Thursday, January 5, 2012

Long Stripes, Tall Boots

The company I work for is doing some renovations to our offices: we're moving all of our staff to one floor while the floor above is being renovated. As I'm an Admin, I do a lot of the organizing and the grunt work (like moving all the plates and dishes to another kitchen, that sort of thing). Yesterday, I moved a dozen large chairs - in heels - with help from our IT guy. However, doing that - in heels! - destroyed my nylons and those aren't cheap, so until all the moving part of it is done, I'm going to be wearing slightly less dressy clothes for a few weeks. I don't want to ruin any of my really good stuff. I wore pants:
These are my skinny black trousers, and I'm wearing my olive thigh-high boots with them. That's my stripey cardigan (it reminds me of those draped headdresses that the Egyptian pharoahs wore). The blue top is a favourite, and there's a grey cami layered underneath.

Vizzini was being so cute this morning:
Do not be fooled! He is a devil cat! He stole my access card for work and chewed through a pair of $60 headphones. But he is cute...

My outerwear:
Continued the blue and grey theme.

I walked to work in my boots this morning, then bussed to my hair appointment after (new hairdo debuting soon!), then grocery-shopped, then walked home. Dinner is cooking (burgers and roasted potatoes, mmmmm), and the wine is decanting.

Vizzini snatched one of my earrings just after I took this picture:
Naughty boy!

Cardigan (Express, thrifted), top (Oxmo), cami (RW & Co.), pants (Kensie), boots (Pegabo), earrings/bracelet (Fossil, gift from L).


  1. The stripey cardigan makes you look so slender! The last time we had construction underway in my office, I actually brought in my pink hard it sounded like the ceiling might cave in. How much longer until the work is complete?

  2. You look so lean and tall!

    Happy 2012 Sheila! And thanks for the shoutout in your awards post :)

  3. I trust you to make casual dressing fabulous -- and viola! Those boots. They're gorgeous. Love that naughty boy, too.

  4. Vizzini is adorbale :)

    really like that cardigan :) Shame you ruined your clothes, hopefully the work doesn't take too long to complete.

  5. I love that you worked the "lapis lazuli" of the pharoh's headdresses into the outfit with the blue top! Super cool. It's really swell that you have such varied and wonderful influences! Thank you for expanding my realm of inspiration...
    Oh, hey- I just thought about the building of the pyramids! I sincerely hope that your office's construction is not of that magnitude!

  6. Terri, we have easily a couple of months left before all the renos are done, but it should settle down in a few weeks...until the next phase!

  7. I like that you added the striped scarf to your outerwear to secretly match your striped cardigan.

    Those boots are wonderful.

  8. Vizzini is a fashion cat! I think he just wants to accessorize...

  9. Casual, but fabulous. I love that you pulled the reference for the Egyptian headdress. I can't unsee it now.

    Ohgosh, I want your dinner. I think I'll make up for the burger want though, because I'm making grilled chicken tonight. Yum!

  10. Oh, no! Not the nylons! Oh, the joy I have to look forward to, we start renos at our office in a week and a half!

  11. Yeah, that striped cardigan gives you that nice long cool drink of water look!
    We are moving our offices in two weeks. I anticipate dressing down that last week as we pack up our offices, and we've already been told we can wear jeans on moving day. Hurray!

  12. The olive thigh-highs are truly wonderful. Nice repeat of stripes with your scarf!


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