Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oct 25th - Outfit #25 - Little Green Sprout

I realized today that it's only 2 months till Christmas! Yikes! And here I am in red and green, hee hee.
Seriously, we're so close to the end of October already! I have to work on my November capsule this weekend (and my Hallowe'en costume!).

The red loafers appear for the second time this week, and I like them better this time around with brown tights.

My paramecium blouse (last seen here with the same shoes in a symphony of reds) is layered under my green bell-sleeved sweater (last worn here with my snowflake skirt, 3rd outfit, scroll down). I really liked how well they layered.
I often have issues with sweaters being too thick and overwhelming me, so finding a nice one is always challenging. This green one's a keeper!

My green tweed skirt is so much awesomeness. I last wore it here on the same weekend as the green sweater, only the 2nd outfit down.

I liked how the brown accents (the legs, the leather belt and the brown cami I have on under the shirt) help keep this from actually looking too Christmassy. The choker is Mom's from the 60s.

Sweater (Max Studio), shirt (Liz Claiborne), skirt (Precis Petites), shoes (Hilary Radley, thrifted), belt (Olsen, thrifted), choker (vintage 60s, Mom's).


  1. Beautiful blend of greens. I like the long lines of the sweater, but I'm totally freaked out that Christmas is only two months away! Yikes--I have so much to do.

  2. I know Sheila, only two months !
    I need like an extra month before the year ends in order to get everything done.
    I love this outfit, specially the greens, when i started reading i imagined a very christmassy outfit but it was not !

  3. Yes, you better get crackin' on November's capsule and I can't wait to vote for the month too. Seems like we just did that a week ago. Time is flying isn't it?

    Lovely color combination. I always love clicking on your link and not knowing what color will pop up in my face. Surprise! It's always fun.

    Christmas????? OMG!

  4. Pretty autumn-y colors. I'm jealous. It was 80 degrees fahrenheit here today. It's hard to get in the holiday mood, but it's my favorite time of year!! I'll come back to get my fix.

  5. Christmas, never mind Christmas... you have yet AGAIN showed me how to start wearing something in my own wardrobe that I love, but just have not been able to make work. Mixed with the glory of the new found (to me) magic of the wide belt! And I thought that I HATED things belted at the waist... no more. I have become a daily visitor, and the previously languishing part of my closet thanks you.

  6. I love the read and green together. Somehow you make it look so natural. I adore that green skirt.
    Geez you have a tiny waist.

    1. Oh, bless you, hon! I have a 30"ish waist - the boobs and hips make it look smaller, really!

  7. Love the red and green! Like Terri, I cannot believe how this year has flown.

  8. I love the sleeves on that sweater. A prominent local store put out a Christmas gift display at the beginning of October. I want to push the marketing reset button. Anyone know where it is?

  9. I like this red and green together! The deeper colours make it look less Christmas-y. I can't believe how close to Christmas it is!

  10. Love this look (and I didn't think about Christmas at all -- until now!!) and your great belt really makes a statement. Count me as jealous too of your cool weather -- we have Hurricane Sandy offshore today, making it warm and wet.


  11. Great post!!

    Wow loving this too much :) :)



  12. I love red & green together (just see my kitchen year round-LOL)
    love this outfit--The sweater really is stunning!

    ACK-christmas is TOO close and i need to get cracking!!

  13. How are we almost to the end of October? Seriously! I still love that skirt and I agree the brown accents definitely make it much less like Christmas.

  14. Oh this is really cute love the green You look pretty as always :) Oh is it really that close to Christmas!! Yikes ~Enjoy your weekend Love Heather

  15. The green sweater is perfect in every way, and looks so great with your hair. I love the red loafers more every time I see them.

    Sorry about the boot name - I corrected it. They're Naturalizer NaturalSouls - very comfy :)

  16. I was grumbling about not hearing about something until November - then realised it was next week, eep! Bring on Christmas I say, am planning a relaxed one this year, with only two scheduled present shopping trips and easier food.

    I love you in green, and this is a win-win outfit, colours and layering. I agree that the shoes look better with dark/contrast tights.

  17. Oh Sheila, lovely and elegant. Great touches of red, and you're right about the effect of the brown added tot he mix. That you have nicknames for your clothes (e.g. your paramecium shirt!) makes me happy!


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