Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oct 2nd - Outfit #2 - Secret Octopi

Ooh, I love the beginning of a capsule, when everything feels new!
I enjoyed this outfit - I forwent a fitted waistline and did comfort. I have a very busy week ahead, and today I needed to feel loose. I also liked all the tones of reds, oranges and browns.

This is my orange velvet blazer, which I got back in January for $18.00 on consignment. I've only worn it the one time, here. The top is a cami-style, with lots of beading around the front of the V-neck. My co-worker Kara gave it to me - thank you so much! This is its first wear.
The skirt is new-to-me - yes, of course, it's a Smoking Lily, and it was $25.00 at Regalia Boutique in Fan Tan Alley in June (purchased here).
Woo! And look at those sweet, sweet heels on those sweet, sweet boots. These are Fluevogs' Babycakes Minis. This is a link to the Minis family on the Fluevog website (I link 'cause I love). They don't make the brown/embossed colour anymore. I adore this boot, and they are so comfortable - I actually walked out and about downtown today in them, and they were awesome.

I bought them in late March of this year, and first wore them as part of my steampunk weekend here (beware of long post - it's the second outfit). I also wore them here for L's birthday party, with my tiki vintage dress and my crazy steampunk leather gauntlet.

I'm wearing my red coral bracelet and earrings again. See how I'm wearing my steampunk octopus mahjong tile necklace? (no? click here for a picture) - it actually has a match elsewhere in the outfit:
Secret octopi! I love how Smoking Lily throws in little secret details like that. Those are the same octopus prints as on my coat (close-up picture here).

Blazer (Jackpot, consignment), top (Spencer Jeremy, gift from Kara), skirt (Smoking Lily, consignment), boots (Babycakes Minis, Fluevog), bracelet (Plum), earrings (locally made), necklace (Raven's Rest Studio).

Reminder: This Saturday, October 6th is my birthday party (my birthday is actually early next week) - all my friends will be there and there will be food, drinks and dancing. Everyone will be in their party clothes.

Well, it wouldn't be a party without all of you bloggers and readers, so please put on your best outfit, and send me a link or a picture no later than end of day Sunday, and I'll do a round-up after I've recovered from the party (heh). I want to see sparkles! Pretty shoes! Anything you think might be a bit too crazy? Not for my party!

Please join me: Break Out Your Party Dress!


  1. Too much love for one outfit! Smoking lily, orange/red, fluevog and secret octopi! So cool.

    Just realized I'll be at the Fall Festival selling my warez on Saturday - but that just means I'll have to dress things up that day.

  2. I was just thinking of you while blog hopping I hadn't seen you in some time. Love the reds! Great idea having folks dress up for your birthday I'll have to find something cute in my closet to sketch. That sounds wierd...I know you understand.

  3. I read your post and then went grocery shopping. A weird combination, but it did get me thinking about the secrets our clothes hide that can give us an extra kick in our step. Generally, my memories surfaced around underwear (first time wearing a thong... to church no less!... days when all my undergarments match...), but even wearing skull socks under a pair of boots with suit can add an unexpected - and very often unnoticed -secret to an outfit!

  4. Ok, Sheila I have to try and remember to come to your 'party' all sparkled up!

  5. Oh, sweet Minis! Scrumptious! Fantastic colour, collar + cuffs on the blazer, I love the saturation, and all so nicely put-together that it doesn't look at all like a "needing comfort" outfit - nice! Secretly matchy is such a bonus. :)

  6. Love the colours in this outfit! :) The boots are beautiful.

  7. OMG, secret octopi -- I can only think of you, Sheila! Love this new skirt and with those boots, just awesome.

  8. I love the secret octopi on your skirt! Fun little touches like that can make an outfit so much cooler!! Triple love those boots. Apparently we're getting a Fluevog store here. Doesn't mean I can afford it, but I'll be able to go drool in person I guess!

  9. What a gorgeous autumn-y outfit! I love those warm colors on you!
    LOL on the stealth octopi!!

  10. You always mention that Smoking Lily has really unique items... they do pay a lot of attention to detail. Your blog is the only blog i have seen with that brand :)
    AND I DO want to dress up for your party.... i have to get home and pick a dress.

  11. Holey cow, I love those boots. As soon as I saw the heel I knew they were Fluevogs. Fab outfit!

  12. Love your sense of style and totally covet your shoe collection! These boots are fantastic just like the ones in yesterday's post! I understand why you have so much fun in your closet!!

  13. You are the only style blogger I know with any kind of octopi, which you are totally rocking, and I'd rave more about if I wasn't completely fixated on your boots. Oh, Sheila, they are beyond miraculous.

  14. 100% fabulous! Smoking lily and Fluevog are a perfect match! I have a coat and a scarf made of that octopus print. Super fun!


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