Friday, September 20, 2013

Finally Friday - It's Hawaii and...Boston!

Is it just me, or did this seem like a really long week? TGIF!

My work had "Hawaiian Shirt Day" this week, as the last official Friday of summer (ending this weekend). 
I borrowed this shirt from L, but realized partway through the day: jeez, Louise, you own a vintage Hawaiian designer dress! But whatever, it was still a fun outfit. I enjoyed all my co-workers doing a double-take when they noticed the Boston "B" logo. Yes, you're not imagining things: I, a Canadian woman, am wearing a Boston Bruins shirt.

L got this about 12 years ago, in a sports store that had these shirts in all of the "Original 6" NHL hockey teams. He wears it to summer events sometimes.
L has been a fan of the Bruins since he was a kid in the 70s - it was the era of Canadian boy, Bobby Orr. I grew up watching "Hockey Night in Canada" and remember hearing, "He shoots, he scores! Bobby Orr!"

We have a bunch of Bruins stuff around the house (that I stash away when guests come over), and a bunch of NFL Miami Dolphins stuff. We actually have a sports shrine in the den that includes a framed signed picture of Bobby Orr, L's 2011 Stanley Cup champion caps, and...oh heck, I'll just take a picture of it. It's too awesome.
The medals are actually mine. Hanging on the left on Bobby Orr's picture is my medal for completing the Royal Victoria Marathon, and on the right are my 10K race medals. I have 1 bronze, 3 silvers and 2 gold.

Erm, anyway, hey, look, pants! I am indeed wearing pants for the second time this week. Will wonders never cease.
I last wore these cropped jeans here in May. In that post, I noted that it had been 15 months since I last wore them - this time it was only 4 months! Not bad. Jeans and I are not close acquaintances.

The stuff:
Zebra goes with Hawaiian, right?

My Kraft Dinner shoes make probably their last appearance before I pack them away next weekend. I last wore them in July, here, with a Betsey Johnson brocade corset top.

Well, I am off to crash on the couch with a nice glass of dry apple cider. Have a lovely weekend!

Shirt (borrowed from L), jeans (Sandwich, swap from Caro), shoes (Tsubo), belt (Leather World), buckle (She She Shoes), cuff (thrifted).


  1. OM Goodness! Just found your blog, and I absolutely adore your fashion style.

  2. Hi, Sheila! Yes, looooooong week! And I still have to work tomorrow. Sigh! I love your humor about the Hawaiian dress. LOL. The shirt looks great though!


  3. It felt like a long week to me, too! Having Hawaiian shirt day sounds like fun. I'm not much of a sports fan, though, so I would have liked to see your Hawaiian dress. Maybe next summer!

  4. I like your sports shrine. You athlete, you! Awesome.
    How unexpected to see the Bruins logo in the Hawaiian pattern. Very cool. Who can ever forget Hockey Night in Canada, He shoots, he scores... And that theme song.

  5. It's been a long week in Indiana, too (actually spent most of it in Ohio). And your legs look LONG, too, in those great jeans. The dry apple cider sounds about as delightful to me as the fire we enjoyed one evening a few days ago....Have a great weekend, Sheila!

  6. I think the Hawaiian shirt fits in with the workplace theme perfectly, although it would have been a good occasion to wear your dress too.

    Have a lovely start to the weekend! :)

  7. Dolphins fans? Well, alrighty then! You look *great* in these cropped jeans, Sheila.

  8. Yes, this week lasted forever. Love the Bruins shirt. Even those of us not obsessed with sports can spark up our wardrobe with sport references. I bought a Chicago Blackhawks t-shirt simply because I liked the logo.

  9. Well, your Hawaiian dress would have been too easy! L's shirt and jeans are a good look on you; for someone who doesn't wear trousers/jeans very often, you really do look great in them, Sheila! Mmmm, orange shoes, I like.
    Enjoy your cider and your weekend! xxxx

  10. "Kraft Dinner shoes" cracks me up! Congrats on those medals -- did I read Marathon and 10K? I'm lucky to finish a 5K. Great casual Friday outfit, Sheila. BTW, I'll forgive the Dolphin fan memorabilia.

  11. Those pants look great!! I have to say I love the shirt. Even though I am a Flyers fan myself. (And the boyfriend is a Penguins fan, which is just wrong.)

  12. You look lovely, and I enjoyed the sneaky peek at the shrine. Cuffed jeans and an oversized top, you dressed like me for the day! It was a good idea to see the summer out in style. And say a final ta-ta to those gorgeous shoes before they get packed away.

    You are right re:long week. I have been MIA this week, due to a short trip away then a full-on event on Friday that I led. All eyes were on me, but thankfully it went well xx

  13. What a fun shirt! And you look fantastic in the pants. Love the yellow shoes as well, but I understand them not being practical in the coming winter!

  14. Cute outfit!!! You look aesome in those jeans!!
    My hubby is a dolphin's fan from WAY back (the 70's)

  15. Yes zebra matches with Hawaiian print - and you look fabulosa in those jeans.


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