Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Hair, Purple Combat Boots and The Cutest Kitty Ever

Happy weekend, Style Nation! It's rainy and blustery here on the Wet West Coast, and I'm delaying going out in it by doing my Friday post. (Hey, that rhymed).

Yesterday was a crazy moving day at work, so I dressed down appropriately:
My black boyfriend blazer, over my black velvet vest worn open (third outfit), with my Calvin Klein thrifted tee (second outfit) underneath. Those are my dark wash skinny cropped jeans, with my thigh-high socks scrunched down to provide coverage of my bare ankles and transition from the largeness of the combat boots worn with the tongue and sides down.

I also wore a swack of necklaces: my chainmail necklace, my silver chain with an amethyst, an "S" charm, and a key threaded on it, and a Gothic cross. Nothing exceeds like excess!

I got my hair cut on Thursday after work, and it's really short! I give my hairdresser full leeway to do whatever she wants with it. After all, as Megan Mae so succinctly says, "It'll grow back!"
I love being creative with my hair and playing with the style. Megan is such a wise woman; this is what she just said to me via email: "You only live once, so do what you love." So true! Thank you for the reminder.

Vizinni was creeping around, getting underfoot, so I snagged him for a portrait.
He's a little squirmy.
A good shot of the boots there (here's a better picture of them). I had a wee shopping expedition after work yesterday and bought 3 dresses; two of them are fairly summery, though, so I likely won't be wearing them until the weather is warmer. 

My outerwear:
I love my cashmere stripey scarf.

Blazer (Banana Republic, thrifted), vest (Surrey Classics, consignment), tee (Calvin Klein, thrifted), jeans (Jackpot, swap from Caro), socks (Steve Madden), boots (Penny Loves Kenny).

I couldn't resist the lovey eyes Inigo was giving me last night:
Is he not The Cutest Kitty Ever?

The cats were cuddling this morning on my robe:
Aw, I just want to hug them!


  1. Ooooh it's so cute!! I love it, I love it, I love it. It's got a great rock'n'roll vibe that works perfectly with this outfit, but I bet will excellent with your more ladylike looks. (I also think a little stripe of turquoise would be *perfect* in your bangs)

    I absolutely adore your boots, and love the outfit you built around them. Even though you were doing physical work, you can still be awesomely stylish while doing it!

    Thanks for the shoutout!

    (seriously though, I have no clue how you get anything done with two adorable kitties like that. I'd be stuck home cuddling them all the time)

  2. Great haircut! I think of extra-short-in-back haircuts as Mullet Prevention; doesn't that hair low on the back of your head always seem to grow much too fast?

  3. Your hair looks fabulous! I really should get around to colouring my hair purple like I've always wanted - we DO live just once!

    I love your vest (or waistcoat as I keep wanting to call it) - I really want one!

  4. Sheila: That is one terrific haircut. I always say the difference between a good haircut and a bad is about two weeks!!
    My hair is short like yours in back, but my bangs and sides are also very short!
    Like the casual look.
    Peg - Up Island

  5. I adore the haircut!!! The outfit is adorable became fantastic with the addition of the cat!! (they are too cute)

    love your hair!!

  6. Love your adorable cats! :)

    Your haircut looks great, really like the short style on you.

    And I might just be in love with your boots :)

  7. Our cat gives us similar looks; I wonder if humans couldn't speak if our eyes would be similarly expressive. I like the new haircut and the boots. I'm going to try arranging a pair of mine that way.

  8. Love the cats!
    Love your hair going for a haircut as well next friday, trying to grow it a bit to get the Louise Brooks' look

  9. Glad you took a chance on the hair - it looks great!

  10. Those are fantastic boots - very tough and chic. I had a wonderful cat named Sammy who would look at me so intently, I though he was channeling info from somewhere mysterious. We called it "Planet X" : >

  11. Sweet boots! I love your rocker outfit today! And I also love the new shorter hair!

  12. I love your haircut! I've just finished growing mine out from super-short, and I'm already nostalgic for short again! Isn't that always the way? Sigh. That's why I fancy the occasional wig. Pure fun without commitment!
    And just look at those kittehs! You just want to cuddle them!

  13. Very stylish haircut! I think it will give any of your outfits that little rebel touch.

    I love your idea of an open vest under the jacket. Will probably steal it for my outfit one of these days :)

  14. Mmmm nothing like a velour robe for comfort! So nice that the guys get along so well.

    Like your haircut, and the outfit too of course, so cool! I could wear this look with my construction safety boots for site inspections LOL!!

  15. Funky hair! Whoot!

    That's a great outfit for when work requires more activity and brawn than usual.

  16. You are so cool. I love your outerwear look, ESPECIALLY the striped scarf. You've completely inspired me to wear a striped scarf today.

    I really love this outfit. There are so many thoughtful elements to it!

    And ├╝ber short hair is smexy! Looks fantastic!

  17. Love this look and the shoes are very cool. I love going through your outfit posts because it's almost as each one has a different theme. A few days ago you had the sexy skirt and cardigan with a bit of a retro feel to it. Then you had the soft pink and brown vintage cardigan with pearls for a kind of pretty librarian look and now you've got this kind of edgy/rocker look. AND you've got cute cat pictures too!! :-D


  18. Love the hair! I used to cry after extreme haircuts, but sometime after age 40, stopped bawling, and took the, "Meh. It'll grow back" stance :P But I still freak out over adult acne...


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