Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Layer Up Week! Long Over Long - and A Snow Day!

This is a fun challenge! Make sure you sign up at Megan's or Keely's blogs to participate when it starts the week of January 30th.

Today's theme was "long over long" and it ended up being awesome because it snowed last night and most of this morning. I was supremely warm and cosy in this.
My fabulous Noa Noa jacket, worn over my funky patterned blouse. I left the top out due to the very low-slung skirt (it just rests on the top of my hips).

I had a lot of fun swooshing about in this.
The skirt is my machine wash/dry thrifted suede one. I love wearing it, but wow, it's been a year since I did! That's just wrong.

The stuff:
Those are Fluevog Mini Qtees. I thought they went well with all the colours in this outfit.

My necklace and earrings.
I do like a red statement necklace.

Jacket (Noa Noa), blouse (Marcona, thrifted), belt (Gap), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), shoes (Fluevog Minis Q-Tee, consignment), necklace (Plum), earrings (Aldo Accessories).

I took some pictures on the way to work of all the snow!
I like how that one poor hydrangea blossom has a snow hat.
This was at 8 am, and the snow was coming down steadily. Victoria doesn't get much snow - maybe once a year - so this is really unusual and a novelty for us.

I loved how all these trees looked:
I passed that guy. I walk fast.

This intersection is usually very busy. Not so much today!
Schools were closed, and the city's lone snow-plow worked on the major roads. Only a couple of dozen people showed up at work today - so we ordered pizza! Yay for pizza! I had to call 4 places before I found one that was open and delivering.

This is the view from my work, looking south:
Normally, you can see a lot farther.

Looking directly down at the buses.
By noon, the snow had stopped and people got busy clearing the sidewalks, and the roads were mostly clear coming home. I hope we don't have any more snow! I'm good for the year, thanks!


  1. I got out for my walk today and felt like I was all alone!
    Probably good too because I was sporting a vintage fur coat and I never know if someone will take offense and paint it red.

    Good for you to layer and bundle up for your trek into the office. Fashionable femme that you are, you look much more stylish than the rest of us who are grabbing anything that is warm.

  2. What fun, Sheila! Thanks so much for sharing pics of your local snow, as well as your awesome outfit! Enjoy the snow while it lasts!

  3. The snow looks so beautiful -- disruptive, I know, but beautiful. You look wonderful too, in your long suede skirt and fab Fluevogs!

  4. I love this long over long look you put together! The stripes with the graphic print are so great. And that jacket is just amazing!

    We also got snow all night and all day. 6 inches!

  5. Love that jacket. Almost as much as I've loved all this snow. Glad we weren't the only ones working today. Our mutual friend and I even walked home the last two nights. Cuz we're hard core.... :-)

  6. Wow, I remember one time we had snow in Vancouver! (Once out of my 4 years living there). Two people showed up for work, me because I walked and another guy. It was fun!
    I love your skirt and shoes!
    Thanks for the snow pictures, maybe I should stop saying that it's cold here in Israel...

  7. SO jealous over your snow. We are in a snow drought this year!
    Love the outfit and those shoes are KILLER!!

  8. Just by looking at your pictures I shiver !
    And you are wearing one of my favorite jackets of yours- and I must ask: WHERE is Vizzini ?

  9. Sheila - Love today's look. Have been keeping my eye out for a similar blouse!
    Thanks for the snow pics. We do have a bit of snow, but you folks got so much more and NO, I do not want you to send it our way!
    Take care - Peg - UI

  10. Boy, I wish that snow pictures didn't make me tense up and get the vapors...I'd love to be able to enjoy it more. But if you've ever lived in the US Midwest, it just makes your back hurt to even SEE snow in churlish anticipation of the subsequent zillion bouts of shoveling. Plus, in my city, it's all beautiful and white for about 20 minutes, then the plows/cars ruin it by turning it all black or gray.
    I wish that they could turn it into the lovely black and white stripes of your Noa Noa long jacket!!! THAT would be delightful! I love your entire outfit, and I'm very glad that you enjoyed your snowfall. I'm slightly envious of both things, actually.
    (Maybe I'll come around about the snow- after a year of hernia operations (husband) and physical therapy (my back) due to shoveling last year's blizzards, we broke down and got a Snow Blower!)

  11. Snow! We haven't had any yet this winter (South West UK). You definitely deserved pizza for making it out to work! Love the shoes.

    I thought of you earlier when I bought some kick ass ankle boots from Camper in London- I have a workhorse pair in black with bLue laces (they go with skirts and trousers like a treat, I can walk miles in them and they are funky to boot). I got another pair in grey with purple laces! Think you would like.

  12. I love the mix of prints and your Vogs! The colors of the blouse and the shoes are an excellent match..

    All that snowww! Omg. I'm glaring at the sky every time the temps drop below 40. We got flurries a couple days before my birthday, but thankfully nothing stuck.

  13. Love the print on your top - but oooh those snow pics steal the post! I'm so jealous it looks beautiful as we sweat in the heat over here!


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