Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oct 3rd & 4th - Outfits #3 & 4 - Perfect Pencils

Holy moly, it's been a couple of crazy days! Sorry to have missed posting yesterday - it was my company's Canada-wide fiscal year-end dinner/party, which I work at. I man the sign-in table, help out with draw prizes, give out drink tickets - oh, yeah, I'm the one you want to see, ha ha!

Anyway, the fun went on and I went out for drinks with my Burnaby co-workers (hi!), and I had to go back to the office afterwards to do some tidying up, so I didn't get home till late. 

I put on my very professional look:
All new-to-me stuff, aside from the boots, which are my Fluevog Coffee Kope Tiams. I've had these for a year and a half - got them in March 2011 at Gravity Pope in Vancouver on one of our anniversary trips. They were $99, which is a bargain for Fluevogs! I first wore them here with my lovely yellow wool skirt (better pictures of the booties there).

I've also worn them in September 2011 here with my leopard tights, here in October 2011 (with a dress and top I no longer have), and I last wore the boots with my leather pants last December here, for Neutrals Week.
The blue sweater, the gold blouse and the plaid skirt were all purchased just this past weekend here. $7.50 for the skirt, $10.50 for the blouse and $6.00 for the sweater. Sweet!
A shot of the back to show off the little kick-pleat. This skirt was a gem to wear - so comfortable and such a beautiful fit. I feel lucky to have thrifted this! It was really a perfect pencil skirt.

I had an arm party and all my fingers were invited!
I kind of loaded on the bling.

The heavy bracelet and the two blue rings are modern, but the rest is vintage.
The bottom bracelet belonged to my Mom, I think. It may have been "liberated" from her jewelry box in the mid-80s. (hi, Mom!)

Sweater (Smart Set, thrifted), blouse (Gap, thrifted), skirt (Julius, vintage 50s, thrifted), booties (Coffee Kope Tiam, Fluevogs), chain bracelet (Club Monaco), pearl/gold bracelet (Trifari, vintage 60s, Mom's), earrings (vintage), gold/blue ring (The Louvre Museum gift shop), blue/silver ring (Wendy Brandes), gold burst ring (Sarah Coventry, vintage 70s).

Today is my Friday! I took tomorrow off so that I could really enjoy my long weekend and birthday party. It's also Thanksgiving here in Canada on Monday, so wee! Four days off!
This is one of my very favourite blouses, worn under a black wool sweater. The skirt is new-to-me (purchased here).

The blouse has been worn a lot, starting from when I bought it in January 2011 for a whopping $4.50 (hurray for thrifting!). The brand is Marcona. I first wore it here (with a grey dress and shoes I no longer have), with the same necklace that I'm wearing today!

I've previously worn it with my long black and white frock coat here in March 2011 in May 2011 (here, with red legs!) last September (3rd outfit here, watch out for the cat sandwich!) with a grey skirt (and the same necklace), in November 2011 with thigh-high boots (again) and a mini skirt, and here in December 2011 (with my awesome black leather pencil skirt). I last wore it in January of this year when it snowed (eee! snow pictures!) - ha, with the same necklace AND shoes! I'm not very original with accessorizing it!

That's 8 wears including today, so I'm down to 56 cents per wear. Awesome!

The sweater is a wool Jacob sweater that I bought on consignment about 2 years ago. It's a good layering piece.
I know, you're looking at the shoes (and the fun tights), right? Those are another pair from the Fluevog Minis family. These ones are called the Qtee, and they're still made by Fluevog (here*), but they change up the colours every year. Mine are caramel, navy and red, but the navy reads as black so they're quite versatile.
*I link 'cause I love.

I've worn them a few times since I bought them in September 2011 on consignment for $99.00 (really, that's a score - the full price new is $285.00), including here (second outfit, with a casual look. Lots of pictures of the shoes/heels too). I also wore them to the Art Gallery in November 2011 (second outfit here, with the Chinese brocade blouse from last month's capsule), and as noted above, with this same blouse here in January.

My walkin' to work stuff:
White leather jacket that I got on consignment over a year ago (probably free on trade-in). We've been having amazingly good weather; it's cool in the mornings, but is in the high teens/mid-70s during the day, and clear and sunny! I love it!

The stuff:
The infamous red necklace, plus a couple of silver rings (yes, that's a spider), and my coral earrings.

Sweater (Jacob, consignment), blouse (Marcona, thrifted), skirt (Le Chateau, consignment), shoes (Mini Qtee, Fluevog, consignment), necklace (Plum), ring (Oscar & Libby's), spider ring (vintage 80s, gift from Mom & Dad), earrings (locally made).

I'm going to try to get my September recap post done tomorrow/Saturday. Don't forget...

Reminder: This Saturday, October 6th is my birthday party (my birthday is actually early next week) - all my friends will be there and there will be food, drinks and dancing. Everyone will be in their party clothes.

Well, it wouldn't be a party without all of you bloggers and readers, so please put on your best outfit, and send me a link or a picture no later than end of day Sunday, and I'll do a round-up after I've recovered from the party (heh). I want to see sparkles! Pretty shoes! Anything you think might be a bit too crazy? Not for my party!

Please join me: Break Out Your Party Dress!


  1. You are the absolute queen of finding perfect pencil skirts. And of course, your fluevogs are amazing. The coffees are the coolest.

    I'll get my post up a bit early and post it tomorrow. Apparently we're going to be facing some mighty cold weather on Saturday so I'll probably wind up in warm clothes.

  2. Hey Sheila - That skirt is quite a find and looks versatile too. I have no party clothes, but will see what I can come up with...

  3. Oh, darn. I am stuck on a Summer/Fall rollercoaster here. I can see your weather has done the Fall thing. I love the outfits you put together and the layers you use. I'm ready for a little layering here but it's still too warm. Meanwhile, I'll just enjoy yours.

  4. My computer crashed a couple of days ago and I lost all my tabs in Firefox, so I am not sure if I commented already on this. But I actually owned that EXACT blouse from Gap last year, and wore it many times. I love the muddy mustard color. As soon as I saw it in your other post, I knew you would rock it. Love the black and red outfit too; the blouse just ties everything together, including the fun shoes and hose.

    Happy Early Birthday, and Happy Thanksgiving! I will post my party outfit for you this weekend. :)

  5. Loving those Fluevogs. I always think of you when I see them - you really should be named partner or some such : > Wonderful outfits for Fall, Sheila! And happy upcoming birthday weekend, party on.

  6. Sheila, I'll be Pinning that first outfit on my Career Style board when I get home. I love everything about it, the sleek styling, the elegant ruffle, and the navy blue with the plaid. Sal at Already Pretty is rocking a navy blue top today - have added "get one" to my small shopping list.

    And of course I adore all the bling. I'm all about how much I can get on my skinny little fingers and wrists :P

  7. Ooh I love that plaid skirt!! It's a perfect fit and I just adore anything plaid!! Hooray for a four day weekend, that's totally the way to play it! I love Thanksgiving, it's my favorite holiday, even if mine isn't until next month.

  8. I am loving the fact that you were able to take an item to 56 cents per wear.... ! you are my idol.
    AND I will be joining your party :)

  9. That first outfit is going to be my favourite of October I think! The mustard and the blue, with the tweed, really sings. Super-smart for your work do, but you also look fantastic. It is good of you to work at the event, hope you got a drink or two in though...

    I have emailed you a picture, as I will be at a wedding this weekend. Have a fantastic party.

  10. Eep, think Blogger ate my comment!

    The first outfit is set to be an October favourite of mine, the mustard, blue and tweed really sing. Very professional yes, but also drop dead gorgeous.

    Have emailed you a pic this evening, as I am at a wedding this weekend. Have a great party!

  11. I love both outfits!! I adore navy & mustard together!!
    Getting my party outfit together. I own nothing sparkly party but I'm breaking out the vintage to celebrate!!

  12. It's almost your birthday! I'm so excited that you get to celebrate and take time off. That's grand.

    I wore something special to join your party. I hope you approve.

  13. Sheila, both of these blouse / pullover / pencil skirt / awesome footwear looks are fantastic! Love the bling and I remember that second blouse from previous posts, it is amazing indeed.

    Happy extra-long weekend - I'm excited for your party!

  14. Love the first outfit! the ruffles on the shirt peeking out are so nice, as are the boots and pencil skirt.

    I have a sequin blazer I STILL haven't found an occasion to wear, I'm thinking it would be perfect for your party but I'll need to think of how to style it!

  15. Oh If I ever spot anoth pair of Fluevogs Im gonna pass out, major fluevog envy! :)


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