Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oct 16th - Outfit #16 - Ode to Vivienne

Of course, that would be Vivienne Westwood, godmother of punk fashion!
I'm nowhere near authentic punk in this ensemble (I have to be presentable for work, of course), but I felt like my lace-up boots (last worn here, 2nd outfit, scroll down), my plaid dress (last worn here) and my 'eavy metal bling kind of evoked that era.

Joining the party is my navy velvet blazer, with my new Smoking Lily obi (picture here of the groovy chair silkscreen, scroll way down). I last wore the blazer here.
I see a kitty tail!
Peeking out from under it all is my thrifted Christian Dior half-slip. I love the soft grey satin and the paler grey lace. I bought it for $14.95 in April 2011 (pictures here). I liked the mix of red plaid, blue velvet and black with touches of grey (the obi has navy, black and grey as well).

The aforementioned bling:
Red coral/silver earrings, my octopus necklace, crow pin, and a load of rings. Hallowe'en is coming and I'm wearing all the spooky critters!

Blazer (Armor Jeans, thrifted), dress (Plum), boots (Marc Softwalk), silk obi (Smoking Lily), earrings (locally made), necklace/pin (Raven's Rest Studio), rings (left to right: vintage silver spider, 80s, gift from Mom and Dad; Wendy Brandes lapis lazuli ring; vintage silver snake, 80s; Mexican silver ring, Oscar & Libby's).

Will you be dressing up for Hallowe'en? I'll be going to a costume party this weekend, and will also be dressing up in a different outfit for work on the 31st. I'll be relaxing my Challenge rules to accommodate this weekend's outfit.


  1. Oooo, love that look! I sometimes think that in spite of my Victorian tendencies, I am a punker at heart! I keep feeling the answer for me will be steampunk! You look fabulous!!


  2. I love Vivienne Westwood... she's so fun! A perfect tribute... and I really need to find some Smiking Lily over here!

  3. I'm really craving obis lately, and considering I was wondering what ways to spice up my almost-never-worn plaid dress, I will have to bookmark this outfit! Sheila, you never fail to inspire!

  4. Oh, good that Halloween gets a loosen-up! Wonderful combination of colour, texture, and critter - nicely done tribute. I am liking your bling pics very much!

  5. Totally badass. I love the obi with the plaid. Punky and fun.

    I've dug out my cat ears and a few other pieces. I want to do a picture for Ally's e-party. I'll probably opt for something halloween themed because all my costumes are in storage.

  6. I love this outfit because it includes all my favourite colours and tartan! Vivienne Westwood is such an amazing style icon. You do her proud with this outfit.

  7. Love the obi with the tartan skirt! :)

    Really looking forward to seeing your Halloween costume :)

  8. You are rockin' the punk look! I love everything about this outfit!!! The new obi is STUNNING!!!

    No Halloween costume as i don't celebrate it...but i'm sure you are going to look amazing!!

  9. Love it!! Plaid is always a winner in my book! And I love the lace up boots. Lace up boots are on my wish list. We have no Halloween plans but now that Ally is doing an e-party I might pull something together, even if it's a past costume I've done.

  10. Though I don't normally dress up for Halloween (or at least haven't done so for many many many years), now that I have a toddler, I've decided this year my family should go as Curious George, the Man with the Yellow Hat, and Professor Wiseman.

  11. This is such a creatively put together outfit Sheila. One of my favorites on you. Blog tested, kitty approved. ;)

  12. Lovely - the lace peeks out to just the right point, and the belt really finishes it.

    But to be TRULY like Vivienne, you have to not wear knickers (...like when she picked up an award from the Queen, cheeky lady).

  13. You are rocking that outfit!! :) We dont celebrate Halloween in Norway but the neighbour kids are running around for tricks or treats. :)


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