Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dress by Patti (and Some Weekend Stuff)

The gorgeous and generous Patti of Not Dead Yet Style sent me a package in the mail! I love getting packages! Woo! To my utter surprise, it was this lovely dress that she'd worn and not been entirely satisfied with. I wore it for my WW weigh-in (and it brought me good karma, as I've lost my Christmas gain!).
I do love the style and pattern, but I agree that it's not quite right. I wish the pattern on the front went all the way around (especially on the hem), and I wish the quality were a little better (it's a pretty thin jersey). It's also not really "me" (I don't do empire waists too well, as I'm fairly gifted in the boobular region and they tend to make me look pregnant).

I'm not going to keep it in my closet, but I have a friend who will look amazing in this dress, so it will be very much appreciated and loved by her. Thank you so much, Patti! You are a doll for thinking of me!

Here's my outerwear look:
They were calling for snow on Saturday, and we did see a few flurries, but it's mostly melted now.

Dress (XXI, gift from Patti), cami (gift from Ruth), boots (Miz Mooz), jacket (Le Chateau, consignment).

Today, I walked down to get groceries and check out a couple of consignment stores for sales (I found a great jacket for me and a fab leather jacket for Megan Mae!).

I wore this cool tee:
I got this on consignment for $12. I've been needing new graphic tees to replace some of my old ones that I've worn to death.

Tee (I AM, consignment), long-sleeved tee (Esprit, thrifted), jeans (Plum), boots (Miz Mooz).

I really liked the Buddha on this one:
At least, I think he's Buddha. Please correct me if I'm wrong! The grey background is more little Buddhas.

The brand is "I AM" (which I recognize as a brand Dots carries).
I recall that most of their clothes had "I AM" plus some other blurb on them. I love the soft feel of this tee.

My outerwear:
I gave these jeans one more go before they go in the toss pile. They've faded funny along the legs and give me a raging case of muffin-top, so buh-bye bad black jeans.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. The dress is cute, but I agree something seems off about the print. I love the white leather jacket over it. I think it's great that the dress gets passed on. Hopefully it'll find the right home.

    Wee! Thank you for the jacket. You're so sweet, Sheila.

    The tee is really cool. You've got some really great graphic tees. My vote is going towards a Buddha since Bodhisattvas are usually thin. At least according to my Art History teacher.

  2. I think you look fab in my ex-dress! It's much more stylish with your dark boots than my light ones. I really like your graphic tee collection too, and your new addition is v. cool.

  3. I remember seeing Patti wear this dress - i think you are doin g the correct thing if you are not feeling it, passing it on is perfect.
    I shy away from thin fabrics because it clings to all the little imperfections on the body - and like you i have been noticing that empire waists are just not for me.

  4. The buddha tee is most interesting! As far as I can tell, it IS a buddha.

    Can't imagine why a dress with such a strong pattern on it would not carry clear around, but I'm jealous of the package!

  5. Such a cute dress - very sweet of your friend to give it to you and fantastic that you know someone who would really enjoy it to send it onto :)

  6. Love the Buddha tee. You look amazing in everything, even if you don't *feel* it.

  7. Sorry the dress didn't work out; that is one of my favorite styles for myself, but it will never fit me so I won't ask. LOL! I really liked it on you with the coat over the top; it brought out the prettiness of the pattern on the skirt.


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