Thursday, January 12, 2012

Somewhat Festive (and A Vizzini Update)

Today, I sorted through all the office supplies and crap that people left in their desks, so I wanted to be warm, comfortable and have low-heeled shoes on. It called for Fluevogs!

I also wanted to wear this new skirt I thrifted:
I was told I looked "festive" today - since when is olive green and burgundy festive?

This is the second wear of my fuzzy sweater (worn with a grassier green top underneath).

I fell in love with this skirt:
It's a bit of a mullet skirt, it's wool, it's lined, it has gorgeous seams that are piped in olive green, it has a cute little kick-pleat in the back, and it has that groovy sewn decoration on the front.

It also has NO LABEL, which frustrates me. It seems like it's handmade, but I know it's not Smoking Lily. I bet it's another local designer, but I have no real clue. It's a mystery!

Vizinni was sitting on the post about 2 feet from me, staring while I took my pictures.
"I swallow your soul!"
A few minutes later, he got his leg caught on the arm of the computer chair and hurt himself. I was so panicked! He was howling and hissing and not putting any weight on it. I pulled him out from under the bed and sat him on my robe, and gently touched all along his leg. He didn't bite me and didn't react to any area in particular. L took him to the vet mid-day and they said it was just a deep bruise. He has some kitty aspirin and is snoozing in the living room. I'm sure he'll be fine, but what a scare!

In other news, he has:
- eaten two oven mitts
- stolen my access card (still not found)
- destroyed a phone cord
- destroyed a pair of headphones
- knocked my glass of milk over, flooding the keyboard, necessitating a replacement.

I really hope he grows out of this phase soon.

*ahem* Back to clothes. My outerwear:
My faux fur, my thrifted hat and my suede jacket.

Here's a close-up of the skirt's decoration:
That's pretty detailed sewing and looks like it's all by hand.

Oh, I paid this much for the skirt:
I was happy with that!

The stuff:
My cherry red Fluevog Senscha Teapots. I am jonesing for new Fluevogs. This March will be our 15th wedding anniversary, so L and I will be making our annual Fluevog pilgrimage to the flagship store in Vancouver (this is last year's trip).

The jewelry:
The ring is new, gotten on sale at Club Monaco for $15 - the stone is real, and I like the detail on the setting and all around the band.

Sweater (Kersh), top (Harve Bernard, thrifted), skirt (mystery, thrifted), shoes (Senscha Teapots, Fluevog), necklace (Foxy), earrings (Plum), ring (Club Monaco).


  1. How I adore this color combo! I'm not sure why it's festive, but it is fabulous. That skirt is lovely, and definitely has a unique design to it. The Vogs are a perfect match.

    I'm way jealous of your proximity to the Fluevog store. I'd kill to go to a sample sale.

    Poor little, 'Zini! Sending him lots of healing vibes and good thoughts. That kitten phase is the darnedest thing. Then again we still can't get our little brats to stop intentionally knocking stuff off the coffee table and sitting right behind your feet as you stand at the stove/fridge (resulting in stepped on kitty tails).

    I'm a little concerned at Vizzini eating the kitchen mitts though. That's a new one, even for me.

  2. Gorgeous!!!!! I meant to ask, any new figurines to show us? Wasn't it you who painted those?

  3. Love the outfit, esp. the skirt!

    LOL about the "festive" comments. I enjoy wearing bright colors to work myself and love how people make those remarks or ask me if I'm going to a party.

  4. EEP! Poor kitteh! Is it mean for me to think that kitty aspirin is the most adorable thing?

  5. This skirt is SUPER gorgeous! How do you end up finding these things?! :D hope vizzini feels better soon!

  6. Oh, kitty! (In that picture however, he looks like "all your base are belong to me!"). Kisses to Vizzini.

    Your skirt is fab and you look like a star!

  7. Everything that isn't black/white or grey/white is officially declared to be "festive". haven't you heard?

    Beautiful and very special skirt! I also have to admit, I'm very fond of this "tree" necklace, I don't know why. Simple and nice.

  8. You are truly on a roll with the gorgeous winter colors.
    That skirt is fantastic- and the price is unreal! You are the queen of ferreting out cool stuff!

    I'm happy to hear that young Mr.Vizzini is not seriously hurt. Kittens. Forgot about them. When my guy was young, he climbed my roommate's antique lace curtains, and got hilariously tangled when he was asked (via squirt gun) to kindly remove himself. We finally unwove him and attempted damage control on the couldn't be mad, because it was too funny.
    *sigh* I miss him.

  9. That is such a pretty skirt - i particularly like where the front decoration is placed, it seems to be close to the knee and for some reason makes it stand out even more.
    I am glad your kitty is ok (don't pet just take the best pictures?) I am actually laughing at the Vizzini destruction list - sometimes you don't know if to laught or to cry at these scenes-

  10. kITTY PIC is so cute--course you are too. What a find on that skirt--I love it too!
    Gutta get me some fluevogs....

  11. Your Vizzini sounds a little too much like my Willy--adorable little imps that they are! Glad he's feeling okay. LOVE that skirt--fantastic details!

  12. Your shoes and outerwear are so amazing!

  13. Love, love, love the skirt. You are the most amazing thrifter and stylist!


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