Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Layer Up Week! Cropped Over Long

And Layer Up Week continues!

And I realized TODAY that it doesn't actually start until the week of January 30th. Way to go, Sheila! Use that reading comprehension! Ha! 

Oh well, I enjoy these challenges anyway, and I did all the outfits so whatever. Maybe this will inspire you to go over to Megan's blog and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and sign up to take part in the challenge, only, you know, when it's supposed to happen. 

Moving on! Today's outfit is based on "cropped over long." I don't have a lot of cropped things in my wardrobe, as it's generally not a good look for me (I'm short - 5'4" - and I'm plenty stumpified already). However, I do have this awesome jacket that is sort of cropped. 
This is the second wear of it, and I do love it. Having the belt at the waist helped tremendously, just to give it some focus. This midi-length skirt (last outfit) is so fabulous - and can you tell that I'm wearing purple tights? There's a bit of purple in the pattern on the jacket and I wanted to have that extra bit of punch.

The stuff:
I adore these shoes - the teal trim really rings my bell.

I dug into the "living vintage" accessories for these earrings:
I bought these when I worked in a little trendy mall store in 1993. They're brass with wood beads. I didn't keep much from that era (it was the time of crocheted tunics, palazzo pants and broomstick skirts), but I like the Bohemian feel of these.

They went well with this new Club Monaco bracelet that I picked up with my mall gift card (along with a few other things):
It's also brass, but very heavy - it's got good weight. It was on sale for $19 plus an additional 30% off (marked down from $29, which was marked down from $45).

Jacket (Nylon by Dex, consignment), long-sleeved tee (Banana Republic, thrifted), skirt (Precis Petite, thrifted), belt (Le Chateau), shoes (Pink), earrings (LA Express, 90s), bracelet (Club Monaco).

Sorry about messing up the week, Megan! A very happy birthday to both you and Sal over at Already Pretty! How cool that two of my blog-friends have the same birthday!


  1. I know you accidentally started early, but I'm pulling out my mental notebook for inspiration ideas. I adore that cropped jacket. The tulip shape is very different.

    I tend agreed with you on the cropped thing. I think it makes my proportions all weird.

    I think the jewelry plays off the Moroccan(-ish?)feel. The wooden beads and metals go very well with the details of the jacket.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! Sal and I also share our birthday with Betty White! I found that out today.

  2. "the teal trim really rings my bell" LOVE it! :-) Another great outfit.

  3. That is the most fabulous jacket! I think you actually look long and lean in this outfit.

  4. This jacket is much more well fitting than most cropped jackets - they are just so boxy! I love this skirt too :)

    Also, we are the same height! :D

  5. Sheila: Love the jacket with the skirt and I would have thought you were much taller!
    The other gals, who will do the layering look later, are probably happy you started early, as there would be no better gal to inspire them.

    Peg - UI

  6. You look much taller in your photos. Must be the heels. =)

    I love that jacket and those shoes very much.

    I signed up for the challenge yesterday so you are also giving me some good ideas. Stay tuned!

  7. i can´t see the pictures :(
    just one - the one with your brass earrings.... which I must agree: always bring on the boho look.

  8. Pretty awesome belt! And a fun detailed jacket. You're giving everyone ideas for the official Layer Up week!


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