Monday, January 9, 2012

Shopping Outfits and Ugg-ly Monday

Thanks for all the kind words about my new hairdo! I am enjoying it. 

I spent a lot of my weekend out and about. On Saturday, I had to venture down to the post office to pick up a package from Megan Mae! How exciting! I had to stop in at one of my favourite consignment shops while I was there. 

My shopping outfit was not as well-thought-out as usual:
What worked: tights, layers. What didn't: this dress has three really tight buttons at the back of the collar that were a pain to undo when I had to try stuff on. Also, these boots chafed my ankles after walking for about 6K (I should probably break them in a bit more slowly). They also destroyed my tights.

Ah well. They look nice!
I was actually just flicking off some lint. This dress is woven wool and tends to pick up cat hair.

My outerwear:
It didn't end up raining, so I carried the brolly for naught. It got in the way.

Dress (Club Monaco, consignment), tee (Plum), boots (Skagway, 70s vintage, thrifted).

Yesterday I met up with Elaine for lunch and a bit of a shop. I had to take a dress back to another thrift store because they forgot to remove the security tag. Grrr...I hate that! You can see the bundled dress hanging from the hook on my closet door in the above pictures (yes, it's pink) - have to keep it away from kitties who like to chew on bags.

I picked a better trying-on dress this time:
Much better! I was a little chilled, but this was definitely easier for pulling over my head.

I had to do my yellow and turquoise combo:

Dress (Oh-Lala, thrifted), cami (Mexx), boots (Miz Mooz).

Today, I wore one of the new dresses I got (I also shopped after work on Friday night).
Winterizing it until I can wear it sleeveless. This is the second wear of this zig-zag sweater.

I admit, I ended up looking like this for most of the day:
I was running up and down stairs between floors, rolling dollies around, moving heels were not practical.

I thought it was going to rain again, so I wore my Burberry trench.
Nope, didn't rain.

The stuff:
Megan sent me this lovely black necklace (along with something else that I'll be showing later on this week). Thank you so much, hon!

The dress was such a nice colour and looked so nice on. It was also a good deal:
I actually paid less than $24.95 because it was on a "buy 2 get 1 free" deal. Since all 3 dresses I bought were $24.95, they ended up being around $18.00 each. I like Ann Taylor Loft - I wish we had that store in Canada.

Sweater (Le Chateau, thrifted), dress (Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted), shoes (Camper), necklace (gift from Megan), earrings (The Cobbler).

One of my favourite things I found while I was out this weekend were these fab sneakers:
I am not a fan of the classic Ugg boots - I think they're hideous and ugly and shouldn't be worn in public - but how cool are these? The silver fabric actually says "Ugg" all over (not really noticeable unless you take a good look at them), and those are my two little certificates of authenticity.

And how much did I pay for these babies?
Nope, not $69.99 - The Bay had an extra 40% off on them. They were only $41.00 on sale! I think over $100 off is a pretty good score. They were also sized really big - I am usually a 9 or 9 1/2.

I double-checked to see if I had the "authentic hologram":
 Yes, there it is.

And do you not just love the faux fur lining?
Incredibly comfy! And styling too!

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  1. What, those sneakers are lined as well? I am very impressed! My only Uggs are the moccasins I wear as slippers around the house. Especially like the last two looks. I would have thought the first one because of the cut of the shoulders would have been made of anything but wool.

  2. You must have great karma -- you attract pretty clothes like a magnet. I envy that.

  3. The "trying on" dress has such an amaxing print. So jealous, as usual!

    And I'm looking forward to seeing you model Megan's prezzie.

  4. I always manage to wear something inconvenient when trying stuff on, so I sympathise. I think that Oh-Lala dress is one of my favourite things I've seen recently. The print is amazing, and those colours are gorgeous!

    Could not agree with you more on the Uggs. I'm shocked to by how cool their sneakers are; all I ever seem to see are the awful boots.

  5. Love your trendy new hair and the LOFT dress!! You look amazing as always!

  6. I'm 100% with you on Uggs. They are a horrible abomination. But those shoes are a great find - they look like Chuck Taylors. Nothing Uggy about them.

    That sweater is a great bargain find. Looks like the Moschino for Target line.

  7. Those Uggs sneakers are so adorable - I had no idea they made sneakers. Wonderful zig-zag sweater too -- looks so much like you-know-who : > Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, you look fabulous!

  8. I love the second dress and the striped sweater :) very cute!

  9. Sheila: I, too, like the print of the 'trying-on' dress. I like your way of 'winterizing' summer wear! Gives the wardrobe a boost!
    Can't believe this mild weather, but not complaining! Peg - UI

  10. Those Uggs sneakers are really nice looking. I didn't realize they made anything but boots.

  11. I hate it when the new shoes/boots you're wearing rubs a hole through your tights! So frustrating!

    In other news, those sparkly Ugg sneakers are really cute. I've checked them out a few times as I've gone through the Bay, because... sequined sneakers? There is NOTHING WRONG and EVERYTHING RIGHT about sequined sneakers. I have a pair of silver Rocket Dog sneakers that I wore a few years back in my hip hop class.

    Bling belongs on feet, sometimes.


  12. LOVE the yellow jacket!!! And the ripple sweater & dress is adorable!

    Why were you flicking off the cat hair?? Your furbabies are covered in that cat hair and are gorgeous so why shouldn't YOU be covered in their cathair?? At least that's what my cat furbabies (all 3) tell me when they shed all over everything!

  13. I must admit I am not a tennis shoes fan - also must admit that I dread UGGS . But I have to say these are fabulous ! I love the color and they look so warm :)
    AND I just have to say that you remind me of Megan Mae SO MUCH in that picture with the printed dress and yellow cami .

  14. And there I was thinking I was the only woman who would wear shiny silver sneakers to work. Lovin' the pose with the umbrella. The hair, the bag, the fingerless gloves; it's so cool and dapper!

  15. Crap, I am waaay behind on my blog reading. That's what I get for partying mid-week! Anyway, I'm super excited you got your package so soon.

    Sorry to hear about the ankles. I could never break in my harness boots, so I sold 'em. They do really look lovely though.

    I loove that patterned dress. I mentally call it your "fractal" dress.

    The uggs aren't ugly at all! I like how shiny that are. Although the ugg "boots" are hideous imo. They look exactly like what they are supposed to be - house shoes!

    The black bobble necklace goes perfectly with those earrings. I hope you get more use out of it than I did. I've had it for a couple years, but only wore it handful of times.

    Loft is a really great store. I love their markdowns.

  16. Love the UGG sneakers! I'm envious ... guess I should get out more LOL :)

  17. Nicely done. That zigzag sweater is one of my favorites; love it with the softer blue.


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