Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oct 10th - Outfit #9 - Now That's a Red Belt

I woke up this morning to fog, thick layers of it over the treetops. This called for warm layers.
This is my stretchy peplum jacket by Armour Jeans that I got in September 2010 for $6.00 thrifted - I first wore it here, with a lacy skirt.

I last wore it here in January 2012 with a leather vest over it (one of my favourite outfits ever!), and previously here last December with a simple ultrasuede skirt, and in August 2011 with some two-tone shoes that haven't made it into a capsule just yet, and in April 2011 with my denim maxi skirt (I just love that skirt). And let's not forget my "rusty blah" outfit of December 2010.

I'm just wearing a red cami underneath it. And there's my Smoking Lily linen skirt again (last seen here with my orange velvet jacket), although today I had to wear a slip under it to ward off serious tights-creep.
The boots are my Coffee Kope Tiams again, last worn here with blue and gold.

A look at the peplum back of the jacket (and my wrinkles from sitting!).
I liked how the orange/rusty tights worked with the dark red belt - the skirt has both colours in its patterns.

L got me this wonderful obi belt for my birthday - isn't the colour amazing?
It's a thinner leather than my black leather obi, and the straps are much longer. The front is also roughly pleated so that it gives it a more rustic look than smoother, thicker leather. It's locally made, but I don't know the maker.

For my jewelry, I hauled out some oldies: my Bakelite beads. I made the earrings from a strand off each side of the necklace. I also have a matching bracelet.
I bought them in an antique shop many years ago, to celebrate getting a job. Funny, I can't remember which job it was now!

Jacket (Armor Jeans, thrifted), cami (Ricki's), skirt (Smoking Lily, consignment), booties (Coffee Kope Tiam, Fluevogs), belt (gift from L), necklace/earrings (vintage Bakelite), floral ring (Sarah Coventry, vintage 70s), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl).

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my birthday party and my actual birthday - I so much appreciate each and every one! Sorry I haven't been visiting blogs lately - so busy...will come by soon! And last, but not least, thank you to the new people who've found me through other blog friends. You're all awesome!


  1. Those vintage Bakelite beads are so special, what a fabulous antique shop find. Your new obi from L. Is gorgeous too. It's grand when our guys know what we like!

  2. Sorry I'm late to the party, Sheila, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated)! You bring me a smile every time you post. xo

  3. I'm really loving the colored tight I think when it gets cooler here I might try some of those out they look so cute!! We had fog today too!! I love it ~Heather :)

  4. Love these rich colors and textures Sheila. The shape of that jacket is so cute, especially with the belt over it.

  5. What a great belt and tights. I love the rich color. Your capsule project is fun; I really wish I was better at it than I am. Maybe someday.
    I'm so glad it tights weather. I never used to wear tights with dresses/skirts. I wore them only under pants in cold weather. My blog education began and now I wonder what I would do without them.

  6. L has good test. But that looks oxblood via Very chic outfit. I'm envious of your small waist that you can cinch with great obis. I think I'm discovering that most wide belts just make me look more curveless than evah :P

  7. Love the autumn colours in this outfit! :) The skirt is really pretty :)

  8. I really like that necklace. I love how well everything in your outfit ties together. The belt over the jacket is a great finishing touch.

  9. OOOO i love this outfit--the obi belt is STUNNING!! I also loved your green outfit yesterday. Wordpress has been givng me a fit about posting commennts on other blogs lately!
    Happy Belated Birthday!!

  10. Wow! That's a great belt, L did a great job!! I love your jacket too!

  11. Those tights really are the perfect colour for that outfit. Of course I love the boots and the skirt! Beautiful.

    Love the belt. L has good taste!

  12. LOVE the belt. The colors definitely pull out the patterns in the skirt. Fluevogs make any outfit instantly 100times more awesome.

  13. ... and I adore it!!! What a lovely present!

    So nice with that jacket, and I have a fondness for those dangly red beads.
    Gorgeous combo of rusty reds and browns.


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