Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oct 24th - Outfit #24 - Red Legs and a Puffer

Oh, I had all these big plans today: I was going to go for a power walk after work! I would blog and cook dinner! I would sort all my clothes for Big Brothers/Big Sisters to pick up in the morning. 

Well, everything but the power walk will happen. That went by the wayside when I got stuck at work for an extra half hour. But I walked home extra fast.
And here's my slightly cuckoo outfit today. I think the red legs were pushing it a little, but I don't have any microfishnets right now, but I do have a drawer full of tights I don't wear that much, so I'm trying to wear them all. Hence, red legs.

This with the jacket is what I intended to have on all day:
I was too warm, with all the running around I do at work, and the jacket hung on the back of my chair all day.

This tweed jacket (last worn here with a lot of brown) has never been worn with the sleeves rolled up! Outrageous. Another wearing of the lime cashmere sweater (last worn here for my birthday).
I liked how the greens worked with the barn skirt - they brought out the yellow-y shades in it, oddly. I last wore the skirt here with my crane cardi.

I'm so much in love with these boots that it's silly. I last wore them here with my plaid dress. They are just the right combo of rocker and Victorian.

I miscalculated on the weather today. It was not as cold as I thought it would be. Part of the problem is that when you wear a blazer, you need a looser overcoat. Most of my fall-weight coats have skinny arms, which is uncomfortable and sweaty-making when you walk to work.

Anyway, the end result is DRAMA.
This is my Melanie pose.
Yes, it's the dreaded, feared and to-be-viewed-in-awe red satin puffer coat. I got this on consignment last year and fell in love with it due to its softness and warmth. It has wide bell cuffs and a bow in the back (a BOW!). But it was far too warm for today. I ditched the hat, gloves and scarf on the way home.

Blazer (Precis Petites), sweater (Daniel Bishop, consignment), skirt (Gap, thrifted), boots (Marc Softwalk), zipper rose (Victoria and Albert Museum Gift Shop), earrings (The Cobbler), assorted rings.


  1. Whoa, the coat deserves to be the star of the show!

  2. I'm just cuckoo for that skirt. It's such a great piece. You look so fabulous in green!

  3. I've been misjudging the weather all week. It's been hot all week. Hope things change soon, I need a cold winter! Despite the weather, your puffer coat is one of the adorable puffer coats I've seen.

  4. You look waaay better at my pose than I do!! Especially in what you're wearing...sneakers, red puffer coat, red tights, and hat. And that skirt, well, it's divine. It's so hard dressing for this season and always planning to have one hand free for the umbrella.

  5. I hat misjudging the weather! Always happens at the start of the seasons before the weather settles into a predictable rhythm. We've gone from 36 to 16 degrees in two days here over the weekend and into the start of the week - so unexpected!

    I do like all of the green in your outfit today.

  6. Love the drama pic : > and the red coat - it won't be long, I reckon, before you'll need its full forces to keep you warm! That skirt is one of my favorites of yours, and the green sweater is yummy with it.

  7. The ruffle coat is neat. you look lovely

    P.S. love Melanie's pose))))

    Inside and Outside Blog

  8. I love the peep of the red tights with this outfit!!
    I bow to the magnificent red satin puffer coat of awesomeness!!

  9. I think the red tights with this outfit. Especially since they are covered by the skirt and boots and are more of a surprise that peeks out when you sit down. It's a nice pop of colour.

    Great coat!

  10. Ahh, I hate that feeling of being over dressed while out walking. I do that often and end up carrying my coat or tearing my hat off from hot flashes.
    I love the red legs here. I don't think it's too much at all. ;)

  11. WHOA NELLIE! Puffer coat! I loves it :) But it's going to be 80 degrees here until the end of the week. I can't even wear any of my cool GoodWill finds.

    Thanks for supporting BBBS. I met my youngest daughter when I was a Big. She was my Little.

    I have burgundy legs today. I also have many colored tights, one pair so blue that my sister calls me Smurfette. I'm trying to wear them for a pop of color but no blue elsewhere. I hate Smurfette :P

  12. I kind of wish I had that coat today - it's snowy and cold! I love your tweed jacket!!

  13. I find that I can either wear more on top or more on the bottom, but not both - if I wear tights, then no sweather. If I wear a blazer or sweater, then no socks, maybe even sandals in the office. I've had to rethink my wardrobe for hot flashes!

    And the red tights are NOT too much. I agree that the way they just peep out is great, and they look snazzy with the greens!

  14. I am with Megan, I like the red tights. Plus there is red in the skirt pattern. This is one of my favourite of your capsule outfits this month I think.

  15. Whoaaa thats one red big something something ;) looks warm thoough and thats all that matters :) and of course red thights go perfectly with your outfit!! Who told you otherwise? ;)

  16. Sheila, you are the coolest - in the way of awesome (if not temperature-wise on this day). Echoing everything good people said here, plus the zipper rose is fab with the boots. The sweaty arms in skinny sleeves - I KNOW.

    That is one heck of a Red Puffer Coat of Fantastical Stupendous Bell-Sleeved Amazingness, and I am so glad to make its acquaintance.


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