Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oct 31st - Outfit #30 - Happy Hallowe'en! New Shoes and a November Preview

Happy Hallowe'en! 
I hope you're having a spooky good time wherever you are!

Me, I was in full costume all day. I have been planning my costume since I saw these feather crows in the dollar store a few months back. In fact, I built October's capsule wardrobe around my costume! 

And without further ado, here we are:
'Ahhhhhhhh! The birds!"
In case you can't guess, I am "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock. Not an original idea - and strangely enough, when I sent a picture of my costume to Jody at Couture Allure Vintage Fashion, she posted the next day that 3 of the entries were all the same costume! Too funny! I guess we are birds of a feather... (I know, bad pun).

Don't forget to check out Ally's Hallowe'en party here

I did a test run of my costume on the weekend, to make sure that it would be practical for wearing to work and sitting at a computer all day.
"Get them off, get them off!" 
It turned out to be fine, but by the end of the day I was, "Seriously, get these &#@%ing birds off me!"

This is my green tweed suit worn as a suit, finally. I've also attached the faux fur collar to the jacket for the first time all month. I last wore the jacket here with my barn skirt, and the skirt here, with shades of red and brown.

The hat is a straw vintage hat with a black velvet bow and a dotted veil. I don't recall where I got it, so I've obviously had it for a while.
"Get this bird off my leg!"
The purse is my fake Tod's bag, picked up at a vintage fair for $4.00 last year. I got the gloves (also vintage) for $2.00 at a thrift store.

L took these pictures outside our condo, on the front lawn. I wonder what my neighbours thought?
Two of the crows have ripped my bloody glove off and are fighting over it while they perch on my bag.
The shoes are my black granny shoes (last worn here on Friday with neutrals and mustard).

I sat at the computer in costume on Saturday to make sure it would be comfortable. Vizzini spotted the crow on my arm.
"Hello, what is this?"
The birds had wire sticking out of the bottoms of their legs, which made it easy to just poke through the straw hat and the fabric of my suit without damaging it.

I used fake blood to paint scratches on my hands and on my face.
"This vile creature has hurt my woman!" 
 By the end of the day, the blood was all dried and cakey. It felt really gross on my face.
"He looks tasty."
"I attack!"
 This morning, I reassembled and got into costume again.
I ate a lot of Hallowe'en candy last night and didn't sleep well due to the sugar coursing through my veins. I woke up exhausted and had a crazy day. My work did a pumpkin carving contest today, had pizza in for lunch, and many of my coworkers participated in a group costume where they all dressed up as the favourite director. He was a super good sport and I think he ended up really being touched that everyone wanted to tease him. Anyway, a crazy day.

I rode the bus like this to and from work. On the way home, a woman said to me, "You look amazing. Your costume makes me very happy."
I did a double string of pearls (fake, had 'em since the 80s) and pearl earrings. I also had red lips and toned down make-up.
I slashed the gloves (they were only $2, but it still hurt to cut up good vintage) and applied fake blood to them.

The hat stayed on my head with an elastic hairband that I stapled to the inside trim (removeable). My hair was slicked back.
The crow that's attacking my leg was stapled to another hairband (you can see a bit of it in some of the pictures). I tore holes in a pair of nylons and put fake blood on my leg.

This is how I looked before I put the jacket, hat, gloves and crows on.
Almost normal!

Suit (Precis Petites), top (Mossimo, consignment), shoes (Marc Softwalk), hat (vintage), purse (fake Tod's).

For fun, this is what my work area looks like (I'm actually trying to work in this picture).
I had fun decorating my desk. The pumpkins looked great! Aw, I'll be sad to take it all down tomorrow morning.

I had a lovely surprise today - Fluevogs arrived in the mail!
These are the Wonders Ayers* in olive green. My wonderful Winesday Women gave me a gift certificate for my birthday, and I let them choose out of my top 3 favourites which pair I should buy - these won. Awesome! I can't wait to wear them!
*I link because I love - you know I love Fluevogs!

However, it won't be in November, because that wardrobe is raring to go! Here we are - the shoes!
Two pairs of over-the-knee boots, one pair of flats and four pairs of heels.

The bottoms:
Mostly skirts - only one pair of pants. Four of the pieces are leather/suede.

I am making sure I have a variety of lengths:
Short to very long!

The sweaters, cardigans and jackets:
A good mix of texture, pattern and colours.

The dresses and tops:
One of the dresses is suede.

And that's it! Did you notice the theme? It's another neutral month! I wanted to give it a shot for colder weather - if you haven't looked at my summer neutral month, please feel free to check it out: June and June recap.

Speaking of which, the October recap will be up on the weekend (they take a long time to write).


  1. You have to not wear your new Fluevogs for a month? :o I would have lasted until

    I am actually terrified during The Birds, so you look terrifying to me. But that bird closest to your kitteh definitely has reason to fear The End :P

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog, because it is so much fun! Your costume is great, the pictures of your cat are hilarious, and I can't believe your desk at work - it's incredible!!!

    I can't wait to see how November stacks up.

  3. Sheila, this costume just totally rocks!! It's truly the best costume ever!! Yes, you have my vote. I remember seeing The Birds when I was little, and I never looked at birds the same way again. Oh, I love them, and view them as sweet little creatures. But what if a lot of them did go crazy and gang up? I love the new shoes! They are gorgeous! And I loved getting a peek at your desk area too. That's just fantastic!


  4. I never would have guessed that a few others did this same costume. I love yours the best. The suit is perfect and so are the shoes. I just love that era of women's suits. But without the blood of course. So glad the birds didn't get to your eyes.

  5. what a great costume! that's an idea i'm tucking away for future reference.

    those fluevogs (this is the first time i've heard of them, and i'm googling now and checking out your link) look like they wanna be worn _now_! i love that stitching.

  6. I freakin' LOVE an office that lets the reception area do a Halloween display! So much fun. And your costume is fabulous, but I wouldn't expect anything else from you.

    Coincidentally, I had a lot of crow decorations around the house for our Halloween party, & I was paranoid the cats were going to make short work of them! But turned out our felines are too old & lazy to get up as high as I put the birds ;-)

  7. Holy cow your costume is awesome! It may not be a totally original idea, but the proof is in the execution. You totally pulled this off. Your birds are in the best configuration to always look like you're being attacked.

    Mr Vizzini cracks me up with the birds. Annabelle keeps bringing my mom real dead birds. Eeep!

    It's been a Fluevog filled month for you. Hopefully we'll start seeing them filter into your capsules. Looking forward to your next neutrals month. Looks like lots of leather goodies all around.

  8. Fabulous costume! Love the tableau photography.

  9. fab costume! You made in a very creative way and the costume looks very comfy! bravo!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  10. Oh Sheila, this is amazing. I'm with the lady on the bus; this made me feel happy.

    Gorgeous Fluevogs! When, oh when, will they come to the UK?

  11. Love your birds outfit! It's so well done! :) Perfect last outfit for your capsule. really interesting to see how well decorated your work was too! Halloween just isn't a very big deal here, it's nice seeing everyone else's photos and decorations :)

  12. OMG you look fantastic in your costume!!! You have clearly put much thought and effort in this outfit, The birds are scary. ;) Vizzini has me cracking up everytime, he is the best! :)

  13. OMG, it's coffee on the keyboard today - you are the best costumer!! And the Vizzini narrative is so funny too. You rock, Sheila! (Love your new Vogs too).

  14. The costume looks great! I could tell who you were immediately.

  15. What an amazing costume!!! I love it!!
    OMG the pix of Vizzini are hilarious!! Especially the one of him licking his chops!!

    OOOOO Neutral month-can't wait!!

  16. WOWOWWW your work totally gets into the Halloween mode :) I'd love for my office to be like that.
    I was the only one who showed up in full costume.
    And I like yours.... it's a prize winner :)
    Love how VIzzini`s mouth watered looking at the bird.

  17. Hello Sheila. I follow a lot of fashion blogs daily, but yours is my favorite by far! That costume is really amazing. Got a big smile on my face when I viewed each picture. You have such a joy for life and it just jumps right out of the internet. Thank you for making each day so interesting. Carry on.

  18. I love your spirit!
    Yikes those birds have a nasty bite...
    I saw a huge swarm over Government House yesterday...
    perhaps they were flying over you.

  19. Hands down yours was my favorite costume at Ally's virtual party - your creativity knows no bounds! And those Vizzini photos are priceless, especially when he's licking his lips! So cute.

    Looking forward to November!

  20. Your costume is amazing! You always do such a good job with basic stuff out of your closet. I'm jealous!

  21. Babes! Your Crow Costume is WONDERFUL! Love the photo shoot - love, love, love it!
    Great glad to see them posted.

    Love from Caro

  22. Ha ha ha! Oh, this is WONDERFUL! I LOVE those costume photos. Also, great idea for a costume.

  23. Nice job on your costume! And I always love your quotes from Vizzini. Gerrilyn

  24. So very Tippi Hedren! AWesome! The Birds is one of my favourite films. EEEEK!

    Looking forward to the November capsule. I know you'll love the Ayers heels - they are so comfortable.

  25. Everyone agrees you created the best costume this year. And many are saying this post is one of your best. I agree!

  26. I remember exactly when I watched The Birds with a friend in her Grandpa's basement, 40 years ago, we were both creeped out the rest of the day. I'm thinking I'm more a "Rear Window" kind of gir. Your costume is delightful and as always, Vizzini is adorable in his little black tux wanting that bird. He always makes me smile.

  27. HAHAHAHAHAHA, LOVE it. Oh, so clever, and so perfect for your style. Sorry the blood was gross by the end of the day, but it was worth it. FanTASTIC Halloween costume.

    Ooooh, cannot wait to see how a cold-weather version of neutrals goes!

  28. ahahaha Great Costume!! You look fabulous love it!! Happy Halloween to you ~Love Heather

  29. LOL! LOL! Your Birds costume is a scream. I just love it. And I love that you rode the bus in costume too. I just saw a docudrama about Tipi Hedren and Hitchcock focusing on the making of The Birds. Hitchcock was a creepy guy! I can only imagine the relief of wiping off the fake blood, but it looks like it was well worth it. You certainly gave me a laugh. I love the suit and hat and shoes too.

  30. Your costume was absolutely fabulous! Love Vizinni's attack! Your office puts ours to shame!! I did make myself some cat ears out of black plastic... Looking forward to Neutral November!

  31. This is seriously the best costume ever. Clever. Stylish and comfy looking. I love this! And the pics of your kitty attacking the crow- ha ha feline payback!

  32. Coming a bit late to say - what an outfit! You look great. The best bit for me is that you spread the joy & wore it on the bus. Ok, one woman spoke to you but I bet you put a smile on many people's faces who didn't say anything to you. And it sounds like such a great day at work. It's so important that fun stuff gets organised at work - you have such a talent for doing that.

    Looking forward to the recap & to the neutrals....

  33. Looking forward to the way you'll style the suede this month. I kept compulsively trying to count the number of birds--seven. And the photo of the cat with his tongue out is too good.

  34. Holy cow, I can't believe how far behind I am - but that means lots of Sheila-goodness to be inspired by this morning. :) Fabulous Halloween costume - mega-props for planning as well as execution! I love the pic of you at your desk.

    Again I am super impressed by your incredible powers of delayed gratification in service of your challenge - with Fluevogs! Several times!

    I look forward to your November capsule - I remember your excellent grey Camper pumps from before you started, yay! Things are looking very cosy and wonderfully textural with all the rich fabrics.


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