Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Copper, Red and Orange

Gotta be quick - the guys are here for D&D!

New-to-me orange top is featured:
Note the devil kitty in the background, plotting!
 It was $14.99 on consignment - not bad for Liz Claiborne. I love this skirt - it has such a retro vibe.
Kept the shoes sensible, which was a good idea, as I was hauling around boxes most of the day.

My outerwear:
It was so cold today! I was glad for my furry accessories!

The stuff:
Love those shoes, even if they are cheap quality. Maybe Fluevog will make a similar pair...

My Grandma J's copper cuff:
And a pair of copper earrings I bought at the Vintage Fair months ago.

Top (Liz Claiborne, consignment), skirt (Tulle, consignment), shoes (Predictions, consignment), cuff (Renoir, vintage 50s, Grandma J), earrings (Renoir, vintage 50s).


  1. I love tonal looks like this! I like the shape of your skirt. I love that even your outer wear matches.

    I spy a kitty! Hey lil fella.

    Ooh have fun with D&D! I can't wait for school to start up and start getting back in touch with other people to (hopefully) play.

  2. I thrifted a very similar skirt over the holidays...but don't yet have the shoes to complete the look. Admiring the copper jewelry.

  3. Orange looks so good on you! And I love the shape of your skirt :)

  4. TUXEDO KITTY!!!!!!!mrowwwww

    Your outfit is awesome too! ;-) looove those shoes. Yum, burgundy red.

  5. Love the orange colour! :)

    Your outfit reminds me of autumn leaves, beautiful colours together :)


  6. I love that copper cuff...what a great piece to own!!

  7. Great colors, nice skirt. The simplicity of the outfit draws attention to your fabulous figure. I really admire the work you put in to be the right weight and maintain it. So many women I know struggle with that and can't achieve what you have.

  8. That skirt is super awesome! So fun and funky... Works perfectly with your fabulous haircut!

  9. Angie at You look Fab says that orange is the "hot" color for Spring 2012 so you are right with the trnd!!!
    I love the outfit-especially your coat! Its so cheerful!

  10. The color scheme is genius - "live" it must be even greater.

  11. Beautiful colors for a winter day! Every item looks great with your hair.

  12. Lovely skirt. I love, love the copper cuff. Renoir and Matisse were both wonderful companies producing copper jewelry that I love.


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