Sunday, January 29, 2012

What a Weekend! Casual Friday, An Art Event, A Blogger Meet-Up and Winesday

Well, it has been a Very Busy Weekend. As I want to hang out with L and play Arkham Horror, I haven't got a lot of chit-chat. 

Casual Friday:
The cream layering long-sleeved tee is new-to-me. It was $16 on consignment, but free with my credit trade-in. It's Noa Noa, and it's much nicer than my old cream layering tee, so that one has gone to the charity pile.

My silver and gold tee, my purple velvet skirt (and tights), jazzed up with a few rocker-ish accessories.

Of course, I wore my purple coat:
Stripey scarves rule! As do my wonderfully comfy black boots.

Black tee (BCBGMaxAzria, consignment), cream tee (Noa Noa, consignment), skirt (Cappopera), boots (Gabor), belt (swap from Ruth).

Later on Friday night, we headed down to G++/Limbic Gallery for the launch of Atagamaton, an interactive media installation. I was pretty tired, so I went for a comfortable but quirky mix:
A grey layering tee, with my olive corduroy vest, and my Smoking Lily Periodic Table of Awesome skirt.

I layered my black Noa Noa underskirt, wore heathered grey tights and my Victorian walking booties:
And my "teeth" necklace! Rar! Shout out to artist Gregory Ball, with whom I had an excellent chat. He's currently featured in the LAB at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. I can't wait to go check it out!

Tee (Mexx, consignment), vest (RW & Co., consignment), skirt (Smoking Lily, consignment), boots (Marc Soft Walk), necklace (The Bay).

On Saturday morning, I strolled down to my local diner to meet up with with fellow Victoria blogger Lorinda! Go say hi to her!
I wanted to be comfy for shopping (easy on and off clothes), but also look nice. Lorinda is a friend of a friend, so the pressure was on!

And the weather was nice, so I got a staircase shot in there!
My Upper Playground tee from London, same grey layering tee from Friday, my Desigual skirt, same grey tights as Friday and my comfiest boots.

I kept the outerwear simple:
Tee (Upper Playground), tee (Mexx, consignment), skirt (Desigual, thrifted), boots (Aldo, consignment).

Lorinda and I hit it off well - we have similar shopping methods, which was great. I would pull out stuff for her, she'd pull out stuff for me. We had very good karma! We went to two thrift stores and one consignment shop.

Self-portrait in the fitting room mirror at the consignment store:
The fake redhead (me) and the natural redhead (Lorinda). I love her hair!

Check out this awesome 100% cashmere sweater she found for $32.00: 
Talbots! So nice!

She made me promise never to wear these fabulous pearlized flats with tights.
Yeah, that's just not good. I'm putting those away until summer. Lorinda's wearing pink and purple plaid sneakers - so chic!

I barely had time to have a nap after shopping before I had to run for a bus to go to Winesday. It was very chilly out, so I wore this new puffer coat that Lorinda had spotted for me:
Now I know it's not to everyone's taste - but a red satin puffer coat with bigass bell sleeves and a ruffled collar? Oh, I am all over that!

Check out the back:
It has a bow! I might belt this to give it more shape if I were out shopping or something, but I really loved it just on its own.

It was brand new, tags still on:
Marked down from $129 to $77, I got it on consignment for $65. For a warm winter coat, that was a good deal.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

I have some exciting news coming in the next couple of days: I'm doing a long-term fashion challenge starting February 1st! Details to follow soon.


  1. I love the Periodic Table of Awesome skirt. In fact, I love every skirt in this post. And that coat is a great find.

  2. Looks like you got the weekend formula down pat: Awesome tee + funky skirt + cool boots.

    So cool you got to meet a fellow blogger. Heading over to check out her blog.

    Great score on the flats and the coat. I think that's a super cool puffer coat. It's hard to find really warm puff coats that are both visually interesting and warm.

  3. Sheila, you are amazingly stylish. I wish I had 1% of your talent at putting things to together.

  4. Thank you for SUCH a wonderful day Sheila!! You were such a great shopping partner--I couldn't shop for 4.5 hours straight with many people! I'm so excited to see you wearing that fabulous coat right away! You can be sure I'll be wearing a new-to-me outfit tomorrow.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend.
    Please visit my blog to find out about the 2012 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. I do hope you can join us.

  6. I love all your outfits, especially how you layer short sleeves over long sleeved tops!

  7. You looked awesome for your adventures this weekend!! That puffy coat is stunning!

  8. You lead such an exciting life.

    If I ever find out where you live, I'm going to sneak into your closet and steal that satin coat. The bow kills me!

  9. You and Lorinda have exactly the same shade of red!

  10. Sheila, I love the first outfits of this post so much, I have left the window open on my pc to inspire me this morning! You are so stylish.


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