Monday, January 16, 2012

Layer Up Week! Tones of Reds and Oranges

Welcome to Layer Up Week! This is going to be a fun one! I spent about an hour yesterday putting together outfits for the week. 

Unfortunately, it's supposed to snow all week, but we'll see how that goes. I might be wearing snow pants to work and changing there! I'm also still in the midst of destruction/construction (today, they sawed a hole through the drywall in my office supply room), so I might have to do a mid-week adjustment.

Anyway, enough of my blathering, let's get on with the layers! Here's today's outfit:
My inspiration is the 70s! I remember that in the early to mid 70s, wearing a short-sleeved sweater over a blouse was a big trend. I actually quite like how this turned out.

I usually wear this little red sweater as a layering piece under jackets or on its own. That's my favourite paramecium blouse underneath (ha! I wore it in the last challenge!).
This is the second wear of my orange suede skirt. I really liked all the tones of orange and red together - apparently orange is a big "in" colour right now. Ooh, look at me, hanging with the cool kids...

My outerwear:
All ready for a blizzard, should one appear. This coat is my lifesaver when it's really chilly out.

The stuff:
I do love a heeled loafer! And check out the micro-square cutouts on the centre panel of the skirt.

I did all vintage jewelry:
The touches of blue popped really nicely off the orange and red.

Oops, forgot to take a picture of the ring:
That's one of Grandma J's.

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Sweater (Reitman's, thrifted), blouse (Liz Claiborne), skirt (Co & Eddy, thrifted), shoes (Hilary Radley, thrifted), jewelry (vintage 50s/60s, earrings: Renoir, pin: no name, ring: Grandma J's).

Vizzini is almost all better - right back at leaping up onto counters, and climbing to the very top of the scratching post. I caught him settled inside my bag on the weekend:
"I'm a cat in a bag."
He always has that slightly pyscho look to him. He never blinks.


  1. When I saw "Layers Week" I kinda thought it was perfectly timed with our snow--brrr! Fab 70s outfit!!

  2. What eyes on that cat! And your outfit is lovely, as always.

  3. I really like 70's looks, and this is a very cool one - great colors too. Where can I get a cat in a bag? Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday, you look terrific!

  4. Ohh... the oranges and reds are such a pretty combination!

  5. Vizzini is so cute in that last photo!

    really like that blouse too, lovely print! Looking forward to seeing more of your layering outfits - the weather here doesn't call for layering very often so I need more practice at it!

  6. I love the color combo! A perfect antidote to the bitter cold and snow.

  7. What a great layered look! I'm wearing sleeveless over long sleeve today too in orange and red! :)

  8. Looking forward to this week's pics. I might have caught your bug - yesterday I got my second washable suede skirt - black. Now I watch for ideas from you to put the red one I got to good use. I do love orange - you style it girl. Peg - UI

  9. I love Vizzini!!! LOLOLOL

    Love the outfit!! Great for a dreary snowy day!

  10. This outfit has a vintagey happy vibe :)
    and your cat is just too cute. He hypnotizes me with those beautiful eyes.

  11. I concur about orange and's just so yummy...

    Vizzini looks like he's saying: "Who, me?"

  12. Adore the colors of this! The printed sleeves make a sweet impact.

    Awww crazy-kitty. Sounds like my little Sammy-pants with the not blinking.

  13. Perhaps the cat wants to go to work with you!

    The suede skirt IS cool, trend or no. And, yes, I remember wearing the short sleeves over long sleeved shirts.


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