Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year - 2012!

Well, here we are - 2012. What will this year bring, I wonder?

L and I started the year off with a bang. We went for dinner with a group of friends, then we partied in the art studio of our friend till the wee hours. Fun!

I wore this fabulous new-to-me dress that I got when I went shopping with reader Marie a few weeks ago.
Isn't it amazing? I discovered that the label - Tangerine Jill - is actually designed in Victoria, so another local item of clothing joins my faves from Bonspiel, Smoking Lily and Shi Studio. How cool! Their website is currently unavailable, but when I researched the dress a couple of weeks ago, I found that this dress is about 3-4 years old and I think I sold for around $200.

However, I paid only $42.00 at a consignment store! It's 100% silk and every single one of those squares and rectangles is a separate piece of fabric sewn onto a sheer back backing. It was wonderful on - I felt like a stained glass window.

But I know you're all distracted by the hair, right?
Hee, I crimped it! One has to go over-the-top on New Year's Eve! It felt like an afro: lots of movement and pouf. My girlfriends got such a kick out of it.

I had to dig my old 1986 crimping iron out of storage:
Pretty scary, eh? That was about $39.99 back then, and it was one of the very first crimping irons I had ever seen (I bought it at Eaton's, a department store that no longer exists). It doesn't have an on/off switch, and don't you love the pink colour? The cord is way too short; I usually use an extension cord with it, but it works great! The brand is Windermere "The Crimper."

I woke up with the same hair. Hee!

Of course, my partner in crime also likes to push the fashion envelope:
Alice Cooper eyes, a red satin shirt, purple skinny jeans, red Fluevogs and a grey vest. He also wore a black top hat.

I had originally planned on wearing my big black architectural platforms, but since we walked to the restaurant, then walked to the studio, then danced for hours, then walked home, I decided to keep the shoes simple and with a more practical 2.5" heel. By the end of the night, I was really glad I'd made that decision.

This picture makes me smile:
I love you, L! Happy New Year!

Despite the relatively low-key shoes, everything else about my outfit (including the dress and hair) was loud and in charge.
 My gorgeous yellow leather jacket, my turquoise gloves and that new-to-me fuzzy green purse.

 But first, check out the front and back of the dress:
Click to embiggen
Some of the pieces of fabric are irridescent, some are raw silk, but all of them are incredibly lovely.

Vizzini helped me photograph the purse this morning.
This was way overpriced for the thrift store I bought it in, but I'd walked past it every day for 2 weeks and it kept calling to me! It was $35.00 (ouch), but it's Aldo and like I said, I love it.

Dress (Tangerine Jill, consignment), shoes (Guess), earrings (gift from Megan), ring (Aldo Accessories), jacket (Danier Leather), purse (Aldo, thrifted). 

On Saturday morning, I went to my WW meeting.
This is a fun casual look - I don't think I've ever worn this t-shirt on the blog before. 10 points if you get the joke regarding the design (it's one of my favourite books and movies, all time). The tee has a name: "Korova Orange Special" and it's designed by Ole Ivar Rudi.

Edit: It's "A Clockwork Orange" (movie by Stanley Kubrick, book by Anthony Burgess). I recommend both for viewing/reading, but beware of graphic violence. The Korova Milk Bar is a location that the main character visits.

The t-shirt was under $20 on consignment about 8 months ago, and that's my old mustard tee that has seen better days. My cord skirt kept the colour going, but I kept the legs to a dull roar.

L and I went for lunch afterwards:
I love wearing this jacket - can you tell??

T-shirt (Threadless, consignment), long-sleeved tee (Mexx), skirt (Jacob Annexe, consignment), boots (Two Roads, consignment), jacket (Danier Leather), scarf/gloves (Plum), bag (Danier Leather, consignment).

Hope you all had a great New Year's Eve!


  1. That dress is INCREDIBLE! I actually didn't even notice the hair at first because I was so distracted by its beauty.

    I have a pair of very similar hand-me-down cowboy boots. I love seeing how you wear yours because it gives me lots of ideas. :) Happy new year!

  2. OhWow! How cool is that dress. You've got so many great local designers, I'm always in awe.

    Speaking of "aww", I miss crimping! I used to have bra-strap-length hair and in middle school would spend hours crimping it. It always made me feel like a lion!

    I love that you wore those chain earrings with your dress. Your yellow leather jacket is so awesome.

  3. Yay!! I've been hanging out for your New Year's outfit. You didn't disappoint! (Yes I WAS distracted by the hair - sooo took me back - the smell of burning hair LOL)

    What a cool couple you two make by the way!

    Happy New Year's from Australia and thanks for all those posts last year!

  4. That's a special dress. It looks like a work of art. Which suits you 'cause you exude creative energy.

  5. Our New Year's was fairly quiet...I love your dress! A true find. L.'s eye-makeup is pretty wonderful too.

  6. Oh wow, that dress is amazing. Love it. Happy New Year! Looks as if yours was quite a bit more stylish than mine; I was wearing pyjamas.

  7. Love that dress - thank you for the detail shots :) Sounds like you had a very happy new year :)

  8. OMG that patchwork dress has gone with a bullet to my Best Frocks EVer list! The colours are exquisite, it fits you like a dream and you look absolutely amazing! I hope you have an absolutely brilliant 2012, Sheila. (I don't often comment, but I visit frequently!) Sarah xxx

  9. That dress is so wonderful -- it's like a stained glass window! And I do mean that in a good way. Gorgeous.

  10. I adore the pic of you and L together - really showing your love of life and each other! Your dress is marvelous, and I too, love that Aldo bag. Come post a pic on Visible Monday if you have a chance : >

  11. Fabulous dress! What a great find. And great crimped hair. =)

  12. I love your patchwork dress! But I REALLY love your Milk Bar inspired I know where you and your Droogs chill!
    (one of my absolute favorite books as well; but the chilling qualities it portrayed are inching closer and closer as reality, I'm afraid...)

    None of that now, though- wishing you ONLY good in 2012!

  13. I love the dress (why didn't I find such great dresses in VV when I was in Vic?) and the yellow jacket. I may have to go shopping for a colored jacket in the new year.

  14. Wow! You look amazing and you make me wonder why I've stepped back from colour. Inspiring! And I'm so envious of how well you wear yellow -- I couldn't get anywhere near that colour but it's fabulous on you. Happy New Year!

  15. What an amazing dress. You and your husband looked fab for NYE.

  16. OMG a crimper! I did not even know they still existed, LOL.
    Love the dress, love that the two of you went dancing and whooping it up, and you still made it to your WW meeting the next day. In your Clockwork Orange tee? What a fun array of colors in both outfits.

  17. You guys looked great together :) and I like that picture of you both - I can feel the love !

  18. What a beautiful dress! And with this hair you really look special!

    I have probably said it before but I'm not afraid to repeat myself: I enjoy looking at you two, you and L are such a beautiful couple.

    Hm, I'm sorry, I don't get the joke and I can't figure what movie/book you are talking about. Could you enlighten me? I'd put this book/movie on my "to read/to watch" list.
    But I do know that "Korova" is Russian for a cow, he-he

  19. 10 points to ReaderRita for correctly getting my reference - I've edited the post to give the movie/book title. Beware of graphic violence in the movie (and the book, which to me is far more disturbing, including a rape scene).

  20. You bring back fond memories of my 80s hair - permed AND crimped. I'm lucky I didn't burn it all

    Best wishes for 2012,


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