Monday, September 16, 2013

Chinese Tunic and a Skull

Monday, and I'm waiting for L to get home from Seattle. I always enjoy the first day he's gone, then I miss him. Also, Vizzini is being a pain - he wants his favourite nap person.

So, today I wore one of my new-to-me items, this fabulous burgundy tunic.
I bought it in a thrift store for $8.00 here a couple of weeks ago - it's by Tian Art, which is sort of a Chinese haute couture brand. Isn't it awesome? I got tons of compliments on it today and enjoyed flashing the pink satin lining.
I'm wearing my hot pink Smoking Lily skirt with the giant red skull on the side of it (you can see a bit of the skull in the above picture). It perfectly matched the lining.
I last wore the skirt here in May with pops of red (and maybe Flying Spaghetti Monsters?).

The stuff:
I last wore these cherry red shoes here in June with chartreuse.

After a week of monochrome, it was great to get back to "regular" clothes - then I realized my whole outfit was tones of red, burgundy and pink. Um, that's still pretty matchy.

Red and blue bling:
My standard coral suite and the Fulvia Ring by Wendy Brandes.

Jacket (Tian Art, thrifted), skirt (Smoking Lily), shoes (Sencha Teapots, Fluevog), bracelet (Plum), earrings (local), Fulvia Ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. Beautiful! I love the way the skull just blends in but is so there!!! The tunic is gorgeous.

  2. Gorgeous! The jacket and skirt looks fantastic together, and the shoes were made to sing three-part harmony. This would almost fit your monochromania trend.

  3. Sheesh, that tunic is jaw-droppingly gorgeous on you. So cool that there's a skull to go with it.

  4. The tunic looks fabulous and I love that you paired it with a skirt!

  5. That is such a beautiful tunic top! I love the colour family of this outfit too :)

  6. What fantastic colours! I love how the tunic flares out. I also miss Mr SS after the first evening of eating junk and wearing my Pjs from the minute I get in....

    I did enjoy your monochrome week - I didn't manage to do one of my own, but my dog Percy did! I will post a pic of her in my next post (am on a short work trip).

  7. You look stunning in that top picture, Shelia! This whole look fits you perfectly!

  8. Oh, I love these colors on you. That jacket is tdf, and will be the star of many outfits, I think : >

  9. Beautiful! The color is so rich - I love the detail along the edges of it! It's very "you"!

  10. WOW--that jacket is even more stunning on you!! i LOVE it with the pink skull skirt!!

    LOL--our cat's preferred human is hubby. I am "tolerated".

  11. Very, very beautiful. I'm so impressed, and admire your Asian inspired recent acquisitions.

  12. A gorgeous tunic that fits you perfectly. Love all the tones of red, burgundy and pink. The Fluevog shoes are smashing!

  13. Hotdamn! That's a great tunic. It looks perfect with your Smoking Lily skull skirt. I'm always impressed how well you wear your Chinese style clothing.

  14. I wonder if you could wear this tunic with the leather pants.... another monochromatic look ?


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