Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shoes by Megan

When the fabulous Megan of Megan Mae Daily mentioned that she'd been out thrifting back in December and saw a pair of Tsubos in a size 9, I emailed her - sure enough, that sweetheart went back to the thrift store and snagged them for $6.00 and mailed them to me. Isn't that the most generous thing ever? I was so touched. 

I had to build an outfit around them right away:
Vizzini's coming in for a rub!
This velvet jacket is also new-to-me - picked it up for $18.00 last weekend. I think the sizing is wrong: it says it's a size 2. Uh, no. I am many things, but a size 2 is not one of them. Ah well, it fit and that's the most important thing. I love the pirate-y cuffs and the shape of the collar. However, the velvet made it really hard to put my coat on over it - I felt very bulky.

That's my crackly "Indiana Jones" leather skirt (no link as it has no label), and sadly, this will be the last wear of the pumpkin tights as they blew a hole today.

Here's a look at the jacket open (I untucked the sweater underneath once I got to work):
See Inigo snoozing on my old backpack?
Sadly, as I did yesterday, I ended up taking these shoes off after an hour and changing back into my Ugg runners. I was running up and down stairs, lugging around boxes and computer peripherals and doing a lot of physical work today. The shoes are a little "toe-y" and my foot kept wanting to slide out the front, especially with the tights making them even more slippy.

I do love them, though, and they fit perfectly! I can't wait to wear them more with bare legs come summer! Thank you, Megan, for such a wonderful gift! I am always on the lookout for things for you!

The stuff:
Yeah, I know! Get a load of that heel! It's three stripes: chocolate, a mid-brown and then the bone colour for the rest of the shoe. These are called the "Shala" and the colour palette is called pebble and tan. These join my other two pairs of Tsubos: these yellow ones, and my Acreas.

The earrings are ones I rarely wear because they're a bit heavy.
I love leaf shapes.

Check out the bottom of the shoes:
Seriously, they've never been worn - there was not a single mark on the the soles or the heel.

Jacket (Jackpot, consignment), sweater (Ellen Tracy, swap from Caro), skirt (no label, thrifted), tights (Esprit), shoes (Tsubo Shala, thrifted gift from Megan), earrings (Plum).


  1. Ohwow! I wasn't sure what to expect when you said you'd be wearing them the next day, but I love this outfit. All the lovely shades of browns and orange are just wonderful.

    They do fit you amazingly, though I agree, they are more of a summer shoe. Now you see why I hated leaving them there!

  2. That is sooo nice of her - and TSUBOS for 6 bucks ! wow that´s like winning the lottery.

  3. Whoa, I want a friend like Megan Mae! AND, I want that crinkly leather skirt. We have a pillow on our couch in the same weathered leather...but the cover is way too tiny for a skirt.

  4. A great colour combination! Looking forward to seeing the shoes in summer! I love the soles, they'll hvae a great distinct shoe print!

  5. I love all the fall colors. So pretty together. And those Tsubos rock! I love Tsubos.

  6. That is such a thoughtful gift! :)

    You built a great outfit around the shoes - hope they bring you lots of happy wears when the weather is warmer and you don't have to worry about tights :)

    Also in love with your skirt- love the zippers!

  7. I love these colors together, and on you with your gorgeous hair. And Megan, what a dreamy girl she is! Fab shoes!

  8. Drooling with major shoe lust and envy here!!
    You are made to wear orange!

  9. Sheila: Don't know what rock was covering me, but I had never heard of Tsubos before I started reading your blog. I have my eye open for a pair - hopefully about the price you paid for this wonderful pair.
    I love the heel!
    Peg - UI

  10. What a gorgeous pair of shoes! Megan is such a darling :)

  11. How sweet of Megan! Tsubos are just so cool- also, I think that your orange velvet blazer is absolutely divine. You can't see me, but I assure you I'm green with envy.
    (oh, and your skirt's pretty darn nice, too...) :)

  12. Megan Mae is AWESOME. I drooled over those shoes forevah but could not afford. That is a great deal!


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