Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Gothic Snowflake

I've become such a huge fan of second-hand leather and suede! And here's another one for the collection:
I know! I spotted this in a consignment store and prayed it would fit me. It was $42.00. I felt very Gothic in it, kind of like a dark drum majorette. Trystan, this one's for you! I can totally see it being part of a party/costume outfit, or doing it up in a Victorian steampunk style. Ooh, the possibilities!

Check out the nice lines of the back:
Don't you just love how the hem swoops down? So sweet.

That's my snowflake skirt (aka the blue cheese skirt) - today it reminded me of snow. I wanted NOT to wear black with this jacket (just too predictable), and I am happy with how this skirt looks. I think the A-line of the skirt helps offset the V-shape of the jacket.

Because, yes, those are some major shoulder pads!
*Poke, poke*
Actually, I've seen much bigger shoulder pads on leather/suede jackets from the late 80s, so I'd guess that this jacket is a little bit later, probably early to mid-90s (don't kid yourself, we were still doing shoulder pads then...just not on every layer of clothing!).

Here's a look at the jacket:
Inigo eyes the frog closures.
Because of the shoulder pads, and the way the front slightly overlaps when closed, this jacket doesn't hang right when it's undone. I am probably only going to wear it fully done up.

The label is not a modern Danier label:
Everything but the sleeve cuffs are trimmed in this lovely shiny black cord. And don't you love the frogs? One of my male coworkers did not know that these type of closures are called frogs - did you?

I love that my Fluevog Listen Up Audreys are the same dark blood red as the jacket:
A good look at the wonderful texture of the skirt too.

I wore a pair of black stone earrings, and black fishnet tights - with so much else going on visually, I didn't need much in the way of accessories!

Because I had to take my detail shots on the floor, the clothes were fair game for the cats.
"My skirt!"
He was unceremoniously dumped off it. Naughty boy.

Jacket (vintage 90s Danier Leather, consignment), skirt (J.J.F., consignment), shoes (Listen Up Audrey, Fluevog).


  1. What a gorgeous find! I love the black trim and both the front and back, plus the colour looks great on you :)

  2. Btw, I tagged you in a post on my blog :)

  3. Gah! Those shoes with that jacket! *swoons*

  4. Vizzini knows he's in trouble -- but he *doesn't care*. That is the essence of a cat. Your new jacket is gorgeous and you look smashing in it!

  5. Love the new jacket. Here's a funny one for you. Pets love our clothes you know because your cats are always laying on them. I had a weimaraner, a lanky 68lb dog. When my hubby would get home from a business trip, he would open up his suitcase and she would get in it and snuggle in his clothes, she was so silly!

  6. Sheila--what a find that jacket is--stunning!!! I could see you "steampunking" it up.
    The cat hair added just the right texture to your skirt
    I scored a gorgeous washable suede maxi-skirt this weekend for $3.50. It's a smidge tight (another 10 lbs to go) and I need to hem it but I couldn't let it stay! Incentive!!

  7. Whoa! Wicked outfit, Sheila! That skirt is fantastic, and paired with that truly awesome jacket (when did Danier make something THAT epic?), it's just ... well, it's just great.

  8. Now, that is a great looking jacket - it fits perfect and i like how it fits in the back.
    AND I am part of that ignorant bunch :) that did not know that these type of closures were called frogs.
    I have learned something new today !
    Now I wonder how they are called in Spanish....

  9. No questions. I just wanted to say that I've been peeking at your blog for quite a while, now, and this is one of my very favourite outfits. Love, love, love the skirt! Love the jacket, too. Danier has some unexpected lovelies, sometimes. Thanks for showing the world that we, on the west coast have some style!


  10. Thans, Ki!

    Kitty, glad you like.

    Patti, yes, Vizzini is a very willful cat.

    Alison, I think they like our smell - they want to be near something that's been that close to our bodies. Our cats love sleeping on our clothes...and they are totally into our workout clothes! Yuck.

    Tamera, awesome - washable suede is the best! And what a great goal skirt for you.

    FF, thank you! I know, Danier is always so...classic. They must have had a wacky designer in the 90s at some point!

    Lorena, now you know! :)

  11. Carol, thank you so much for reading and for commenting! I really appreciate it! West Coast rules, yo.

  12. Oh yeah, I *love* that jacket! And how it goes w/the 'vogs, fab. Imagine it with a long fishtail skirt to reflect the shape of the jacket? Ooooo....

  13. Great find. I love frog closures - they add an extra pop of interest to clothes.

    And faboo shoes!

    (bad kitty, bad!)

  14. WOW! Awesome jacket. I knew you said it was over the top, and it is. In the best possible way. I think the skirt was an excellent choice for the red and black jacket. It pulled it back from skewing too "Goth" or costume-y. Hooray for the kitty bomb!

  15. I had a coat in the 60's that closed with frogs. I loved that coat so much.
    You look so beautiful in this outfit. I would love to find a jacket like that. I adore items that have unique details. The skirt is amazing too.

  16. Haha, my cat loves my stinky shoes!

    This outfit is perfect.

  17. Huh. Frogs. Learn something new everyday!
    I love the Edwardian feel, counteracted with the more modern skirt

  18. This jacket is an amazing find and it looks perfect with this skirt, but I can imagine all sorts of great steampunkish looks you'll come up with.


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