Friday, October 12, 2012

Oct 12th - Outfit #11 - Reds and Paramecium

Amazing at how much darker it is in the mornings when I take my pictures. Our building's lights are still on!
This outfit features two "fresh" items this month: the red/orange paisley shirt (L calls this my paramecium shirt) and my heeled red loafers. I last wore this awesome red pencil skirt here (2nd outfit).

I bought it in August 2011 at Dots for $12.00 - it's by Liz Claiborne. I first wore it here, with a jean skirt and pops of turquoise and purple. I've only worn it three other times: September 2011 (with a brown suede skirt and caramel accents), October 2011 (with last month's brown trousers), and lastly in January 2012 with my orange suede skirt, shades of red and bits of turquoise/copper jewelry. Hee, scroll down to see a funny picture of Vizzini.

And January 2012 is when I last wore these shoes! Same outfit! Go figure! I have only had them since last October (check out better pictures here) when I wore them as part of a Wendy Brandes tribute. They are by Hilary Radley and I thrifted them for $24.50.
They were surprisingly comfortable for walking around in (one of our directors at work treated me to lunch today - yay, thanks, Scott!). I actually got a compliment from our waitress at lunch - she really liked all the tones in this. I like how the shape of the belt links echoes the pattern of the gold tights.

It has been raining off and on all day - *sigh* fall on the Wet Coast! - so I wore my new-to-me orange raincoat that I bought in early July (shopping trip here) at The Patch. It was dirty and had pen marks all over it, so I negotiated it down from $59.95 to $38.95 and got it as an item in a "buy 2, get 1 free" deal. I wore when we had one brief rainy day in July.
Added my red fingerless gloves, and I was good to go! I wish I'd taken my brolly to work, though! I got soaked on the way home.

Have a great weekend!

Raincoat (Bebe, thrifted), gloves (Parkhurst), blouse (Liz Claiborne), skirt (Le Chateau, thrifted), shoes (Hilary Radley, thrifted), belt (gift from Mom, from London), earrings (Plum), rings (Twang & Pearl and Fossil).


  1. Hee, I can imagine my bio class as a little more interesting if I consider the cells as fashion prints. I also love the tones of your outfit! Reds/browns/oranges - it's totally fall time. Sorry about the rain

  2. cute cute cute, love the belt! and the tights, and the shoes! and the blouse!

    I just came in from a walk and felt some rain drops too. It really has done a complete turn around from last week.

  3. This is SO you, Sheila. (It would never occur to me to wear these colors together - but it is totally "right" when you do it!)

  4. I love the reds/browns/oranges too. I'm definitely inspired :).

  5. The colours in this outfit reminds me of autumn, perfect for the cooler weather! I really like your blouse - it's such a nice print :)

  6. I love these colors together!

    Also: ^Good point, Megan, about the cells as fashion prints. A loooong time ago I saw an art show that included floor-to-ceiling canvases painted with ultra-magnified cells on them done in a somewhat water-color-y manner, and I've had that image in my mind ever since as an idea for a fabric print. Sometimes Westminster Fabrics (Martha Negley or Philip Jacobs) or Kaffee Fassett have prints that are somewhat reminiscent.

  7. I am learning things reading your post today! Had not heard of paramecium before.. But then I am more on the languages tip than science. I agree with your waitress, the colour blend is lovely - and calming - if that is the right word. I do love a shoes with a tassel.

  8. Sheila: Love the outfit, but then I go first to the reds when I shop. I am afraid it is that time of year when you need a brolly in the house, in the car and at work. It is definitely fall here in the valley, but so far no snow on the mountain that I am aware of. Peg - UI

  9. This outfit both fits and suits you so beautifully. I love the proportions of the prints / textures with the solid of the skirt. I remember being so excited when you scored that gorgeous trench coat - it's fantastic on you!

  10. The red is eye popping! It looks so beautiful on you. Once of my favorites.

    Speaking about Wendy Brandes...I'm a fan, but she's out of my budget right now. I want her swear rings soooooo bad!!!

  11. West Coast Fall- you look wonderful (sigh) in your toasty persimmony orange and paprika hues!

  12. The color mix is perfect for fall, and the pieces are gorgeous!

  13. Love your outfit!! I 'm in lust with your blouse--such a gorgeous print.
    The orange raincoat is gorgeous and perfect for a grey dreary day!!

  14. Wow i love all the color Sheila - that trench was like the icing on the cake.


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