Thursday, September 19, 2013

Whoa, How Could I Have Missed These Stripes?

Hey, all, I can't believe I forgot to write my post yesterday! I uploaded my photos, cropped and sized them, then totally missed actually writing the post. I wondered this morning why I didn't have any comments! Man, I must be getting old. 

So, without further ado, here we are:
Watching for the neighbour in her kitchen window.
My new-to-me stripey cardigan, purchased here on the weekend at the thrift boutique for all of $6.00.

I know why this got donated - the buttons pop open if you even look at them! I was re-buttoning all day. I'll probably sew them shut at some point, but I'm lazy about those sort of things. All I can say is: good thing I was wearing a cami!
The skirt is a fabulously comfortable t-shirt material - it's by local company Floating Gold Iceberg, and was last worn here in July (with dragons!).
I love the little silk-screened detail on the kick-pleat.

The stuff:
Kept it simple with all black. I held these boots out from storage back when I switched to my spring/summer wardrobe over at the end of March, thinking that I might want to wear them as the weather cooled at the end of the summer. And here we are, not quite done summer - although, the last time I wore them was here in mid-March while I was being a gusty pirate. Heh. 

Big bling:
Simple, but classic.

Sweater (Papell, thrifted), cami (InWear), skirt (Floating Gold Iceberg, consignment), boots (Marc Softwalk), belt (Plum), cuff (Guess, thrifted), earrings (The Cobbler), ring (Oscar & Libby's).


  1. Love this stripey cardigan! (And the arse shot!!!)
    Perfect Autumnal colours! XXX

  2. Wonderful bright colours, and the stretchy skirt really shows off your fab figure. I had a t-shirt with buttons which popped open all the time - they are sewn firmly closed now! Love the boots too. xxxx

  3. great stripes! but like you, I don't enjoy fussing with my attire. love those black earrings.

  4. Such a nice striped cardi, and it's perfect with that skirt! Such a shame the buttons keep coming undone though :(

  5. Eep! Sorry about the buttons. Maybe adding some thread to each button hole to close them up will still give you the option of buttoning it differently without popping open?

    1. Yup, that would work - the button holes are way too big for the little buttons. But I'll probably just sew the front closed...or use some safety pins!

  6. Another absolutely fabulous skirt. I am so humbled by your styling and your "stuff" and "bling".

  7. This is an wonderful outfit. It fits you very well, you look beautiful in the color and THOSE SHOES. ;-) I hate it when cardis don't stay buttoned.

  8. Fantastic outfit - I'm glad you didn't completely forget to post it! I love stripes - even better that it's oranges and pinks! Great look as usual!

  9. I forget to post too. I must admit it. LAtely i don't know where my head goes.
    This skirt fits you like a glove!


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