Monday, January 23, 2012

I Couldn't Possibly Guess

One of my favourite things to do when I've had a bonanza of thrifting/consignment shopping is to spend some time in my closet, putting together outfits. I find it very soothing and relaxing.

This jacket is new-to-me:
More detail pictures are below, but look at that shape! I love when a jacket does the work for you. I will buy nearly any colour or pattern of a jacket if the shape is right.

This was all of $7.50 in a thrift store. I may have gasped when I saw it.

The skirt is my burgundy suede one (last seen in March of last year!):
And of course the shoes are my Fluevog Coffee Sumatras. I really haven't worn them since July? Wow.

The stupid tights blew a hole midway through the day.

The stuff:
The shoes are heavenly, aren't they?

Okay, let's have a better look at the jacket:
Seriously, $7.50. Score!

It's a grey plaid with a thread of red in it. The piping is stiff gold material, and the edging is either a very dark blue or black with a blue tint. I love the shiny creamy-gold lining. Look at all those Gs...

Gold buttons! Gold buttons! Big shiny gold buttons!
Caw! Did I mention gold buttons? They have big Gs on them.

Nice back detail:
Did you figure out what brand this is? I'm still trying to guess. (hee hee)

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Jacket (Guess, thrifted), sweater (Jacob, consignment), skirt (Danier, thrifted), shoes (Coffee Sumatra, Fluevog).


  1. Ooooh lovely blazer! It's very Westwood looking. Sounds like you had a similar situation to my tan blazer. I had to get it because it just fit so well.

    I love the Vogs. I think those are my favorite pair.

  2. The jacket is a great find. You're a thrifting Goddess. The shoes are nice, too.

  3. You're right about the shape of that jacket. It definitely works well for you.

  4. This jacket is a true find! And it does fit you well. G for gold? I guess

  5. OMG, how much do we love that jacket? What a find. I enjoy playing in my closet too, after a good thrift expedition. You look smashing, and thanks so much for linking up with Visible Monday : >

  6. So when you wear something that's been in the closet for months on end, do you have a sense of: "That's too bad" or "Woohoo! I forgot about you?" I inevitably feel both, with a giant dose of guilt.

  7. Despite it's lack of um...discretion...I do love the detailing of that jacket. And ya gotta love a deal like that!

  8. Great jacket and even better price! I like your complete look here..a creative professional touch!

  9. Our former Governor General bought those shoes too. Fabulous!

    And I love that jacket. Gorgeous.

  10. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I love that jacket and it looks incredible on you :D

  11. Love the blazer and shoes. If the roads ever clear, I am going thrifting! Wish you could be here to help me make outfits, oh fashion wise-one.

  12. Hi Sheila! I have those same shoes and the kona boots from the same Coffee family. Did you have to use a gel pad in the front, under the balls of your feet? I find them a tad uncomfortable when I wear them to work and I walk on linoleum,concrete or wood floors. Same thing with the Kona boots.


  13. OOOOO Sheila--that jacket is STUNNING!!! Love the double piping and the GOLD buttons and all of the detailing!

  14. Whenever i see your thrift posts I sigh... i wish icould thrift.
    However I sigh and am happy that you scored !
    I really cannot imagine why anyone would let go of that marvelous jacket-

  15. Cara, I feel a little guilty for not wearing it, like, "Oh, I'm so sorry! I meant to wear you sooner!"

    Megan, seriously, the GG has my shoes?? How cool is that!

    Dany, I haven't put any inserts in them, but I can totally see the need for a foot pad on those - there's no padding at all on the bottom. I have the Coffee Kope Tiams, and I do find that my feet are tired at the end of the day. Otherwise, they're awesome.

  16. This whole outfit looks like it was tailored especially for you! (even though it's not your monogram! lol)
    That skirt is awe inspiring.

    At your thrift stores, do they have fitting rooms? Our Goodwill does, but the rest don't- you have to either guesstimate or try things on over your clothes. (yay, leotards!)
    At any rate, you are great at finding things that fit you perfectly!!!

  17. What a beautiful jacket! and the skirt! and the Fluevogs! And the way they all work together.

    I also went thrifting today but of course with not such luck *sniff**

    What is the brand of the jacket? I seem not to be able to Guess... ;)

  18. Rita, every thrift store I've been to has at least one fitting room. Most of the time they are very tiny, often made of a couple of curtains. One of the thrift stores I go to - it's run by older ladies, for a hospice society - has lovely fitting rooms: curtain doors, Kleenex for removing your lipstick, and little benches. And mirrors inside, so you don't have to come out.

  19. WANT! WantwantwantWANT! That is an epic score. I had one this weekend - a Gap vest for $9, original price $45, still had the tag :)

  20. I didn't have time earlier to say, but I love this jacket too! Perfect shape, love the plaid & the buttons & the trim.


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