Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mae Day!

To my utter delight, yesterday I received a package in the mail. When I wore this yellow skirt, Megan of Megan Mae Daily gushed over how much she loved it - well, I was sure that the store that originally carried it still had them on sale, so I went down (with her measurements) and found one for her and sent it off (it had been marked down even further!). In return, she thrifted a couple of items for me, and today I am wearing two of them.

The first is this amazing tulip skirt: It's a lovely two-tone grey herringbone, 100% wool (and amazingly soft), fully lined. Thank you, Megan, I really love it. I had a blue wool skirt like this back in 1984 that I loved so much - this reminds me of that. I've never heard of the brand, but here's a good write-up.

The blouse was last worn here. I'm not really feeling it - it's too voluminous - so it might go in the consignment pile.

Megan included this sweet note:
That is so sweet - it's going up in my closet.

Back by popular demand, an outdoor shot!
The fabulous Kasmira suggested a martini to loosen up, so that I'm more relaxed in this new setting. Martinis are not really my thing, but I do love a fine single-malt scotch (I'm drinking Ardbeg right now, I like 'em peaty). Mine is in a crystal snifter.

Ah, much better...don't forget: pinky up!
I'm all Legsy McGee in these shots, hee. I probably should have shaved my legs. Whatever.

Too loose, too loose!
It's been a long week...thank goodness for holiday weekends!

The stuff:
I know! They are the Best Shoes Ever. People actually stop me and admire them whenever I wear these. Last seen here, back in August - too long! But that's what you get when you have over 70 pairs of shoes - some just get worn more than others. I need to wear that leather dress again too.

The second thing Megan sent me were these earrings:
They are so of course, I put them with vintage rhinestones! The necklace was a gift from L several Christmases ago.

Blouse (Plum), skirt (Etcetera, swap from Megan), shoes (Poetic Licence), belt (Bianca Nygard), necklace (50s vintage, gift from L), earrings (swap from Megan), ring (vacation in Scotland).

I am thankful that my new company gives two days off for the Easter weekend! My old company did not. I am looking forward to relaxing and enjoying what little sunshine there is. Someone who knows how to enjoy the sunshine:
Kitty in the sun!

Have a fabulous long weekend, everyone!


  1. The skirt looks great on you!! I love how you incorporated the earrings too. I really like the color/print on the top, but the fit is rather "blousey".

    I literally lol'd at the "Too Loose!" photo. I like the additional photo spot. It gives a good close up of your fabulous shoes.

    Cute kitty in the sun! I envy their sun-napping. I have pics of Sammypants and Spike sleeping in the sun from my last visit with mom.

  2. Oh btw, email me when you wanna do a coordinating yellow skirt day ;D

  3. 'Too Loose, Too Loose' had me cracking up!

  4. Can I just say that I love the "too loose" picture? Hilarious.

  5. Oh, I laughed out loud at the after drinking shot. I may have to try this...and no, not too leggy.

  6. I love your martini-poses!! You're such a funny girl!! I really like the vintage look and inigo!! :) Enjoy your holiday!

  7. 70 pair, huh? These ARE a good lookin' pair!

  8. I love those shoes. I need to try getting liquored up for my outfit shots, except that I take photos in the morning and that would probably hurt my work productivity.

  9. Great skirt! Awesome shoes! Cute cat! :)

  10. those earrings are fab -- i may have to put those on my DIY list. great job megan!

  11. Unexpected presents are the best. I like the skirt and the shoes.

  12. The shoes! The cat! The Scotch! Wow, what a great day. That skirt is a fabulous shape and length. And again, those shoes!!

  13. You make me laugh, Sheila! The drinking scene is just too funny! And you have the absolute BEST shoe collection in the world! Love the outside shot and the legs. Happy Easter!

  14. Awwwwwwwwww how sweet !
    And I am loving the martini outdoor shots, you seem a little too much relxaed!
    But i seem to be the one who cant write... haha

  15. So much good humor in these pictures! The shoes are amazing, the skirt looks wonderful on you, and the Scotch makes me want one.

  16. Wow Megan Mae, really great shopping job! that's a beautiful skirt and a wonderful pick for Sheila.

    Sheila, you are just altogether too much. i was eating an easter egg (dyed some with the neighbors last nite) and no you do not want to see what my computer screen looks like.

    i don't know, i like the looser blouse on top of all that loooooong legginess. and the color is so pretty on you. but then, i'm always trying to 'loosen you up', heehee! i really love the outdoor shots, and the 'stuff' shot the result of an interesting tussle, shall we say, after the 'loose' picture. ;)

    context is everything! happy weekend, give inigo a scritch for me, steph

  17. That is a wonderful skirt! Very retro and cool. And those shoes- well, they make the outfit!
    Maybe you could visit the tailor with the shirt and have it altered to fit more to your liking? (Or just have another Scotch and have fun as you wave goodbye to it...hehehe...)
    But I like the color and idea of the shirt, and for what it's worth, you always style it so that it doesn't look too floofy-

  18. Wow, that skirt is so you! How sweet of Megan to send it to you. And yes, those are the best shoes ever.

  19. Thanks, Megan! I had to wear as much as possible. Yes, the stairs have been popular, so I will use them more. There is nothing nicer than a kitty in the sun. I will drop you a line to coordinate!

    Emma, thanks!

    Laniza, ha, glad you enjoyed it!

    Wendy, aw, thanks!

    Cindy, of course! Thanks!

    Asia, thanks.

    Terri, it was fun. :)

    Dimi, thanks! I did!

    Rebecca, yup, and these are one of the best pairs.

    Cynthia, thanks - I wasn't really liquored up. It was a very small drink.

    Sal, thanks!

    EvaNadine, thanks!

    Rebecca, I agree, thanks!

    Patti, thanks so much! Woo!

    Thanks, Tina!

    Thanks, Paula!

    Lorena, I'm not really drunk - I was just being silly.

    Kelly, thanks!

    Steph, ha, sorry about the screen! Yeah, I hear ya on the top...I might wear it another time or two.

    Rita, thanks! I love it. Nah, I don't bother tailoring anything - too lazy.

    Audi, thanks!

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