Monday, April 11, 2011

Skulls and Bows

It's Monday, which has never been my favourite day of the week. I didn't like my outfit today either. I love the parts of it, but not the whole: Sorry about the light - it's the time of year. This is my skull sweater previously seen here, and this is a new blue skirt. I fell in love with the colour and the pouffy shape, but I think this outfit needed a belt to define the waist.
The cardigan got baggier as the day went on.

The stuff:
I love the shoes - they are so comfy. This is my second wear of them (last seen here).

Some new sparkly bits:
Jacob had a bunch of their jewelry on sale. The bracelet was $9 and the earrings were $3.50.

Cardigan (Kersh), skirt (Fenchurch), shoes (Jeffrey Campbell), jewelry (Jacob).


  1. I like the color combination going on. It's really felt like a Monday, huh? At least you had on fabulous shoes. Those earrings really pick up the light. It's like you have tiny LED's on your ears.

  2. I really like this! Great job. I love the color combination. I don't think you needed a belt.

  3. I like the outcome and colours, but i agree on the belt. The shoes are great for Monday though!! kisses

  4. It's become a given for me, that the shoes that make me lean in closer on the screen here are ALWAYS fluevogs ... I keep searching in the hope of finding a stockist here without any luck. But, I have not given up hope.

    Don't you hate when your outfits grows during the day!?

  5. It's hard to believe Wonder Woman can have an off-day, but it's true. The elements of this outfit are all fabulous but they don't come together: there's no cohesion. At least that's the impression of this tyro.

    Ironically, seeing this gives me hope. Sometimes I think fashion-stars like you are born with innate talent; seeing that the skills are learned means there's hope for us beginners.

  6. That skull sweater would make any outfit fantastic!

  7. Would you be so kind to add the skull sweater when you send yesterday's boots? Thank you! :D


    Okay, I know, I know, the joke gets old...
    Still, I like that sweater a lot! Also like today's shoes.

    I think I have a "skull sweater" crochet pattern somewhere. Maybe I should give it a try? A want something similar to yours!

  8. I see what you mean... the outfit is still colorful, but missing the "Sheila" element. Something is missing.

    But the shoes are killer. Can I have the low-heeled "puppies"?

  9. Wendy, yay!

    Megan, thanks, but yeah. Monday. Ugh. I do love a sparkly earring.

    Kari, thank you.

    Dimi, thanks, sweetie.

    Wendy, these aren't Fluevogs! And yes, I do hate that - arg!

    Pam, thank you.

    Ralph, oh yeah, and I'm not afraid to show them! Without risk, how can we grow? Live and learn! You keep on going!

    Sal, thanks, me too!

    Rebecca, it's a great sweater.

    Sal Kaye, har har...hee! It's okay, thank you very much for admiring. You should totally crochet a skull sweater!

    'Doll, it was just not a an "on" day for me. Yes, you can have the shoes - they are ultra-comfy.


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