Monday, October 8, 2012

Oct 6th & 7th - Outfit #7 and Wild Card Party and Dress Round-Up, and Happy B-Day, Hannah!

As the weekend winds down, I'm looking back at my party with very fond memories! Thank you so much to all my dear friends for being so generous and wonderful (and for putting up with me!). You all looked so fabulous in your party clothes!

So, I used my October Wild Card for my birthday party:
This is my designer Bridget Savard dress that I bought for $25.00 here last month. I loved wearing this all night (the party went on till 4am!). It was like wearing pajamas!

I'm linking up to Visible Monday with this fun party outfit! Go to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style, and see all the gorgeous participants!

Those are my new Gap tights that I bought back in June on spring clearance for $4.95 (regular $15), and my Jessica Simpson silver ankle strap shoes. I bought those at Towne Shoes 5 years ago in 2007 for my 40th birthday party. I wear them for parties only - check out some previous party outfits here: last December, for my office's Christmas party; in April 2010 for my former boss's 50th birthday (that's my Betsey Johnson party dress), for New Year's Eve 2009 (again in my Betsey dress), in December 2008 for our Christmas party, and out dancing with friends in May 2008.

To give you a better look at the dress and its construction. The front and back are gathered into a knot in the centre that gives the dress a nice hourglass shape.
I look unamused, but I'm just doing my Serious Face - don't mess with me
I like the deep slit up the front - it keeps the dress from looking too frumpy, due to the length.

The back:
Rockin' my ink
You can see how the sleeves fill out when you move your arms. The tops of them have those nice little thread/snap fasteners that go around your bra to keep the sleeves from falling off. This was essential as the party wore on!

The sides:
Someone's coming in to say hello. He hid under the bed for the entire party. What a chicken-cat.
A box pleat is on each side, which pulls it in slightly and gives the dress really interesting movement.

I found the knots at the front and back made the dress a little too blousey for my curviness, so I added my black satin stomacher and my metal 80s stretchy belt over that.
For accessories, I wore my two leather cuffs, a finger party of rings, my silver feather earrings.

I also added my "teeth" necklace later on, because I liked how it looked.
A better look at the belt and my rings.

Dress (Bridget Savard, consignment), stomacher (InWear), belt (vintage 80s, thrifted), necklace (The Bay), earrings (locally made), rings from left to right: Nine West disc; spider, gift from Mom & Dad (80s); snake, vintage 80s; red stone, gift from Cindy.

A huge hug to all my amazingly beautiful real-life and blog friends. When I told my girls that the blogosphere was dressing up with me, they all wanted to be at the virtual party as well as the real thing!

Beware, we've all been drinking!
Karen is such a wonderful woman. check out her oxblood shoes, checked dress (with black ruffly flower trim), and her fab fascinator!

My dear Cat:
She's doing a very architectural black dress with enhanced hip pleats, oxblood tights and riding boots. Rock on!

Elaine channeled her inner Gatsby:
I love the polka dot tights with the red patent kitten heels. The pearls are the perfect addition to her flapper-style dress!

Tracy wowed us with her stretch faux wrap dress:
Blurriness due to the photographer...
Looking gorgeous, hon!

Marian always looks spectacular, and Saturday was no exception:
Her sheer coral top had a slit up the back and an industrial zipper.

It also has subtle layers in the front.
Perfect with skinny trousers and graphic heels!

The ever-sexy Caro did not disappoint:
Rocking the heck out of that steel grey silk jumper, and keeping accessories simple with the bold sandals and her naturally-curly hair - all that was needed.

My dear friend Vero is a burlesque performer, and she came in character:
Long feather earrings, corset top, platform sandals with OTK hosiery, and arm warmers.

You're amazing, Vero!

New friend Dawn wore the most beautiful wrap tunic top:
We all squealed when we saw her Fluevog black Munster shoes! Best shoes of the night, for sure!

Joining us in spirit if not in actual body, my virtual friends rounded out the party in excellent style!

Amber of Butane Anvil was resplendent in her cropped velvet red jacket, blue bird dress and chartreuse purse:
Fluevog Minis capped it all off perfectly! Visit her post, "Of A Feather" for more pictures (and please leave a kind word for the loss of her dear lady-pet, Mrs. Rosie Guidolin).

Beth of The Fashionable Adventures of Bethie the Boo showed her sexy side in this fabulous halter dress:
Pippin said a kitty hello to Vizzini - it's an homage!
 Love that pattern, and such a great dress on you, Beth!
Go to "Get your party dress on" to read her full post.

Heather sent these wonderful pictures of her party dress:
I love the pops of red in the belt, shoes, and flower, and even the back of the dress. Wicked ink, and don't you just adore the crinoline! Love this, Heather - you look beautiful!

The gorgeous Lynne of Practical Paralegalism brought her A-game (and her wine glass) to the party!
Check out her "To Sheila With Love" post for more pictures! I love that so many participants' pets made a good showing! Pets are always welcome at my parties!

Mica of Away from Blue brought a sweet little party bear with her:
What a stunning dress!

The top-secret Secret Squirrel of fashion maths sent her action shot!
We did have some dancing, and by the end of the night, we all had our shoes off! Lovely dress, SS!

The ever-fab Sheila (all Sheilas are fabulous, it's the law, btw) of Style Agent 909 rocked her military-style vest over this snakeskin dress.
Love the two-tone shoes! Go to "The Serpent and the Cargo" for her original post, and go here for her birthday horoscope (complete with Melanie illustration)!

Tamera of Menopausal Supermodel showed off her vintage autumnal dress and vest:
She only paid $2.00 for that classic 70s vintage purse - what a steal! Go here for her "Puttin' on My Party Clothes" post.

Tamera also dressed her fur family up for the party, but since Mr. Bill looked so traumatized, I'm only posting Ms. Kae Kae's candy-corn dress:
She's got her diva pose going on!

The beautiful Monica aka Izzywizz of Colour makes people wore this glorious purple floral dress:
I adore the black cardigan - so perfect! Go check out her yellow skirt in her "Missoni Pt 2" post here.

Speaking of Melanie of Bag and a Beret, she really went all out!
I see that bottle's already been opened! Good thing it's only sparking apple!
Melanie posted this hysterical entry, "Did shomeone schay birthday party?" I love this stripey gown of happiness!

The lovely Ally of Shybiker joined the party in her trademark "I can do anything" style!
That fringe is perfect for shakin' it on the dance floor!

Ally's always ready for a party - check out her post "Oddity" for more pictures:
Someone always loses a piece of clothing at my parties!
I love your fearlessness, Ally! Never lose that!

I know the wonderful Lisa of Dangerous Curves wanted to join the party, so I nabbed this beautiful dress picture off her blog:
Sadly, Lisa lost her mom yesterday. Please go send her your best vibes and peace to her and her family. We all raise our glasses in a toast to Patricia - I hope she is dancing somewhere for her dear daughter.

Sadness is balanced with levity in life, so let us all remember to take our happiness where we find it, even if that's in a pretty dress!

The amazing Megan of MMD wore this beautiful shirtdress and harness (and I sent her that necklace!) for my party.
Go here for her "Happy Birthday Sheila" post! Love the star boots! Party on, Megan! I saved the goat cheese just for you.

I can't forget Lorena at Lorena's Every Day Wear - she's been a blog-friend for years and years!
She's got the best big couch for hanging for a schmooze, and look at that sparkly bag! So fun!

You guys ruled! Thank you so much for dressing up and attending my virtual party!

Sunday morning, I dragged my sorry, hungover butt out of bed and got dressed to take my niece Hannah out for her birthday. Hannah's b-day is the day after mine. Happy Birthday, Hannah!

I wanted to be comfortable.
Niece's legs in the background; crazy Auntie Sheila looking a little ragged...
I love this mustard sweater - it's such a great colour. I wish it held its shape better, but that's my only beef with it. I got it at Winners in November 2010. It's by Pria and I don't remember how much it was, but it was probably on sale for under $20 because I'm cheap that way! I first wore it here, with my maxi olive suede skirt.

I've worn it a few times since, including again in November 2010 (with my prickly floral mini and long-gone cowboy booties), and here in February 2011 (with loads of browns), I last wore it here in December 2011 with my Smoking Lily cape (as skirt) and leopard tights and cowboy boots, but that's it. Seriously, it needs to be worn more. Hence the challenge!

The skirt is part of my Precis Petite suit (I used to have pants in this fabric as well, but they were too short so I got rid of them). Perhaps the suit jacket will appear this month?? I bought the suiting new when I first lost weight, and invested in these quality pieces; I think the skirt was around $80 on sale and of course, that was deeply discounted - the original was around $260.00. This is wool and silk and is soft as a dream. The skirt has multiple kick-pleats at the back for ease of walking.
I last wore it in November 2011 (with lacy legs!), and have worn it prior to that in January 2011 (with my cranes cardigan), in June 2010 with purple sequins and pale yellow, in May 2010 with my then-brand new Manolo Blahniks, in October 2009 (with my Smoking Lily obi - gosh, my hair is long there!), in January 2009 with pale yellow and my zebra kitten heels, for my birthday in October 2008 (there's the whole suit!), and in June 2008 (with lovely bright orange - I miss that sweater, but it got pilly).

My fabulous Mini boots make another appearance - I last wore them here with secret octopi! The belt was a gift from Mom on one of her trips to London - I moved it up to my actual waist as the day went on (and the sweater lost its shape).

Sweater (Pria), skirt (Precis Petites), boots (Minis Babycakes, Fluevog), belt (gift from Mom from London), cuff (SkinzNHydez).

Hannah and I walked for close to 5 hours (thank you, Fluevogs, for making such comfy boots!), then I came home and slept. Today - Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends far and wide! I hope you enjoy your turkey!


  1. Everyone looks amazing!!! Happiest of Birthdays to you. ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

  2. Has to be among the best birthday parties ever recorded! So many friends to share your happiness. And thank *you* for sharing it with us. Your party dress is amazing and gorgeous. I shall toast you again!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Sheila! Your party sounded fabulous...thanks for sharing the fun with us!
    Happy Thanksgiving, too!

  4. Hmmmmmmmm. I snoozed; I losed. :( Happy Birthday, Sheila - belatedly. Believe it or not, I DO have a party dress. I'm bummed.

    Oh well, it's about YOU, not me and you looked GORGEOUS! That is a fantastic dress. I love how it fits & flows on you.

  5. Yay! What fun. Thanks for sharing your birthday party with us. Looks like you had a great time. Your friends, both IRL and online, seem wonderful. How nice that you're surrounded by nice people.

    Love your Gap tights and JS shoes. Really love 'em.

  6. What a wonderful party you had. I love your dress and the additions you made were perfect. They made a great dress fabulous.

  7. Happy bday !
    I just uploaded what i wore to your party !

  8. WOW! Your birthday dress is drop-dead gorgeous.How cool that your IRL friends got to join your blogger friends for a big ole birthday celebration! I also love that your blogger friends covered everything from wineglasses and the bottle, dancing and losing their pants. I imagine if we all actually got together it would be quite the ball.

    Hope your niece had a happy birthday too. Love seeing your Fluevog boots.

  9. Those zigzag tights are AMAZING!
    Also: I love all your party-goers.
    And the mustard sweater with olive skirt is a delightful autumn outfit. I'm a red, too, and I just love wearing autumn colors.

  10. Oh, wow, Sheila, I love this post, and am honored to be included among so many incredibly chic and powerful women. I just looked and looked and looked, and absorbed all the cool details. Your party dress and creative belting literally took my breath away, it is so perfect and vibrant. Also, I enjoyed discovering new-to-me blogs.

    Eh, I went to the post office to mail your prezzie, and no one was there. Apparently, we had a stoopid holiday, Columbus Day. The Teen is taking AP US History and advised me Columbus "wasn't all that." Anyhoo, I had to work, and the kids had school, so I guess only our nearly bankrupt postal service slept in :(

  11. I cannot even begin to describe the awesomeness of this post! YOU looked fabulous for your party, seriously awesome dress. My kitties are chicken-kitties too when there are a lot of people in my house by the way. All of your guests look amazing and how awesome that you had a friend come dressed in her burlesque gear!!

    And all the bloggers - WOW! What a turn out! I loved seeing everyone's party clothes! Thanks for the fun link up and kind words Sheila. You are a wonderful person and I hope this was the best birthday yet!!

  12. Wow, Sheila - you and your guests all look amazing! Your birthday outfit is incredible (dress! tights & shoes! teeth necklace!), and what a fun party both IRL and online. Thank you so much for having us all over, and for your kindness to me about Mrs. G.

    Love the skirt (of that great suit), and your gorgeous Minis, and calling yourself Crazy Auntie Sheila - you are awesome.

  13. Wow, till 4AM? Excellent. Your party friends off-line look like a riotous bunch of great women, not to mention gorgeous. And I loved seeing what all the bloggers wore too. This was lots of fun. Dawn's Munsters are fantastic!

    And the party girl herself - you look awesome in that dress, Sheila!! WOW. Wild card indeed. Super deal on your tights. What a great outfit to start out a new year of life full of joy, health, success, and amour! Thanks for hosting this event!

  14. Happy Birthday Sheila!

    Love your dress - beautiful, especially with the belts.

    It was so nice seeing everyone's outfits - having both the virtual and the actual party was a really nice touch. I hope this year is amazing for you, and look forward to doing it again next year and seeing what everyone wears.

  15. Thank you for having me at your parteeee !

  16. thanks Sheila for sharing your birthday celebrations with us IRL and in cyberspace. i have to say we are quite a foxy looking bunch of gals!!
    love the next day outfit--so autumn-y!!
    MrBill says thank you for not perpetuating his shame all over the internet even more!!
    Miss Kae says SHE was the best dressed at the party because none of us could rock a candy-corn ruffled dress like she can!!!

  17. Sheila...hugs to you and a big thank you for "bringing me to your party"! Your thoughtfulness brought tears to my eyes. As I was scanning through your pictures and wanting to write to you about missing your party...I saw my pic! That was so very thoughtful and it uplifted me.

    I adore your scarlet dress. You took it up a notch from it's perfect gorgeousness by adding that stunning belt. So lovely. I enjoyed t seeing the pictures of your other person and virtual. Thank you for including me.

  18. What a party Sheila! Such a privilege to be in great, stylish company. Your party dress is beautiful, I really like whatyou did with the belts. Agree with MM, we would all be dynamite together if we met up IRL..

  19. Everyone looks so amazing, and clearly had a BLAST. What a fantastic way to celebrate your birthday.

  20. Sheila happy birthday. Your dress, belt, stockings, shoes look amazing and this idea for your party was so enjoyable. I clicked over from Bethie the Boo. Love your style and penchant for good quality clothing on a budget. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  21. I can't believe I just saw this post! I love all the love you received on your birthday from both your virtual and in person friends. You did look gorgeous on your birthday Sheila! When are you going to post the Monster Bash pictures? You and L did win first price!! Vero / Ella

  22. I just found you through Hat Attack (and saw you at Bella's) and I am browsing through your posts. Lovely bubbling character you have + great outfits (I love the red dress and belt in this post, together with the shoes and the necklace). And such an amazing group of friends who all joined in. You can feel the laughter and the happiness. Great post.


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