Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oct 17th - Outfit #17 - Surrender the Waist

Today's outfit features the last "fresh" item for this month: this cool crane cardigan:
I got a ton of compliments on this today. It's such a cool sweater. One of the best things about it (besides the fact that it's wool, cashmere and angora) is that the cranes and tree branches embroidery goes all around the neckline. There are even bits on the cuffs of the sleeves.

I bought it on consignment in early July 2009, and first wore it here. If you click through on these "last worn" links below, you'll notice that although I tend to wear the same colours and clothing items with this over and over, there are a bunch of items in these links that I haven't put into capsules yet - and I still have them! Interesting.

I last wore it here in January 2012, just before I started this challenge! I've also previously worn it last December 2011 (I haven't put that skirt in a capsule yet), in May 2011 (with that awesome olive maxi skirt), in January 2011 (2nd outfit), here in Oct 2010 with an awesome houndstooth skirt (haven't seen that in a capsule either), in January 2010 (ooh, haven't worn those shoes yet - good picture of the embroidery on the back), and way back in July 2009 (my hair is so long!)
After wearing some rather fitted items over the last couple of days, I surrendered the waist today. No belt, cami hanging out (the skirt sits really low on my hips) and the cardi even unbuttoned a bit.

Instead of going with my predictable matchy shoes, I liked how the Fluevogs (last worn here, 2nd outfit) picked up the brown of the horses in the skirt's pattern.

I have a half-slip under this thin silk skirt - I was nice and warm while I walked to and from work (although my skirt did a full rotation - don't you hate that?). I last wore the skirt here.

I'm having fun rediscovering my outerwear. Behold, the Octo-Coat!
Such a snuggly coat!

The stuff:
Vizzini is helping.
My usual finger party, and some silver bits.

Cardigan (Lucky Brand, consignment), cami (Smart Set), skirt (Gap, thrifted), shoes (Mini Qtees, Fluevogs, consignment), rings (snake, vintage 80s; spider, gift from Mom & Dad, vintage 80s; lapis lazuli, Wendy Brandes, silver/red ring, Mexican, Oscar & Libby's), feather earrings (locally made), "S" charm (gift from Mom & Dad from England), key (found).


  1. That sweater is an excellent match for the skirt. I'm still supremely impressed at how well your vogs go with everything.

  2. Beautiful outfit I love the sweater and I really love the skirt!! ~Looks great Love Heather

  3. I can see why you received compliments...
    your sweater makes a statement.
    Loving your accent pieces today.

  4. Sheila, you've seriously rocked that skirt. I just skimmed down your blog and saw how you've styled it three ways! And I love it because it's got a western theme!

  5. Love the detail on that top, it's beautiful :)

  6. I love when embellishments are extended over the whole garment - this sweater is so lovely, and wonderful with the farm skirt! Love that fresh green of your tank as well. This outfit and the one with your parachute skirt + flower are my favourites among the many great ways you've styled this sweater.

    P.S. skirt rotation - AARGH! "helper"-kitty - EEE!

  7. I like the sweater! Anything with birds on it makes me super excited. I like re-discovering outerwear too, it's kind of fun.

    Hello little paw!!

  8. I can't get over how perfectly suited the skirt is with that sweater. You have so many items in your wardrobe that go perfectly together. Like if an artist was planning a painting they would imagine this particular sweater and want to paint that very skirt to go with it.

  9. That sweater is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I love it everyway you have worn it!!

  10. Your amazing figure still shines through, Sheila - I don't think you surrendered anything. You find the most beautiful and unique items of clothing, and re-mix them so creatively and perfectly for you. Of course, I'm drooling all over those shoes :P

  11. I was half-expecting to see a pinky ring on Vizzini's little paw!

  12. That is such a beautiful jumper, it looks like it was made to be with that skirt. I always appreciate detailing on a piece xx

  13. One fine day when you are ready to part with the crane sweater...I'll take it off your hands.

  14. I found a key just like that one too on the ground at a fair in 1990! I just didn't know what to do with it.


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