Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oct 11th - Outfit #10 - Brown and Tweed and a Silly Cat

It's definitely autumn now! It's very chilly in the mornings (gloves are required) and I'm really happy that I've put so much tweed and thick clothing into this month's capsule.
I've been very lax this week with actually planning out my outfits the night before; normally, I would have everything ready for getting dressed in the morning, right down to the last detail of accessories. This week, I've had a top, a bottom and a shoe ready. I'm actually surprised that so many of these outfits are working!

Anyway, this is my green tweed jacket that matches the green tweed skirt that I wore here for my birthday. I took the faux fur collar off for this outfit. As mentioned with the history of the skirt, I've had this suit for several years - it was part of my big shop after I'd lost 50 lbs. It's a silk and wool blend and it's by Precis Petite. I think I paid around $125 for the jacket, marked down from close to $400. Considering I've had it since 2007, I think that's been a good investment.

I first wore the jacket on the blog for my birthday (with the matching skirt) in October 2008. I've also worn it in here in December 2008 (with boots that I recall smelled really bad - no more vinyl boots!), December 2009 (with some killer shoes that I no longer have), here in November 2010 (ooh, I still have every piece of that outfit), and the last time twice in February 2011 (with a menswear-inspired look). I haven't gotten too much wear out of it, as it's only wearable in cold weather, so I'm glad to be giving it a good airing this month.

The mustard blouse is turning out to be a salad dressing magnet! It's soaking in the sink to get the oil out of the ruffles at the front. I last wore it here.
The brown A-line skirt is fresh this month! It's by Liz Claiborne (I have a tendency to mix that up with Jones New York) and is a lovely thick ultrasuede. I thrifted it at the Hospice store for about $7.00, probably in December 2009, since my first wearing of it was here in January 2010 (I vividly remember what a pain it was to try on clothes while wearing that outfit!).

It's been previously worn in October 2010 (in an Annie Hall-ish ensemble), November 2010 (with my green bell-sleeved sweater that's in this month's capsule, hmmm, I'm so original), in February 2011 (with this month's mustard sweater; again, F for originality!), in November 2011 for a casual day shopping, and I last wore it here in December 2011 (with yesterday's plaid jacket). It's also strictly a cold-weather skirt, but it's great for layering.

I didn't wear any tights today due to the thickness of the skirt and the high-ish boots, my wonderful Fluevog Babycakes Minis (last worn here, scroll way down past my b-day party dress pals).

Vizzini helped me photograph the stuff:
He really desires the mink rose; he keeps trying to eat it. I have to store it up high where he can't reach it.

Let's try again:
I'm really grooving on the finger party - wearing lots of rings - lately.

Jacket (Precis Petites), blouse (Gap, thrifted), skirt (Liz Claiborne, thrifted), belt (Le Chateau), boots (Mini Babycakes, Fluevog), mink rose (consignment), earrings (Plum), horseshoe nail ring (Club Monaco), wood ring (Dots), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl).

I went to say goodbye to Vizzini this morning (what? You don't say goodbye to your pets?), and found him in a curious position:
"What? I'm sitting on the chair!"
A normal cat would sit on the chair. Not Vizzini (check out his past odd sitting here, scroll down).

He seems to know I'm mocking him.
"If you post this on your blog, I'll attack your feet at 4am."
Silly cat, you already attack my feet every morning!


  1. That mink rose does look like the perfect cat toy. Vizzini is a cutie.

  2. Sheila, you are so lucky!!! I adore your cat!!! He has all the attitude a cat should have, and then some.

    I'm also loving your cool weather clothes. I think midi skirts are IT this fall, and your whole silhouette looks perfect to me; belt, boots, jacket, skirt. I also love the colors.

    I hope you had a wonderful party. :-)

  3. You've gone headlong into fabulous fall wear. And those boots! They're so much more versatile than I would have guessed seeing them on the Vog website.

    Hee silly kitty! I love the ear quirk in the first chair picture. Like "What, don't judge me" It's been two weeks since I saw my little guys, hopefully this weekend I can get some kitty cuddles, and yes I totally say goodbye to each and every one of the 5, Spike runs and hides when he knows I'm leaving even though he'll sit on my feet while I'm there. I think he assumes I can't leave if he runs.

  4. Your cat's expressions are hilarious.
    That green suit is fabulous and you've definitely gotten a ton of wears out of it. It looks great with your rich leather belt. You lost 50 lbs? Fantastic. You must have so much fun in your clothes!
    I recently bought a vintage blouse and was so disappointed in the salad oil stains I dripped on it. I never did get the stains out. ;(

  5. Pretty chocolate skirt, Sheila.

    You cat is so funny with the big wide open eyes...staring like "what are you looking at"!

  6. You are huggable in all that tweedy autumnal warmth. I love these colours. I want to hug Vizzini too but he'd probably not like it. My cat used to put his paw in my mouth in the morning to wake me up.

  7. I know about the salad dressing - it jumps onto my blouses, I tell you. Love this Fall look, with all the textures and the killer boots.

    I say goodbye to my cats too, although they often seem bored by my love.

  8. Fabulous fall colours. I love the bib of the blouse sticking out of the jacket. It gives it a steampunk look.

  9. Love the mix of colors in this outfit! The proportions are great too, nicely done! Being a gal with a large "continental shelf" I find any top I wear is a magnet for salad dressing or other spatters. If you don't have a Janie Stick, I highly recommend; they're the best for getting oily spots out of fabrics including silk (and without having to wash, so great for travel). Your kitty is so funny, looks almost as if he's saying "I DARE you to say something about my perch."

  10. Pippin likes to sit on the arms of the furniture too - she'll sleep on them! She's silly and so is Vizzini. Love it.

    I love the tweed! It's such a great fabric for fall!!

  11. I am loving all of your outfits this month!!! This one is stunning--love the gold/olive and brown combo.
    and of course--more Vizzini cutenes!!

  12. Aww Vizzini is so cute! Such a funny way to sit on the chair :)

    Hope you can get the salad dressing out of your shirt, it's such a nice shirt!

  13. I was wondering how much outfit-planning you do with each capsule. I prefer to decide the night before as well, it just makes things easier in the morning. I love the Autumn-ness of this outfit, the mustardy goodness of the shirt but also the warm glow behind you on the steps... Really good picture.

  14. Stunning silhouette! Wonderfully rich fall colours and textures.

    My trick for oily stains is before washing or on an otherwise dry garment, pile a little talcum powder or cornstarch on the spot, let it sit a while / rub it into the stain a bit - sometimes it will absorb or at least minimize the spot.

    P.S. Consequences be damned, I would not be able to resist petting that sticky-out-y little white bunny foot!

  15. You look ready to go for a horseback ride... sidesaddle, of course! I love the equestrienne-look, and you pull it off beautifully

  16. Hehehe Vizzini is such a laugh! :) I also do say both goodnight and goodbye to my pets. :) last night we had 3cats and 1 doggie sleeping together in the same area, quite crammed but they didnt seem to mind. :) Such a cuuuuuute sight. :)


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