Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oct 9th - Outfit #8 - The Actual B-Day

Happy Birthday to me! For those of you who thought you missed it, today is actually my birthday. Yee haw! I am 45. Yikes. 

Anyway, this is what I wore:
Green, green! This is my new-to-me green cashmere sweater by Daniel Bishop, that I bought in June (here, scroll down) for...oops, I forgot to write down the price. I'm going to say $32.00 - that seems about right for the Velvet Crease.

This is my green tweed skirt again, last seen here this past weekend, way down past the party pictures (woo woo!)
The shoes are ones I've had for a while, and I've worn them a lot! I got them in September 2009, and first wore them here, with a whack of accessories. They're by Seychelles, and they're sized wrong (they say 8, I'm a 9-9.5), so I bought them brand new at a consignment store for $45. A little on the high side, but hey, they were new!

I last wore them here in January 2012 (with one of my old-lady chic outfits), and also in July 2011 (2nd outfit, with zebra print!), May 2011 (with ruffles and pearls), January 2011 (with contrasting hosiery!), June 2011 (with a really cool blouse that I rarely wear anymore, aw), in April 2010 (stop! disco pose!), February 2010 (with some girly florals), December 2009 (with my green lame -that's lam-ay - skirt), and in October 2009 (with my mystery skirt).

The outerwear:
I didn't really need my leather jacket and a scarf - it was so nice and warm and sunny today!

The stuff:
All vintage, all different eras!

Sweater (Daniel Bishop, consignment), skirt (Precis Petite), shoes (Seychelles, consignment), green bracelet (vintage, early 60s, Mom's), earrings (vintage 50s), silver bracelet (Coro, vintage 70s, Mom's).


  1. Happy birthday!!!! I'm sorry I missed the party, but I was wearing a dress in my head. Yours looked FABULOUS (as always, but that one was especially nice :-)

  2. Am I the first commenter? Yes! If I don't type too long?


    I love that outfit, so quietly chic and beautifully toned. Can I steal "old-lady chic outfit"? 'cause I think I go there a lot...lol. I also loved that outfit :)

  3. Happy Birthday-Day, Sheila!!! Hope it was special in all the ways that suit you best. Great greens, and those shoes are really lovely!

  4. Happy birthday! You look fabulous as always.

  5. Happy Birthday officially Sheila! Love your sage green today.

  6. Happy Birthday Sheila!
    I hope you were spoiled today and that you ate some cake.

  7. Gosh my comment just got gobbled up by Blogger...
    Happy Birthday Sheila and I hope that everyone spoiled you...
    please tell me that you ate a piece of cake!

  8. Happy Birthday Sheila! Sorry I would't be a part of your fantastic party, but I loved all the pictures!

  9. Hi Sheila...Happy Birthday to you! 45 is nothing, girl! You look fab.
    I love this outfit. It looks classic and to me has a hint of MadMen. The shoes are so pretty! I just purchase a pair of Seychelles too at a consignment shop for $14.00. I love them, they are so comfy. How the heck do you pronounce the name?

  10. Happy Birthday Sheila!! And what a lovely dress party!
    Hope you enjoy your "green" day, you look so elegant and I love your "stuff".

  11. Happy Birthday Sheila :-). I had intended to don my fully sequinned zebra print mini dress for your birthday party - but completely forgot! The thought was there lol :-)

    Hope you've had amazing time celebrating!

  12. Happy real Birthday, Sheila! Nothing like wrapping yourself in a little cashmere to celebrate. Beautiful photos.

  13. Happy Birthday Sheila! Love the shades of green; it's your signature color for sure. :)
    Sorry I didn't get a chance to dress up for your party, but I was celebrating with you in spirit!

  14. Love all of the green! Hope you had a great birthday! Your party looked like a lot of fun :)

  15. Official happy birthday! You look glorious in your greens today - love that sweater and all the gorgeous gems.

  16. Happy actual birthday!! Love the green skirt and the buttons on the sweater! So very cute!!

  17. Happy birthday Sheilaaa
    I knw i am laate but it's because i was at your party and was tooo wasted to comment ;)

  18. Happy birthday sweetie! Those are very interesting Seychelles shoes. I like the cross straps.

    Loved your party photos. You look gorgeous!

  19. Your birthday is the same as my Granddaughter's. I just now realized that today is the 10th. YOu would think I would realize what day it is, but gosh, time slips by.
    Anyway, happy birthday.

  20. Oh... love the green, love it!!! Want a tweedy skirt like that, I have a shirt to match perfectly! :-)

  21. Happy birthday to my fellow October birthday person. Mine is on Friday the 12th. YOU look so fine today. Thanks for doing this blog you are such an inspiration to me. I am trying all sorts of new looks because of your blog ideas...

  22. OOPPPss I wanted to say you look 'refined' today not fine.....

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'm always belated with something or other, so forgive me. Your greens are perfect and the jacket is utterly fab. I would buy that in a heartbeat. I also love all the vintage jewelry. 45 looks good on you!!!


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