Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oct 13th & 14th - Outfits #12-14 - Rainy Weekend Shopping

L's out of town with the guys, having a football weekend in Seattle (exciting game! the Seahawks won!), so I had a very relaxing time to myself, doing what I like to do: shopping, eating, drinking and more shopping. 

On Saturday, I headed out for a few hours to browse in the big Women in Need (WIN) store. 
All good trying-on clothes, including the shoes, which I slip on and off.

I last wore the sweater here, the skirt here, and the shoes here. The cami isn't part of the capsule.
I didn't include any denim in this month's capsule, so my casual looks are slightly dressier. These shoes were awesome for four hours of shopping!

It was grey but only a little rainy when I left the house so I didn't bother with an umbrella. Oh, how foolish we are, forgetting that rainy season is upon us!
This cotton velvet blazer is actually part of the capsule - I love the fit of it, and the colour is really rich. I thrifted it here in August for $12.00.

The stuff:
You can see the nice navy blue and some of the seaming in the blazer there.

I'm wearing my Wendy Brandes ring, my silver and red stone ring (and how nice that goes with my earrings), and my homegrown vintage snake pin (because after all, Hallowe'en is around the corner!).

Jacket (Armor Jeans, thrifted), sweater (Reitman's, thrifted), cami (Smart Set), skirt (Gap, thrifted), shoes (Marc Softwalk, thrifted).

I had some good shopping karma at WIN. I found this fabulous silver belt for $6.50.
It's very heavy, and well-made. Gee, I wonder who I know with a little-bitty waist who likes stars? Hmmm...

I've been looking for a nice quality camisole in cream:
This one was $2.50. It's by Olga and was made in the USA.

This is close to being my best deal of the day:
This is a gorgeous, thick leather belt. It's heavy - it has heft to it. It's by Brave Leather* (I have this purple one by them that I bought new and deeply discounted for around $30) - they typically retail for over $120.00! It's handmade in Canada. This belt is missing one turquoise stud on the buckle and one on a back floret, but it's barely noticeable.

*I link because I love - this company makes excellent quality belts.

This seemingly shapeless coat is the real score of the day.
It's black and white herringbone woolblended tweed (remember in about 1985 and every coat was made of that herringbone?) with olive green velvet trim. It has big pirate-y cuffs, puffed shoulders and a double-collar.

What it looks like on:
That is what happens to my hair in the rain. Arg!
I love the shaping at the waist, and the way it splits open at the hem. There are two snaps at the double-breasted opening.

It's by Obakki*, a Canadian non-profit organization (the Obakki Foundation). According to their website*, 100% of all profits go to helping people in developing countries. All their clothing is handmade in Vancouver, BC, Canada (they had a store there that's since closed). When I checked out their very small Fall 2012 collection*, I was stunned to see that this season's coat is $885.00.

Holy smokes. And mine is nicer (and fully lined in grey satin). And I paid $29.50 for it.

*I link because I love - this company produces handmade clothing for a great cause.

Saturday night, I met up with my friend Tammy for a drink and dinner.
After a nap, I decided to just go with the crazy hair.
A simple going out outfit. That's my black sweater (last worn here, 2nd outfit), my green tweed skirt (last seen here) and my black lace-up boots (last worn here, 2nd outfit).

I added a vintage lemon/lime crystal brooch and earrings set (early 60s, possibly Sherman, from Grandma J), and a skinny black belt.
In case you didn't figure it out from little bits peeking out in the photos above, I'm wearing knee highs with a lacy top.
It's still a little warm for full tights.

I couldn't resist wearing my new coat:
I liked how the belt anchored it and defined the waist.

Coat (Obakki, thrifted), sweater (Jacob, consignment), skirt (Precis Petites), boots (Marc Softwalks), belt (Shi Studios), buckle (She She Shoes), earrings/brooch (vintage, early 60s, Grandma J), belt (Bianca Nygard).

Tammy and I had a lovely time - she's so sweet. Look at these awesome books she gave me!
I've only taken a quick glance through them so far, but I'm so inspired!

Today, I braved the rain and walked down to get groceries and deposit my birthday cheque from my mother-in-law (yay!).
I last wore both this sweater and skirt here (2nd outfit) only with black accents. I couldn't resist wearing this new-to-me belt, and my Fluevog Minis were the best rain shoes out of this month's selection. I put a LOT of Woly on them and they didn't get a drop of water absorbed into the leather!
I last wore my boots here.

I wore my actual raincoat today, and took my brolly.
A much more practical outfit for a very rainy day.

Coat (Bebe, thrifted), sweater (Max Studio), skirt (J.J.F., consignment), boots (Mini Babycakes, Fluevogs), belt (Brave Leather, thrifted).

The maple trees outside our condo are turning straight from green to yellow:
So pretty!

Some of the leaves are beginning to fall, causing great consternation from Officer Vizzini:
He was extremely distressed about the leaves stuck to the glass roof.

We had a bit of play-time before I headed out.
Oh, he's going to jump!

He viciously attacked the scratching post.
"This scratching post must die!" 
 Then he got tired.
"Are you going out again?"
 My mother-in-law considered buying me some new gloves and a cute winter hat with her cheque:
They're both wool, from Roberta's Hats. The gloves are Canadian-made.
But they were so practical. Not a good birthday gift.

She was then tempted to get me this Floating Gold Iceberg (another Canadian company) thing:
It's black leather with silk-screened flowers and sparrows. It was $32.

See if you can figure out what it is (answer way below):
It's made of black leather. But that doesn't suit my mother-in-law's taste at all.

What about this cool wooden bangle?
It was kind of boring as a birthday gift (although only $8). 

Then she considered this awesome Floating Gold Iceberg t-shirt material pencil skirt:
Such a great colour - it will be great in spring/summer!

Check out the back:
Floating Gold Iceberg is sort of like Smoking Lily; they silkscreen on stuff. This was $18 on consignment.

But finally, my mother-in-law decided to get me something I would never buy new at full price: 
This Smoking Lily hot pink pencil skirt. WITH A BIG RED SKULL on it. Wow. Here's another picture of it on their blog.*

*I link because I love - Smoking Lily is awesome!

I got this shopping bag with a silk-screened bat on it for free for carrying my purchase - thank you, mother-in-law and thank you, Smoking Lily!
So cool!

Did you figure out what the FGI black thing was?
It's a wallet/storage space you wear on your wrist! It holds ID, a bit of coin/cash, and a key. You can go out without carrying a purse! 

Vizzini was very happy to see me when I got home:
He settled down for a snooze in my closet.

I hope you had a great weekend!


  1. After hanging out with you this weekend, it got even better! Thank you for a delightful vicarious shopping trip and a romp with kitty. Two things I love. You look gorgeous in green, BTW, and the coat is absolutely amazing. I love finds like that.

  2. Sheila...I don't even know where to being with my comments on this post! It's filled with thrifting goodness.
    First, I think the green skirt/black top outfit is really gorgeous and the boots/stockings/knee high accessories add a nice touch.
    Second, you cat is just too must have a really good time with him. many awesome thrifting treasures. Thrifting is the best shopping adventure, isn't it?

  3. Ohboy! I hope it's me!

    Seriously though you found some major major cute scores. The best part of that coat is the incredible sleeves. I also love your batty tote, wrist-purse, and omg-awesome skull skirt (which btw if you ever come across the grey snake version for a discounted amount). I can't wait to see you rocking those skirts.

    The brown belt looks awesome. I didn't miss the piece of turquoise at all - it looks like it's intentional enough from far away.

    Vizzini is such a crazy cool cat. I adore his white whiskers. I can just see him twisting them like a mustache with his little white toes.

  4. So much amazing... I don't know where to start! I really like the first skirt, the one with the pastoral scene.

  5. You find the best stuff on your shopping trips!

    I like how your outfits were warm versions of a skirt and jumper but they all look so different :)

  6. I always love your thrift haul posts! You find the most amazing things - that coat! I just can't even begin to describe it's awesomeness!! And what an adorable star belt, I bet I know where that is going!

    So FYI I tagged you with a Sunshine award, on my blog today.

  7. All of your outfits this weekend were gorgeous!!
    That smoking Lily skirt is AMAZING!!!! Can't wait to see how you style it!!!
    And need I say--i can never get too much of adorable Vizzini photo's!!

  8. Such a good shopping trip Sheila, you do have the best thrifting karma! The belt is my favourite, but I do like the overlapping lapels on your new coat too.

  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, that coat!!!! That is lovely!!! (Saying that with great emphasis.) You can do so much with that coat, as you have already shown us! Love the bag with the bat on it. Very cool. You scored big! You truly do find some amazing things!


  10. I love to see the farm skirt! Nice find for our starry friend. :) The outfit with the green skirt is exceptionally flattering on you - love the neckline and boots / knee-high details. Your new coat is awesome - and skull skirt and bat bag, OMG!

    Vizzini :) I so relate to his wanting to curl up on the floor of your closet.


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