Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blood Red and Floral

Why is it that the long weekends are always followed by the shortest weeks? Today felt crazy from start to finish, from whacky thunder and lightning storms (which we never get here) to a gorgeous sunny afternoon. Bizarre.

Anyway. Blood red.
I have kind of been avoiding this jacket, as the last time I wore it I fell off a bus here back in April (but it was a good outfit, 3rd one down). I washed it after that incident, because the cuffs were soaked in blood from my nose getting smushed, even though it said "dry clean only". I have no issue washing cotton with polyester lining! I did lay it flat to dry, but I've been eyeing it warily in my closet ever since.

I'm happy to report: I did not fall today! Although I did miss a bit of blood on one of the cuffs.
The black skirt is my much-adored 80s vintage Gianfranco Ferre one, which I last wore with blue bookends, here in July.
Front slit, back slit. Why hasn't that style come back into fashion? It's much easier to walk with a double slit!

The stuff:
I am taking a good look at all of my summery shoes, including sandals. I usually pack them all away - I rarely wear them out of season (the exception might be for a party or something, but it's infrequent). This is probably the last wear of the season for these marvelous Fluevogs, last seen here with satin and tweed ruffles. I wore them four times this summer, which is not a huge amount, unless you have over 80 pairs of shoes - then, it's a pretty good average. Remember, gals, the more shoes you have the longer they last!

Floral bling:
For the person (Cara?) who asked, yesterday's scarf was folded in half to make a triangle, then I tied the two ends together. No big secret! Today, I tied this long skinny-ish scarf into a bow and pulled the loops out for maximum floofiness. I call it "Scarf Tying for the Lazy," ha ha.

Jacket (French Connection, thrifted), skirt (Gianfranco Ferre, vintage 80s, thrifted), shoes (Faith Hi Low Reumah, Fluevog), belt (Club Monaco), bead rose (thrifted), ring (consignment), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), earrings (local), scarf (Lauren by Ralph Lauren, consignment).


  1. Ouch that fall sounds painful! Glad you had better luck with the jacket today. My favourite part of the outfit is the scarf though - it's so pretty :-D

  2. Yay for not falling! (I once had a "bad luck" bra - things happened every time I wore it.) I just love the colour and neckline of your jacket, and how you went floral all over. Thanks for your scarf-tying secret -this makes a nice pouf and is one that even hopeless me might remember how to do, lol!

  3. Good words of wisdom, Sheila: "the more shoes you have the longer they last!" Love this vibrant jacket with classic skirt. Yay for having a safe day!

  4. Love the florals in the scarf and shoes! :)

    I have the same theory with bags - the more you have the longer they all last! haha. I still remember the conversation I had with hubby saying I needed to increase my bag collection from one expensive bag to 2, so I'd have a light one and a darker one for all situations. Now....haha. How quickly they multiply ;)

  5. I like when you make observations about life. Not only are they always accurate, they accord with my own reflections. You are one of a select small group of people whose opinion I truly respect. Oh... and you dress nice! :)

  6. A double slit should come back into fashion! Not only is it easier to walk, but also easier to sit down too! Love this skirt and top together and yay for not falling!

  7. Lovely romantic colourway! Blood red, indeed though. I remember your fall, ouchie. Glad you got back on the horse, so to speak, in wearing the jacket again xx

  8. I'm glad to see that you didn't resort to flats in order to avoid falling down again in that jacket. You're a risk taker!

    I love that colour so much. RED RED RED!

  9. That scarf goes so perfectly with those Vogs. What an amazing match. Glad that jacket brought you more luck today than last time!!

  10. IT was me!! Thanks for the answer! Must have been a much larger scarf than I was trying with!

  11. I love your shoe philosophy!!

    Gorgeous outfit--the blouse has such a flattering neckline!!


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