Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oct 20th & 21st - Wild Card #2 and Outfit #21 - A Wild Evening and A Difficult Day

Well, kittens, it's been quite a ride! We went to an event called the Monster Bash last night, and oh my goodness, much cavorting was had! 

It was costume, so naturally, I went to town.
I'm a steampunk vampire slayer! This is a fun wig that's reserved for costumes. I liked how it made me look so badass. I'm linking up this outfit to Visible Monday at Patti's "Not Dead Yet Style" - go check it out!

The clothing items: my leather shirt (from the February capsule wardrobe), worn over my full vintage slip, a sort of patchwork skirt (last worn here with this month's black boots, and not yet in a capsule), and my Fluevog minis from this month (worn here, last outfit last weekend to go shopping).

My accessories are what takes this outfit to 11.
Vizzini was totally freaked out by me in the wig.
The harness is by Audra Jean; I purchased it from Megan Mae (seen on her here). I was really excited to wear it - and I loved having it on all night.

I'm also wearing my handmade leather and metal gauntlet that I bought at the Steampunk Con in April (pics here, the gauntlet is the last picture), which I also wore for L's birthday party in June, here.

The back action:
I have a couple of leather cuffs on over my right sleeve, and I'm wearing a little clip-on fascinator hat.

I'm wearing a gothic cross necklace and a leather choker.
What else? Ah, my earrings are dangling crosses (to keep vamps off my neck, of course), I'm wearing black fishnets, and I have on leather fingerless driving gloves. The cross-body bag says it's by Jil Sander, but it's a fake.

L was a vampire!
Kitty looks nervous.
He's modeled after the Gary Oldman depiction of Dracula. Doesn't he look awesome?

We made a great pair all night!
In fact, we won the costume contest! L vamped out on the stage, and I pretended to stab him (and then I did some kicks and looked tough). We won $200 towards dance classes!

Shirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), slip (Suzette Lingerie, consignment), skirt (Dolcezza), harness (Audra Jean, via Megan Mae), boots (Qtee Mini, Fluevogs), gloves (Danier Leather), bag (consignment), gauntlet (SkinZnHydez).

My awesome friends also really dressed up. Check out Cat's fabulous flapper outfit!
She even has her stockings (correctly) rolled down to just below her knees. That dress used to be mine!

A new friend, Berenice, joined us. She was a cat.
Love the leopard tights!

Check out this amazing re-purpose of my girlfriend Caro's wedding dress:
She dyed it herself and then sewed the front up into all crazy layers! What a beautiful dress - so cool that she'll be able to wear it again!

We all met up for dinner and drinks, then walked over to the event. We stopped in the square for some shennanigans:
L's always up for bloodsucking, and Caro looks like a willing victim!

The burlesque was totally fun, and there was musical acts as well, but my pictures didn't turn out (the lighting was too erratic). I did get a great shot of this guy's handmade chainmail shirt:
He made that himself! Well done, Joe*! He won a prize in the costume category as well.
*I link 'cause I love - his work is art!

Today, I spent with my soon-to-be 13 year old niece Zoe. Happy Birthday, sweetie! But oh, man...
Please make the light go away
What a hangover I had...

At least I looked decent. I last wore my red cardi here on Day 1 with my barn skirt, and that's my snowflake skirt (last worn here, 2nd outfit). The top underneath is just a layering piece (not in the capsule). I should have worn my black sweater but I wasn't thinking too clearly at 10 am. Not after going to bed after 3 am...

The leather obi is so cool. I am just loving obis right now.
Please just chop my head off now
I wore my granny shoes (last worn on Saturday, 2nd outfit) for walking...and we did a lot of walking! I set Zoe up with a full set of make-up (including brushes), all very low-key and neutrals, and then showed her how to apply it. Mascara application is a difficult art!

We also got her a beautiful Shi Studio leather wrist-wrap and a gorgeous pair of leather booties by Fidji. She's old enough to start getting better quality stuff, and I was proud of her for wanting to skip most of the mall stores and look at local boutiques. She's nearly ready to learn how to thrift with me!

Sweater (no label, consignment), top (Mossimo, consignment), skirt (J.J.F., consignment), shoes (Marc Softwalk, thrifted), belt (consignment), choker (locally made).

We made a stop at Footloose*, the sister store of Heart and Sole, where I got the Fluevog sandals on Friday. I spotted these gorgeous Agnes Adrian boots (where Agnes is the name and Adrian is the family) on final markdown. They were the last pair so I got another 10% off.
*I link 'cause I love - this is a great local shoe store!
They ended up being 60% off the regular price! Awesome! $160.00 is a great price for these. They are just amazing on.

The harness is removeable.
And there's the John Fluevog signature stamp.

I like the soles:
These were small-fitting size 10s. Fluevog's sizing is so erratic.
I am thankful that my head has finally stopped pounding!


  1. Your man even looks like Gary Oldman. Love his costume too. And yours is amazing really. So well put together. Looks like a ton of fun.

  2. Amazing! Definitely a bunch of people who know how to get dressed up and have fun.

  3. I think your first outfit is the showstopper here! No wonder you and L won. Incredible costumes. So much fun. Your friends' costumes are fantastic too! You look great in the wig.

  4. I vote for you to wear your wig more often! It's a sex-ay look!

  5. Your Halloween costume rocks. And the other photos are super too. That chainmail must have taken a while. I do also love your everyday outfit, minus the headache.

  6. Love your costume - you look fantastic and so do your friends and L :) Your boots you bought are amazing as well, really like them :)

  7. Awesome costumes! You guys are so perfect together! L is very dapper and you are uber sexy in that harness. I ordered one from AudraJean a few weeks ago. I hope it arrives soon.

    Great score on the Fluevogs this weekend!

  8. Hey! Where's Sheila?! The brunette is in the trademark Sheila-pose but the hair is all wrong!

    Love the costumes. You both hit the mark.

  9. OMG you two look AMAZING!! What fun that must have been! And those Fluevog boots are a great find too.

  10. So much fun in this post. Ouchies on the hangover.....
    I so love costume parties...and I'm way behind getting one together for my dance parties, but I love yours. I think you best accessory is your beloved..he just adds that finishing touch to your amazing costume.

  11. OMG, Sheila, I almost spilled my coffee when your pic came up - what a fabulous, literally award-winning costume! (my cats are afraid of me too if I wear a strange hat). I *knew* that harness would be so awesome on you, yay to Megan.

    L. makes a most dashing Count Drac too. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful-ness with Visible Monday.

  12. You guys had amazing costumes!

    I love those red boots too. What a score. Visiting from Visible Mondays : )


  13. Ermigod!!Love the steampunk costume. I may have to break down and buy a harness.

  14. What fun costumes!! You and L look great!! Sounds like a very fun time, bummer about the hangover, but sounds like maybe it was worth it! I love that you took your niece shopping and showed her how to put on makeup, that's so sweet! I bet you are the "cool fun aunt" aren't you?

  15. You are far too hysterical!!!! Love the vampire costume on the gent!

  16. WOW--what an awesome costume!!! And L looks FABULOUS!!! I love the expression on Vizzini's face--lol!!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time!!
    love the next day outfit and those boots are AMAZING!!

  17. What fabulous and inspiring fun! i can definitely see why the prize was yours!!

  18. You guys look amazing! Your costumes are always so much fun. I LOVE that wedding dress redo and your new boots are super cute.

  19. Newest follower here! I found you through the Monday Link up! Cute blog, I love the halloween costumes :)

  20. love love that belt and leather jacket - and red boots

  21. Wow what great costumes. I love to dress up but don't have any occasions except when I had out the candy on Halloween.. Such a great outfit on your hubby as well. So envious of the stores you have in your area. Those boots are to die for lucky you.

  22. You look AMAZING in the steampunk outfit. I am just starting to do a little and need something like your harness to bring it together. Great job!

  23. I wish I'd had an aunt like you when I was young! Did she have any idea how hungover you were?

    I hardly recognized you when the post loaded--the mark of an excellent costume.

    1. Yes, I told her. She was properly sympathetic and rolled her eyes and tolerated my dramatic moaning.

  24. Wow!!! 11 is right, lady! And L! So fantastic, and I love the harness, the back action and your wonderfully fun friends. Congrats on the award, and another fantastic pair of Fluevogs, hooray!

    Oops - I will tone down my cheering and jumping and have a moment of quiet in honour of your hangover. :(
    (But you did look really, really amazing even so. I'm really, really sorry I find the pictures hilarious.)

  25. All of your costumes are fantastic... and L is a dead ringer for the Oldman Dracula!

  26. Wooooot!! You look incredible as a vampire slayer, you look just llike the many Ive come across in my online games :) It must be the bet ver to g to dress up like that, no wonder you and

  27. You look amazing!!! Congrats to you guys on the win your costumes were awesome!! Love the boots they are gorgeous can't wait to see you wear them~ Love Heather

  28. I am so behind on my reading - so hopefully you're well over your hangover and I can appropriately SQUEE over how amazing you look. The harness is incredible on you. Both of you guys look incredible in your costumes. A totally totally bad ass party. Congrats on the win.

    Hope you're feeling better, those yummy red boots should make any day better.

  29. You and L must have been quite a sight in real life- because in pictures you rock!
    have to say
    I love dark haired Sheila. WOW!

  30. Wow, the harness looks fab on you and it's so fun to see how you styled it! Hope you made it through your hangover. Btw you asked me about my leg tattoo -- you can see it close up here:

  31. Ditto what Megan said re behind on blogs, except mine due to The Crud.

    You guys looked amazing and totally deserved the win. I'm also loving your friend's re-purposed wedding dress.

    A hangover means y'all had a really good time, right? :)

  32. What a great set of outfits! You both deserved that prize! What type of dance lessons do you think you will go for?

    Influential Aunties rule the world. I benefitted so much from mine- she set me on the path of loving clothes and loving a bargain.

  33. That costume was fabulous, but I am agog at you in the dark wig! It looked terrific, but I kept looking around for my Sheila. ;-D

  34. Hi Sheila,
    I love your Fluevog Agnes Adrians. I see you bought a size 10; what size do you usually wear? I have an opportunity to buy a pair of size 11, which is my usual shoe size. How small do you feel these run? I would appreciate any guidance you could offer! Thanks! ...Kathleen

    1. Kathleen, if you have narrow feet, they will probably fit. I am usually a size 9.5 or 10 (my best is Euro size 40 which is right in the middle), but I have very narrow feet. These boots are hard to get on (you have to remove the harnesses every time) and quite stiff. They are also really narrow in the calf (mine are a struggle every time).

      They are getting softer the more I wear them, but I had to start with only wearing them for a little bit at at time. I think they would be fine for the actual sizing on you (they are super comfy on the soles - a very nice shoe for walking), but am concerned about the fit through the arch and getting them on. I'd advise that you call Fluevog and talk to someone about the sizing, just to make sure you get it right!

      Good luck!

  35. Thanks, Sheila! That is very helpful - I will give Fluevog a call!

  36. That's way cool, Sheila! Love how you put together this wonderful costume, and all your friends and L are awesome too!! Thank you for sharing with me!


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