Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oct 5th & 6th - Outfits #5 & 6 - Plaidurday and Skullurday- and Party Night!

Woo! Happy long weekend! I'm so thrilled to see so many of you dressed up and in your finery for my birthday party tonight! There's still plenty of time - I'll be out all day tomorrow with my niece and won't be doing the party dress round-up until Sun/Mon. 

Please join me: Break Out Your Party Dress!

Please put on your best outfit, and send me a link or a picture no later than end of day Sunday, and I'll do a round-up after I've recovered from the party (heh). I want to see sparkles! Pretty shoes! Anything you think might be a bit too crazy? Not for my party!

Apparently, Saturday is Plaidurday! I didn't get the memo and wore my plaid on Friday.
L and I went for brunch and then I went to Motor Vehicles to renew my government ID (I don't have a driver's license). Had to make sure my picture turned out well, so laid on the make-up, ha! Red lips!

This is my plaid dress that I bought when Plum shut down in February 2011 for $25.00. I first wore it here, with just simple black accessories. I've also previously worn it here in April 2011 (layered with a black wrap so that it looks like a skirt; ugh, bad stair pose)...and I can't find any other instances of wearing it! Which is shameful, as it's such a cool dress.

I'm just wearing a black graphic tee under this (not part of the capsule), with my black leather obi as belt.
I've got pockets!
The shoes are new-to-me, and are by Marc Softwalk. I got them back in June this year at Value Village for $19.99 - brand new! That's probably about 10% of what they would sell for new. They were awesome for walking - super comfy.

I wore my jean jacket for walking around.
My silver hoop earrings and my two leather cuffs were my only other adornment.

Dress (Plum), t-shirt (BCBG Max Azria, consignment), belt (consignment), cuff (Guess, thrifted), studded cuff (vintage 80s), shoes (Marc Softwalk, thrifted), jacket (Ann Taylor Loft).

Today, L and I went for brunch again (it's Birthday Weekend! we even had special coffees, yum yum). I decided to go pirate-y.
I may have slept in after my bottle of wine last night...the sun is all glarey on me (give me coffee, stat!). And my hair went all crazy-ass this morning.

We got groceries for the party tonight: fruit (pineapple, three kinds of melon, raspberries, grapes and kiwi fruit) and veggies (celery, mushrooms, cucumber, red pepper, celery, grape tomatoes, baby carrots), ranch dip, hummous dip, lots of kinds of cheese (including local brie, goat cheese, Stilton, blue) plus crackers (including gluten-free), veggie pate, olives, prosciutto, chocolate cookies (also gluten free), dark chocolate covered almonds, sour wine gums, and about 5 kinds of chips (including baked for those who want to feel virtuous). Did I miss anything?? I think I hit all the food groups.

To drink, I have red and white wine, beer, all the hard liquors, a bunch of random liqueurs (including absinthe for the adventurous), and all are welcome to sample some of my single malt scotches.

Anyway, back to clothes! This is my green bell-sleeved sweater. I got it at Winners ages ago. I think the first wear of it is here in October 2008 (making it 4 years old! wow!). Those shoes were way too tight.

I've also worn it here, in December 2008 with a godawful ruffled blouse, here in February 2009 when I first did aikido, here in April 2009 with a similar skirt (I no longer have it), here for St. Patrick's day 2010 with a mini skirt, here in November 2010 with pants and with a skirt (in one day!), here in January 2011 in full-on whackadoo mode with my Smoking Lily cape, here again for St. Patrick's Day 2011 (2nd outfit, to go to Book Club). I last wore it in December 2011 to do some Christmas shopping (here, 2nd outfit).
The skirt is a little newer - it's by J.J.F. and I think I paid around $30 for it on consignment. It's a heavy cotton, almost a denim, and the hem is black velvet. I got it probably in late August 2011, and first wore it here in September 2011 for my debut at my current office. The only time since then that I've worn it is here in January 2012, with an awesome suede jacket that I need to wear again soon!
The boots were last worn here.

The belt is a suede vintage early 90s Le Chateau, and I'm wearing my Raven's Rest Studio tile pendant, along with snake and spider rings and simple white gold hoop earrings.

It was really warm today, so I just threw on my skull scarf and cross-body bag.
Expression due to hearing Vizzini barfing and L yelling for paper towels. Ick!

Sweater (Max Studio), cami (InWear), skirt (J.J.F., consignment), boots (Marc Softwalk), scarf (Metrowear), pendant (Raven's Rest Studio).

Gotta go clean up for the party and get the food prepped! Can't wait to see all the party clothes!


    Love your plaid outfit!!! And those shoes are awesome.
    I adore the color combo of green, black and white! What a gorgeous outfit!
    LOL at vizzini's um barf!!
    sounds like you'll have loads of fun tonite!!

    Here's the link to my party outfit-even the dogs dressed up for you!

    (also sent it in an email)

  2. I love how that skull scarf looks with that skirt. Super cute. Hope you have a great party - both irl and online!

  3. ps you can pass all your goat cheese to me plz.

  4. Have fun!! Love, love that red plaid jumper! It looks great!


  5. Happy Birthday! I hope the party is amazing tonight! I'm off to send you my picture for the virtual party! :)

    Love the plaid dress with the black, and your skirt is beautiful.

  6. Hmmm, Skullurday for the new national holiday? Love, love that plaid dress and the styling thereof. Happy pre-birthday day!!

  7. Wish I could have participated in party dresses (and the party food) but I was sick all week and now am at my parents for thanksgiving. Only dess here is my grad dress.... Hmmmmm.... Nope.... Won't work.... Unless you love early 2000s fashions and can excuse the dress for being a couple sizes too big!

  8. How did I miss the day dedicated to my favorite pattern? Oh well, your plaid dress is awesome! I love the pirate-y look too. I hope your birthday party was a success and lots of fun! And I can relate to the cat barf. Oh kitties.

  9. Happy Birthday!! Party all night looong. ;) I have just sent you an e-mail. :)

  10. The first outfit is beautiful. The belt goes so well with the dress.

    I love your spirit of adventure. Encouraging us to be wild is just the kind of attitude I adore in you.

  11. Plaid is just so cool. It seems kind of formal to me so I especially like it when somebody makes it misbehave slightly.

  12. Yay, a party! Hope you are having a splendid birthday weekend. Well, of course you are. And what about this heavenly weather we're having? Awesome!!

  13. Oh, what a fun idea! Sorry I missed it (but would you believe I don't even own a party dress?) Maybe I'll catch you next year.

  14. Happy Birthday, Sheila from Peg - UI

  15. Eee! It's the plaid dress that matches my jacket! A fantastic look with the obi belt. That is a very lovely bell-sleeved green sweater, another beautifully-styled outfit. Marvellous, Sheila! Hope your Birthday hijinks are totally awesome - thanks for hosting an online shindig as well. :)

    1. Forgot to mention how delicious your party food sounds, again how I always love your link-backs to previous posts, and that your expression due to the off-camera action is my favourite - aw!

  16. Woohoo, hope the party was great! Happy Happy Birthday, again! :)

    Love the plaid dress paired with the leather obi and jean jacket. Gives it a great edge.

  17. Great post !

    Love your pictures and articles!!

    A blog like this should definitely be followed so here I am :)

    Stop by mine when you have the time!!


  18. I am voting that plaid dress as Best Dress Ever. It is so perfect in every way, and you look amazing in it. I think this may be my new fave outfit of yours :)

    I bet the birthday party was smashing as well! Happy, happy birthday!

  19. Happy Bday my dear Sheila.
    I dressed up, my pics are in the camera, will upload them tonight when I get home from work :)

  20. Sheila- happy birthday! You indeed wore plaid on the right day- plaidurday was Friday- and what a gorgeous tart in tartan you are!

  21. Oooh, I love this. May need to put this on my inspiration list!!


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