf is just stunning!

  9. Yes, it was a crazy ass week :)
    one i was happy to get over with.
    But, then there's this week...
    I like seeing you in white shoes, it's so difficult for me to wear.


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